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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 1 (Oct. 1903)

Dorner [sic], George F.
Outlook in athletics,   pp. 12-14

Page 14

Wicon'in- Alumni lagazine.
Illinois. If the 'varsity wins the
Chicago game,, there will be every
reason to hope for success in the
others which follow it. ,
  The squad at present numbers
about forty men, including, be-
sides the five veterans of last year,
Roy Chamberlain, guard in, 1899;
Marsh, Remp, Findlay, Brindley,
Cecil Schreiber, Bartelt, Kuehm-
stead, and Wrabetz, substitutes or
reserves in 1902, and Bain of Has-
kell; Larish  and R6senthal of
Oshkosh Normal, Washer of St.
Louis, Hart, Hurd, Edge, Broad,.
Thompson, Perry, Hetzel, Davis,
Robinson, Price, O'Brien, ,Jones,
Peterson, Snyder, Zueppke, Row-
land, and a number. of other new
  The work to date -has consisted
of practice in the fundamentals of
blocking, charging,, making open-
ings, starting, handling the ball,
and tackling the dummy.
  It seems likely that the project
of a freshman team will at last be
given a practical test, and it is
safe to say that if anything like
a reasonable trial is made, it will
prove one of the best football in-
vestments ever made at Wiscon-
sin. If the team is given a capable
coach   and  a  reasonably   good
Ă½schedule, it is sure to prove a suc-
  Writing before the opening of
the university, it is impossible to
tell anything about the prospects
in other sports, but in rowing, at
least, Wisconsin is sure to be
pretty well represented next year,
as at least five, and probably six,
of the 1903 'varsity will return.
In baseball, prospects are uncer-
tain, and the same is trueof track
athletics. Spring athletics are, in-
deed, too remote for discussion at
this time, but next month the men
who come from    the preparatory
and high schools will, at least, be
pretty well known.
  It seems curious, that men who
have. imbibed the atmosphere of
Wisconsin- should be able to sat-
isfy themselves with the stuff
which- circulates in Chicago, but
Kirby, one of Wisconsin's most.
promising substitutes of two or
three years ago, has joined Stagg's
squad. Fred Schule, ex-captain )'f
the 'varsity track team, will enter
Michigan for graduate work this
year. This is of no particular
athletic  interest, however,   as
Schule competed four years for
Wisconsin.   The ex-Badger has
been in splendid form during the
past  season, having    won   the
Central, American and Canadian
championships successively in the
high   hurdles,  besides   taking
p oints in the low hurdles and both
jumps. He competed as a member
of the Milwaukee Ahtletic club
track team.
  With men like ,Redden of Michi-
gan and Eckersall of Chicago,
playing such conspicuous parts in
university football, it is just a
little bit hard to see Earle Schrei-
ber kept off Wisconsin teams for
the third season, when in letter
and spirit he is a better amateur
than either of them.
            GEORGE F. DOWNER.

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