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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

Necrology,   p. 43

Page 43

ment, will enter the U. S. Air Force as a sec-
ond lieutenant-in October.
  Richard WHITE, who received his mas-
ter's degree in civil engineering, has reported
to Ft. Belvoir, Va. for a six months tour of
  2nd Lts. Bruce W. LANTON and Wil-
liam  L. SCHARRINGHAUSEN        were re-
cently graduated from the 12-week military
orientation course at the Army Medical Ser-
vice School, Fort Sam Houston, Tex.
  2d Lt. Robert R. MILLS Jr. was graduated
from the Infantry School's ranger course at
Fort Benning, Ga., and 2d Lt. Harley D.
SYBERS was assigned to Company E of the
School Brigade's Infantry School Detach-
ment there.
  Pvt. Donald W. LEITH was graduated
from the 20-week carrier equipment repair
course at the Army's Southeastern Signal
School, Fort Gordon, Ga.
  Pvts. Earl B. KRUEGER and Rodney G.
RIEDEL have begun six months of active
military training under the Reserve Forces
Act program at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.
  Army Res. Cpl. Paul A. WEINERT re-
ceived summer training in transportation at
Fort Story, Va.
  2d Lt. Walter F. DRAEGER received the
silver wings of an Air Force jet pilot at
Laredo Air Force Base, Tex.
  2d Lt. Ralph P. CHIODO has graduated
from the Infantry School's basic officer course
at Fort Benning, Ga.
  Carlton H. MOSS and Kenneth J. BACH-
MAN were awarded the silver wings of an
aircraft navigator at Ellington Air Force
Base, Houston, Tex. Bachman has been as-
signed to Keesler AFB, Miss., and Moss to
the 36th Air Division at Davis-Monthan
AFB, Arizona.
  Doree Hawks MEIER is teaching third
grade at Madison's Sherman School.
  Allan ANDERSON spent the summer at
the Lincoln Laboratory before enrolling in
M.I.T. to study for his master's degree in
electrical engineering.
  Harvey LARSON is assistant to the auditor
at the Aluminum Goods Co. in Manitowoc.
  Henry W. SCHROEDER is technical edi-
tor at the U. S. Forest Products Laboratory
in Madison.
  Iowa County's new home agent is Kathleen
  Stanley R. DYBEVIK has established a
landscape nursery business at Spring Valley
  Dr. Ronald C. DOUGAN is interning at
the Latter Day Saint's hospital at Salt Lake
City, Utah.
  Dale OWEN is associated with the Cater-
pillar Co. at Peoria, Ill.
  Robert J. MEISSNER is teaching at Ar-
lington Heights, Ill.
  Douglas STEPHENSON is employed in
the engineering department of the West Bend
Aluminum Co., West Bend, Wis.
  James W. MCDONALD has joined the
Marathon Corporation, Menasha, Wis.
  Thomas D. CHIKALLA has accepted a po-
sition at the General Electric Hanford
Atomic Plant at Richland, Wash.
  Mrs. Joe FRANK of Madison, who com-
pleted her high school education after her
children were grown, completed her Uni-
versity work in time to graduate with her
daughter Phyllis FRANK, in June.
  William GREEN and his wife, Lee, es-
  Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957
tablished the Madison Art Center, where
they sell pets and art work, to finance his
way through the University.
  James L. DAVIS is a commercial engineer
with Sylvania Electric Products at Salem,
  Joyce LEMERE is teaching second grade at
the Sherman school in Madison.
  Douglas L. HARMES is teaching English
in Waupaca High school.
  Paul T. KITZE has joined the staff of Du
Pont's Polychemicals department research di-
vision as a chemical engineer.
  Military notes-Recent graduates from the
Infantry School's basic officer course at Fort
Benning, Ga., include 2d Lts. Edward J.
Donald J. KAATZ; from the 12-week mili-
tary orientation course at the Army Medical
Service School, Fort Sam Houston, 2d Lt.
James J. KOBACH; and from the Army ad-
ministration course at Fort Leonard Wood,
Pvt. Harland R. KLAGOS. Pvt. Kenneth B.
WESTERN is taking his six months of active
military training at Fort Leonard Wood.
2d Lt. Arol G. SHERWIN has been assigned
to the 588th Engineer Battalion at Fort Bel-
voir, Va., and 2d Lt. Charles R. THOMAS
participated in the Second Army Track and
Field Meet at Fort Belvoir.
  Frank SCHOLFIELD '93; Chicago.
  Dr. Guy L. HUNNER        '93, long-time
member of the Johns Hopkins faculty, in
  William A. TURNER '93; Brandon.
  Louise KINGSLEY Parke '94; Madison.
  Martyn F. WARNER '95, retired West
Coast manager of a Chicago insurance con-
pany, in Berkeley, Calif.
  G. E. VANDERCOOK '96, former Wis-
consin assemblyman and FBI agent, in
  David A. CRAWFORD '05, retired presi-
dent of Pullman-Standard Co., former mem-
ber of the board of trustees, Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation, in Mountain
Lake, Fla.
  Hiram C. HOUGHTON '06, chairman of
the board, Houghton State bank of Red Oak,
Iowa, president of the Bankers Association of
Iowa, in Red Oak.
  Dr. John Earl BAKER '06, for 34 years a
key figure in American relief projects in
China, in World War II general inspector of
the Burma Road, in Mill Valley, Calif.
  Benjamin W. REYNOLDS '06, attorney,
former Socialist party leader, in Milwaukee.
  Zillah BAGLEY Evjue '07, civic leader,
wife of Capital Times publisher William T.
Evjue and secretary of the Class of 1907, in
  Emil F. HACKER '07, in 1943; Arcadia,
  Lucius E. KENNEDY '07; Beloit.
  Otilda SANDERS Dysland '08; Richmond,
  J. Anthony JOSEY '10, Milwaukee Negro
leader who founded the state's first Negro
newspaper, Milwaukee.
  A. J. OPSTEDAL '13, former director,
State Bureau of Personnel, Madison.
  Rose K. BRANDT '14, former official with
the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington,
D. C., in San Jacinto, Calif.
  Mrs. Georgia C. HYDE '14, prominent
Madison clubwoman, mother of journalism
Prof. Grant Hyde, Madison.
  Taylor G. BROWN '14, former state sena-
tor, Oshkosh mayor, in Oshkosh.
  John Goodwin HERNDON '14, professor
emeritus of Haverford College, one of the
authors of Wisconsin's original income tax
regulations, in Philadelphia.
  James P. JACOBSON '14, former head of
the physics department, River Falls State
Teachers college, at San Pablo, Calif.
  A. Carmi BROWN '15, San Diego, Calif
  Carl R. NARWOLD '15.
  Raymond BILL '16, publisher, in New Ro-
chelle, N. Y.
  Mrs. Winifred L. DAVIS '16, retired UW
librarian, Madison.
  B. F. BORESON '17, attorney, Fond du
  John W. HARRIS '18, Durand, Wis.
  Edmund E. BEYERS '18, Des Moines,
  Elmer A. LEWIS '19, superintendent of
the House of Representatives document room,
in Washington, D. C.
  Thomas M. JASPER '21, former UW as-
sistant professor of mechanics, technical con-
sultant to the A. 0. Smith     Corp., in
  Herbert F. WECKWERTH '23, manager
of the Kaukauna Electric and Water Depart-
ment, in Kaukauna.
  Anthony G. PRUNUSKE '25, consulting
engineer, New York City.
  Richard C. MEIER '25, administrator and
assistant in the State Bureau of Purchases,
  John E. HERCHER '26, Pulaski.
  Charles 0. HUSTING       '28, Highland
Park, Ill.
  James A. WORDEN '28, director of the
Worden Laboratory, vice president of Alumi-
core Corp., prominent wood chemist, in Por-
tage, Wis.
  Stella SZUMINSKI Vautour '28, Chicago.
  Ruth STILLMAN '29, Madison, Wis.
  Ruby AGNEW '31, long-time teacher at
Milton Union High school, in Milton
  Dr. Charles J. BRADY '31, Lake Geneva,
  H. A. WIPPERFURTH '32, engineer for
the Boeing Aircraft Co., in Seattle.
  Hans THOMSEN '33, Menomonie.
  Frederick J. GREGERSON '34, Washing-
ton, D. C.
  Arthur C. BUNCE '35; Newmarket, Va.
  Wilson M. OLBRICH '35, San Francisco.
  Dr. Melvyn    SERUM   '37, Eau   Claire
dentist.                           i
  L. D. ENGEBRETSON '38, Oshkosh, Wis-.-
  Charlotte KIMMEL Jaeger '42, Wauwatosa.
  Dr. Floyd A. SVEC '42, Los Angeles, in a
traffic accident in Newhall, Calif.
  James LYTLE '46, Lone Rock, Wis.
  Robert A. LEE '51, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
  William L. FILBEY '52, in an auto acci-
dent in Winnemucca, Nev.

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