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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

Downer, Geo. F.
Athletics,   pp. 203-206

Page 204

204                Wisconsitt Alt
ically, and it seems to be reason-
able to look for a good junior crew
this year. The 1907 squad has
already been cut down to thirty-
two men.
  While the athletic association
finances are in   decidedly  bad
shape, it is not the intention of
the management to have the Mad-
ison race, if held this year, take
the place of the Eastern contest.
The 'varsity will be sent, to Pough-
keepsie in any 'event, the big in-
tercollegiate race date being' near-
ly three weeks later. All these
events, however, are more or less
contingent on the raising of a
large sum by subscription, as the
present condition of the athletic
association finances would   not,
otherwise, justify sending even
one crew east.
  Four new glycerine rowing ma-
chines have been    added to the
gymnasium    equipment, making
twelve in all. With these facili-
ties it will be much    easier to
handle the large number of 'can-
didates who annually try for the
various crews.
             * * *
  At a meeting of the board of di-
rectors of the athletic association
held early in January, Edward B.
Cochems, who played on the 'vars-
ity at end and nalf back from
1898 to 1901, was elected assistant
coach. Mr.. Cochems will act as
Mr. Curtis' regular assistant, and
something may be done with the
plan of getting volunteer alumni
coaches to assist during the sea-
son. The plan of having two as-
sistant coaches will not be tried.
Mr. Cochems will receive $800 for
Imnni Magazine.
his,,services. Mr. Curtis' salary'
as ,head coach is $1,800.
   After   numerous   delays   the
 board of directors finally chose-
 "Bemis" Peirce, a former Wiscon-
 sin student who played two years
 on the 'varsity nine but was un-
 able to return the season he was-
 elected captain. Mr. Peirce is a.
 resident of Madison, and his elec--
 tion is popular with all who know
 him. With the possible exception
 of Harry    Gould  in  1894, the'
 writer can recall no Wisconsin
 catcher who was at all his equal,
 and since leaving the university-
 he has played on the St. Paul
 team of the American association
 under one of the cleverest of pro-,
 fessional leaders. He should be-
 a very competent coach and is-
 what is even more essential, a
 clean cut, quiet, gentlemanly fel-
 low. Mr. Peirce will receive $600'
 and will remain with the team
 throughout the season.
   Gordon Lewis, pitcher and one
 of the mainstays of last year's.
 team, was elected to the baseball
 captaincy, left vacant by Captain
 Bandelin's failure to return this-
 year. Though only a sophomore,
 the captain-elect is a steady, level-
 headed player who will make an
 able leader.
   Wisconsin's  baseball  chances-
 are, by the well-informed, consid-
 ered to be excellent this year. But
 three of last year's team have left
 college, to replace whom the cap-
 tain and coach will have, in addi-
 tion to the new material, Brush,
 who played third base in 1902,
 and, if he decides to play, Earl
 Schreiber, who is a clever infield-

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