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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

Newly married,   pp. 36-40

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        (continued from page 34)
 where he will be assistant executive on the
 administrative staff of the Atomic Energy
 Commission's project at the University of
 California radiation laboratory.
   Dr. Joseph SPRINGER '43 has opened an
 office for the practice of medicine at Durand,
   Donald C. BRADLEY '43 is new division
 commercial manager for the Wisconsin Tele-
 phone Co. at Appleton, Wis. He and his wife,
 Betty CONGER '43, are now living at 115
 E. Roosevelt in Appleton.
   The new address for Norbert BRANDT
 '43, production manager for the Wisconsin
 Feeder Pig Marketing Cooperative at Francis
 Creek, Wis., is 1202 Grand Ave., Manitowoc.
   John M. YINGER '43, professor of so-
 ciology at Oberlin College, has been ap-
 pointed visiting professor of sociology at the
 University of Michigan for the second se-
 mester of the 1957-58 academic year.
   Catherine B. CLEARY '43, vice president
 of the First Wisconsin Trust company, Mil-
 waukee, was named a member of the Law-
 rence college board of trustees.
   Donald C. HAY '43, is section manager
for new products development at the B. F.
Goodrich Aviation Products Co., Akron, 0.
   New   officers of the Fox River Valley
 Alumni club include Cosette MINTON Lang
 '43, secretary-treasurer, and Mary POMEROY
 Ducklow '43 and Donald BRADLEY '43,
   Forrest E. GEHRKE '44 is the new man-
 ager of the Williamsport, Pa., microwave
 power tube plant of Sylvania Electric Prod-
 ucts Inc.
   Stanley PUIDOKAS '44 is treasurer of the
 Kenosha Alumni Club.
   Dr. Fritz KANT '45 joined with Dr.
 Hans H. Reese, UW neurologist, in protesting
 the blanket statement in an Associated Press
 story that multiple sclerosis is a progressive
 disease which gradually reduces its victims to
 helplessness. They pointed out that medical
 treatment and physical therapy are helpful in
 many cases.
   F. Edward LUND '45 was unanimously
elected president of Kenyon college, Gam-
bier, 0., by the board of trustees. For the past
five years he has been president of Alabama
college, Montevallo.
   Esther WELLER Benson '45 writes from
Minneapolis that her husband, Dr. Wilbur
BENSON '48 has been appointed Hill Re-
search Professor of Pharmacology at the Uni-
versity of Minnesota School of Medicine.
Their Minneapolis address is 1410 E. Min-
nehaha Parkway.
  Ardith MACDONALD Johnson '45 is a
new director of the Fox River Valley Alumni
  Eulalia SPOOR '46 is enjoying home leave
until November from her duties as missionary
in Japan.
  Vernon M. LUND '46 has been appointed
manager of the Lafayette, Ind. district social
security administration office. He and his
family will live at 415 S. 9th St. in Lafayette.
  Alan BEAUMONT '47 is producer of the
"Arlene Francis Show" on NBC-TV.
  After making    their home   in Athens,
Greece, for the past three years, Capt. '47
and Mrs. John 0. BATISTE (Mary Day
ROBINSON '51) will be stationed at Ft.
Leavenworth, Kans., while he attends the
Army's Command and General Staff School.
   Floyd SPRINGER Jr. '47 has been ap-
 pointed special assistant to the president of
 the Johnson Wax Co., Racine.
   Dr. Philip W. WALLSTAD '47 is practic-
 ing medicine at Fredonia.
   Irving W. GERHARDT '47 received a 20-
 year certificate award during the banquet of
 the Wisconsin Association of Vocational Ag-
 riculture Instructors *in Madison.
   Lester E. GLEWEN '47 is the new director
 of the Fond du Lac Childrens Home.
   Lloyd D. WILLIAMS '47 is development
 supervisor in charge of heavy industry equip-
 ment for Cutler-Hammer, Inc., Milwaukee.
 He and his family live on Northview Road,
 Waukesha, Rt. 1.
   Wallace EKVALL '47, Fond du Lac, and
 Edward WATERBURY '47, Milwaukee, are
 new vice presidents of their alumni clubs.
   The Rev. Lyle E. SCHALLER '48 was
 awarded his B.D. degree at the 100th com-
 mencement of Garrett Biblical Institute,
 Evanston, Ill.
   Gordon SHOLD '48 has been named super-
 vising principal of the Hillsboro public
   Dr. Lowell G. NELSON '48 is district
 agronomist for the California Spray-Chemical
 Corporation at Portland, Ore.
   Alvin C. ERICKSON '48 has been named
 merchandising director of the American Dairy
 Assn. in Chicago.
   New' address for Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L.
 PENFIELD ('48 and '50) is 258 Doty St.,
 Fond du Lac, Wis.
   Robert L. PETERS '48, who teaches Eng-
 lish at Ohio   Wesleyan   University, was
 awarded a $100 fellowship to the summer
 writers' conference at Indiana University. He
 holds the '49 M.A. and the '52 Ph.D. from
   Fulton CATLIN '48 has been promoted to
associate professor of English at Geneva col-
lege, Beaver Falls, Pa.
   Fern JOHNSON Stefanik '48 is the new
president of the Rhinelander Alumni club.
   Fred W. NEGUS '48 is president of the
Fox River Valley club, and Janet COURT-
NEY Petersen is a director of the Kenosha
  Dr. Clayton A. DROULLARD '49 has
been named dean of men at Whitewater State
  Edgar M. O'BRIEN '49 has purchased the
drug department of the Tiedeman Drug Store
and Grill at 702 University Ave. in Madison.
  Father Vincent J. DE LEERS '49 has been
appointed academic dean at St. Norbert Col-
lege, De Pere, Wis.
  John BRECHLER '49 and his wife an-
nounce the birth of their first child, Noralyn
Jean, at Torrance, Calif.
  A United Press writer interviewed Elroy
  (Crazylegs) HIRSCH '49 in Hollywood and
reported, apropos of his movie roles: "Hirsch
is an all-American at catching passes, but
when it comes to making them he's a craven,
quivering coward."
  Clifford B. THOMAS '49 has joined the
law firm of Arthur, Dewa, and Tomlinson,
  Dr. Everett WHITE '49 is the new director
of the elementary curriculum at Whitewater
State College.
  Dr. John B. TOUSSAINT '49 is on leave
of absence as neurologist at Northern Wiscon-
sin Colony and Training School, Chippewa
Falls, for a year of study and research in
mental deficiency. He and his wife Carol
TOWERS '51 will return to Madison in June
1958 when he becomes medical director of
the new Central Wisconsin Colony.
   R. L. PARKIN '49, assistant advertising
 manager of the Dow Corning Corp., received
 a 1957 Putnan award for industrial advertis-
 ing excellence.
   Gordon E. BREWER '49 has resigned his
 position as assistant district attorney in Madi-
 son to accept the post of chief civil service
 counsel for the American Federation of State,
 County, and Municipal Employes with head-
 quarters in Washington, D. C.
   Margie Jeanne MINER '49 has joined the
 faculty of Western Michigan University as
 assistant professor of physical education.
   John A. GABLE '49 will be principal at
 Tomahawk high school this fall.
   Dr. John CORYELL '49 has opened of-
 fices in Madison for the practice of internal
   Duane C. SMITH '49 has joined the per-
 sonnel and labor relations department of Con-
 solidated Water Power and Paper Co., Wis-
 consin Rapids, as an administrative assistant.
 His home address there is 550 Shady Lane.
   Dirk W. JANSSEN '49 has joined the
 staff of the State Bar of Wisconsin as assist-
 ant to the executive director.
   Carlyle HOLTAN '49 has been named ag-
 riculture instructor at Oconomowoc High
   Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. FOX '49 are the
 parents of their second child, a daughter
 Lauri Jo. Their son Robert is 21/2.
   Dr. ('49) and Mrs. William J. FOX (Lu-
 anne LEWIS '50) have announced the birth
 of their second child, William Lewis. Their
 daughter Rebecca is 31/2 years old.
   Gerald HIKEN '49, who had a leading
 role in the New York production of "The
 Iceman Cometh" has signed a contract for a
 part in Paddy Chayefsky's next film, to be
 made in New York. His "Iceman" part was
 his fourth this year. He has also appeared on
 some of television's top shows: Studio One,
 Hallmark Playhouse, Odyssey, and the Phil
 Silvers show.
   Robert R. KOHN '49 was granted the doc-
tor of medicine degree at Western Reserve
   Phyllis SIELAFF Chatterton '49 is the new
secretary-treasurer of the Fond du Lac Alumni
  Jerome D. HARGRAVES '50 has taken
over the Nordahl drug store in DeForest.
  Robert BUEL '50 has resigned as coach of
the Bloomer Blackhawks to take the post of
coach at Watertown High school.
  Dr. William G. RICHARDS '50 has com-
pleted his residency at Des Moines, Iowa,
and will move to Beaver Dam where he will
be a pathologist.
  Stanley P. CHANDLER '50 is the new so-
cial studies teacher in the Sauk City schools.
  Frederick P. KRAMER '50, former activi-
ties adviser at the University, has been ap-
pointed assistant dean of students at Drake
university, Des Moines, Iowa.
  Owen CLARK '50 has taken over an insur-
ance agency in West Bend, Wis.
  The U. S. Senate confirmed a postmaster-
ship for Orlan L. PRESTEGARD '50 at
Readstown, Wis.
  Dr. William P. CROWLEY Jr. '50 has
opened an office for the practice of internal
medicine at 110 E. Main St. in Madison.
  Mr. ('51) and Mrs. Frederick A. ECK-
HARDT     (Patricia HEUER '50) have. an-
nounced the birth of their second son, Kurt
James, in El Segundo, Calif. Eckhardt is a de-
  Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957

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