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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

On the hill,   pp. 198-201

Page 199

On the Hill.
library and the' general co
sion of the former sources o1
formation at the state cap
Others are worrying lest the
creased expenses due to the bi
-ing- of -a new-capitot. w111--
ously cut into university ar
priations, and: thus handicap
work for some years to c(
Another    feature  of tempo:
import is that many students 1
afterward confined to their ro
with     colds  contracted  v
working at the fire. For a i
considerable concern was felt
the gymnasium be appropri
for the remainder of the se-
for state government purp(
but this will not be necessar
   There   is  considerable al
 tion of late among students
 prevent   "scalping"  for  oj
 house performances, as it is
 necessary to pay double pr
 for -good entertainments. As
 one seems to have been ablE
 devise a scheme for preveni
 it, however, nothing has I
   The   play  presented  by
 Haresfoot  Dramatic   club
 season was College Boy, a I
 well adapted for an amateur
 formance. Although founded
 an English farce, the play
 practically rewritten for col]
 purposes by Prof. J. F. A. F
of this university, who dire(
the rehearsals and the staging
the play.
nfu-         INDOOR TRACK MEET.
f in-    A local indoor track meet was
'itol- held in the gymnasium     on the
in-  evening of February 6, for the
Luild- purpose of bringing out new ma-
Seri-  teiial and arousing interest in
ipro-  track  athletics.  Novice  races
its  were conspicuous events.
were     The yearly election of the uni-
oms    versity Self-Government associa-
,hile  tion resulted as follows: "Presi-
time   dent, Daginar Hansen, '04; vice-
lest   president, Bertha Davis, '06; sec-
ated   retary, Eunice M. True, '05. Rep-
tson   resentatives of girls living in
)ses,  town are Emma Glenz, '06, and-
y.     Maude Ketchpaw, 06, and repre-
       sentatives of girls boarding in
       the city, Marion Ryan, '06, Illma*
       M. Rohr, '06, and Alice J. Reid,
gita- '06.
  to          CHESS WITH IOWA.
pera    The University of Wisconsin
now   Chess club is now engaged in a
ices  correspondence game with a sim-
no    ilar club at the University of
  to  Iowa.
             LOOKING AFTER SICK.
       e The Y. M. C. A. has started' a
       new field of work. A committee
       has been formed for the purpose
       of looking after sick students
the   and seeing that they are properly
this  cared for. For the purpose of
)lay  obtaining information as to stu-
per-  dents who are sick, boxes have
on    been  placed  in  various places
was   about the university, in which
ege   students and profefsors are re-
yre   quested to deposit the names and
,ted  addresses of all students that
of  they know of that are absent on
      account of sickness.

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