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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

A weekend for old grads,   pp. 11-17

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went on record as approving the new
project for additional chimes to com-
plete the University carillon for which
the Class of Seventeen was an original
donor. In our annual letter to all our
members this year we will stress the
need for contributions to pay for these
new chimes so that our carillon can ring
out with subtler and richer harmonies
than ever.
   Our most important decision of the
 day was that with every get-together
 we become better friends and our inter-
 est in the University grows deeper and
 more dear.
 CLASS OF 1918
 By Lucille Campbell Kimball
 Reunion Chairman
   The Fortieth reunion opened with a
 reception and dinner at the Madison
 Club on Friday, June 13, 6:00 p.m. Our
 Class president, Leroy Burlingame of
 Milwaukee, greeted the 53 members and
 guests and gave a very fine resume of
 the history of our class.
   He noted that we were graduated at
 the close of President Van Hise regime
 and now we are celebrating our 40th re-
 union at the close of President Fred's
 thirteen years.
   Bill Walker arranged for some jolly
entertainment by the Delta Gamma "hill
billy band". They brought the spirit of
the campus to us and were a real hit.
After dinner toastmaster Jimmy Peter-
son of Winnetka introduced Professor
Walter Ray Agard who gave us an ex-
cellent talk. Our own Art Nielsen of
Winnetka then spoke briefly but inter-
estingly and enlightenly regarding his
last trip to Europe, from which he had
just returned.
   Clayton Van Pelt, chairman of the
nominating committee, presented this
slate 'of officers: president, Alice King
Meloche, Madison; vice-president, Lu-
cille Campbell Kimball, Madison; secre-
tary-treasurer, Josephine Ferguson, Mad-
ison. Those present unanimously voted
the election of the slate.
  Those attending were registered by
Josephine Ferguson and Mary Porter
Cahoe of Madison. Miriam Hubbard
Gibson handled the banking and ac-
  Our new class president, Alice King
Meloche, presided at the class luncheon
which was held at the Memorial Union
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1958
on Saturday, June 14. Sixty-three at-
tended the luncheon, some of whom
were not able to be present at the dinner
on Friday. We feel that-the reunion was
a great success because many were talk-
ing enthusiastically about returning for
the Forty-fifth in 1963.
By Ed Gibson
   Sparked by classmate Conrad "Con-
 nie" Elvehjem's elevation to the UW
 presidency, the class of '23 enjoyed one
 of its finest reunions. And, historically,
 it was the first class to reune in the
 beautiful new Wisconsin Center build-
   They came from far and near-in-
 cluding Puerto Rico, Arkansas, Cali-
 fornia, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey,
 Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois
 and Wisconsin-all competing against
 the Class of '33 in largest numbers re-
   The highlight of the program, ex-
 pertly handled by former Prom   King
 and star football lineman Jim Brader,
 was Reunion Chairman Silas 'Si" John-
 son presenting "Connie" with a water
 color of his old farm home by artist
 John Warren. The gift, arranged for by
 Art Towell, now graces the Elvehjem
 living room. The girls of '23, with Mrs.
 Walter Schar doing the honors, pre-
 sented Mrs. Constance "Connie" Elveh-
 jem with a beautiful bouquet of red
   Bucky Badger statuettes were won for
various and sundry accomplishments..
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Hoffman          of
Aguirre, Puerto Rico, were long distance
  A high-powered head table included
the Elvehjem's, the Silas Johnson's, Jim
Brader, (his lovely wife and daughter
were in the audience), retiring Alumni
Association President John Keenan, Sam
Ogle, the newly-elected Association pres-
ident, and John Berge, its executive
  Tables were beautifully and appropri-
ately decorated by Mrs. Vincent Kivlin
and Mrs. Francis Lamb. They blended
peonies, daisies and double mock orange
blossoms in profusion on each table.
  This group could always sing and
sing it did again, led by Whitford
"Whit" Huff (with an assist by his at-
tractive wife) and accompanied on the
piano by talented Mrs. Kivlin.
   A typical example of the Huff touch:
 We gather together as one mighty crew
   to welcome our Connies and shake
      hands with you.
 Our Prexy's the greatest we've ever had
   and with us pulling with him he
      won't miss a bet!
 Our future is bright and our plans are
      as large
   as the length and the breadth of Dad
      Vail's freshman barge!
 Let's ring out the progress of 1-9-2-3
   with bells we have bought with our
      own do-re-mi.
   The Class of '23 helped build the
 Carillon Tower. It is now the first class
 to contribute money for additional bells.
 One of the new bells will be appropri-
 ately labeled the "Connie Elvehjem
   To bring back fond memories, Wil-
 liam "Bill" Hobbins took the whole
 gang for a boat ride on Mendota. We
 followed the Badger oarsmen as they
 raced "deck 'and deck" over the course
 only to be nosed out by the California
   We cruised around Picnic Point. The
couples seen picnicking on that historic
Point indicates it is still playing an ac-
tive part in the social lives of- students.
   When.the boat landed, George Stein-
 mets rounded up those wanting to tour
 the campus-and there are so many
 changes since our day that one really
 needs a guide.
   Francis Lamb, Eldon Russell and Joe
Sexton played their part in planning
the event. Art Towell and Fred Risser
were named to handle the 40th reunion,
five years hence. We had a good time-
we will be back.
By Harry Thoma
Reunion Chairman
   Do you recall a few years ago-before
television-when Baron Munchausen
was a radio personality and one of his
stock phrases was "Vas you dere, Char-
lie?" Well, if you "vas dere" for the
1928 thirtieth reunion, you had a grand
time. If you weren't, you missed a lot
of fun.

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