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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

Smith, Albion E.
An appeal to busy men,   pp. 191-192

Sketches of new faculty members,   pp. 192-195

Page 192

192               Wi8cosins  Al
Need   guidance, lest they    go
      astray and break
The heart that loved them, but
      bestowed its first
And best attention on the things
      that fade?
    Oh brother man be just! To
      Caesar give
All Caesar's due, but render God
      His own.
For your best love He gave those
      little 'ones,
That in their noble lives, led by
      your care,
They might bring honor to His
      name and yours.
umni Magazine.
  What God loves most is worth-
        iest of thy love.
  Be faithful to this trust and thoir
        shalt know,
  When    kindred  earth   receive&
        again the form
   In which you served mankind
        and honored God,
  He then will greet thy spirit with.
        "Well done!"
  Though life is passed, eternity is-
            ALBioN E. SMITH, '76,
  Sec'y of the Good Home League.-
    Delton, Wis.
 'Miss Caroline Louise Hunt,
 professor of  home   economics,
 was born in Chicago   in  1865.
 She prepared for college in the
high school at Evanston, Illinois.
She afterwards attended North-
western  University  and  gradu-
ated in 1888.    She then took
graduate work in chemistry at
Northwestern   during   1893-94,
and at the University of Chicago
in 1894-95. She accepted a posi-
tion as instructor in the Central
high school at Minneapolis from
1888-92. During 1892-93 she was
instructor in a girl's high school
in Brooklyn, and was in the em-
ploy of the United States depart-
ment   of  agriculture in  1895.
The results are published in a
bulletin entitled Dietary Studies
in Chicago. Miss Hunt was inm
the employ of the United States-
department of labor in 1896, and&
the results of her work in this
field are published in a bulletin
entitled The Italians in Chicago.
She was an instructor in domes-
tic economy in the Lewis Insti-
tute in Chicago from 1896-1901,
and held a similar position 'in
the John B. Stetson University
in 1903.
  Dr. Georgiana L. Morrill, of'
New York, has come to the Eng-
lish department of the univer-
sity. As a teacher and a student
she has had large experience in
eastern schools and colleges, as
well as in European institutions.
A graduate of Vassar college, she-
received her second degree, Mas-

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