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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 12 (April 1959)

The college teacher: 1959,   pp. 12-[28]

Page [27]

*- Is your Alma Mater having difficulty finding qualified
new teachers to fill vacancies and expand its faculty to
meet climbing enrollments?
*- Has the economic status of faculty members of your
college kept up with inflationary trends?
10 Are the physical facilities of your college, including
laboratories and libraries, good enough to attract and
hold qualified teachers?
*0  Is your community one which respects the college
teacher? Is the social and educational environment of
your college's "home town" one in which a teacher would
like to raise his family?
W   Are the restrictions on time and freedom of teachers
at your college such as to discourage adventurous research,
careful preparation of instruction, and the expression of
honest conviction?
*   To meet the teacher shortage, is your college forced
to resort to hiring practices that are unfair to segments of
the faculty it already has?
*' Are courses of proved merit being curtailed? Are
classes becoming larger than subject matter or safeguards
of teacher-student relationships would warrant?
IN Are you, as an alumnus, and your college as an insti-
tution, doing everything possible to encourage talented
young people to pursue careers in college teaching?
If you are dissatisfied with the answers to these questions,
your college may need help. Contact alumni officials at
your college to learn if your concern is justified. If it is,
register your interest in helping the college authorities
find solutions through appropriate programs of organized
alumni cooperation.

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