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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

Berge, John
Keeping in touch with Wisconsin,   p. 4

Page 4

                            /4eep~ o-1 a/4lo wil'A ý?/kicoim
    By the time you get this issue, Wisconsin's thirteenth president will
have been on the job for approximately a month. Dr. Conrad A. Elvehjem moved
into the president's office at 161 Bascom Hall on July first.
    For thirty-five years President Elvehjem has played an important part
in making our University one of the top ten in America. Since 1946 he has
two administrative jobs: Dean of the Graduate School and Chairman of the
Biochemistry Department. Both departments have become internationally famous
under his leadership. Last year, for example, Wisconsin's Graduate School
granted more doctor's degrees than any college or university in the country.
    Another Badger, Sam Ogle, also stepped into presidential shoes on July
first. He succeeds John A. Keenan, who now is Chairman of the Board. Other
Association officers elected on Alumni Day, June 14: first vice president,
Martin Below; second vice president, Don Anderson; treasurer, Russell A.
Teckemeyer; secretary, Maxine Plate.
    These officers already are working on plans for our 97th fiscal year
starts September first. Some of the items included in these plans are-
    a. Alumni House Fund Campaign, with John A. Keenan as chairman.
    b. Cooperation with President Conrad Elvehjem and the Board of Regents
       in their efforts to maintain Wisconsin's enviable position as one
       of the top ten universities in America. This includes adequate finan-
       cial support from the 1959 legislature.
    c. Cooperation with the University of Wisconsin Foundation in its cam-
       paigns for gifts and bequests to the University.
    d. Expansion of our information program to make our University's aims,
       achievements and needs increasingly clear to alumni and students,
       with special emphasis on activities of Know-Your-University
    e. Continued cooperation with students, faculty and alumni clubs in spon-
       soring preview meetings to encourage top-flight students to attend
       the University of Wisconsin.
    f. Accelerated membership campaigns so that WAA will become still more
       effective in getting things done for our University.
    This six-point program indicates clearly that your Association will con-
tinue its productive activities as the strong right arm of the University
of Wisconsin. Your support is important in carrying out these activities.
    As usual, this issue of the WISCONSIN ALUMNUS is published later in the
month than other issues in order to give you commencement and reunion news.
This issue is the last for the current fiscal year, which ends August 31.
ALUMNUS is published monthly except in August and September. Your next publi-
cation as a WAA member will be the first issue of the 1958 FOOTBALL BULLETIN,
which will be mailed to you on September 12.
                                                        Executive Director

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