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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 2 (Oct. 1957)

Sidelines,   pp. 3-4

Page 4

Did you choose the right career?
these questions may help you
decide whether you should consider a change.
1. Is your financial advancement in line with your years of
2. Do you have sufficient freedom in your work? Can you
     move on your own - make independent decisions?
3. Does your job stimulate you to make full use of your
     education and abilities? Is it providing the training
     necessary for future growth?
4    Are you receiving adequate security? Is your future
     protected by group insurance and retirement benefits?
Is there social and professional recognition attached to
your present field?
Do you have the satisfying knowledge that your work is
important - that it contributes to the welfare of others?
How many negative answers did you give to
the above? Too many for your own satisfaction?
Then perhaps you should explore the opportunities
offered by a career with Massachusetts Mutual
Life Insurance Company.
BECAUSE the market for life insurance is expand-
ing at an unprecedented rate and because Massa-
chusetts Mutual is one of the leaders in the field,
there is an unlimited opportunity to make financial
progress. Representatives who have been under
contract five years or more average over $12,000
annually - with one out of ten averaging over
$25,000. And along with stable income they are
receiving group medical and life insurance plus
retirement benefits.
YES      NO0
AT Massachusetts Mutual, there is no ceiling on
growth. You are like an independent business-
man, free to chart your own success.
AND as a financial counselor, not only will you
be encouraged to make utmost use of your present
abilities - you will be taught to develop new ones.
Massachusetts Mutual offers one of the most out-
standing field-tested courses in life insurance sell-
ing to help you become successful.
INDIVIDUAL training plus clinics and conferences
will help you move rapidly ahead in a professional
career that is recognized by your entire com-
munity as performing a beneficial service.
Interested? Write for a free copy of
            "A Selling Career."
  The Policyholders' Company
                                     Wisconsin Alumnus, October, 1957

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