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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

Dear editor,   p. 2

Page 2

*Dear Editor
       Higher Education, 1958
  Congratulations on an excellent issue of
the Wisconsin Alumnus. This is a top flight
treatment of higher education.
                  C. A. Wedemeyer, '33
                  Madison, Wis.
  What a striking, original and appropriate
cover on your April issue. And your page 10
listing of the participating schools is unique.
The insert was handled effectively with your
local tie-in at the end.
                    Howard W. Mort
                    University of Chi-
                      cago Alumni As-
                    Chicago, Ill.
  Would it be possible to obtain a copy of
the April 1958 issue of the Wisconsin Alum-
nus? I am currently serving as chairman
of a curriculum review committee for the
Institute of Agriculture, University of Minne-
sota, and would like to have a copy to circu-
late among our curriculum committee mem-
bers. It is an excellent presentation of the
educational problem.
                    Philip M. Raup, '42
                    St. Paul, Minn.
  I just finished reading the April issue of
the Wisconsin Alumnus and want to tell you
what an excellent supplement on higher
education I think has been produced. My only
disappointment is that in the scores of
examples which are cited of outstanding pro-
grams in the country in the field of research,
public service and teaching, the University
of Wisconsin record should not have shown
up somewhere. However, this in no way
detracts from the general scope of the sub-
ject. It is well worth reading and I am sure
that it will be enjoyed by the alumni of the
               J. Martin Klotsche, '21
               Provost, UW-Milwaukee
               Milwaukee, Wis.
  I would like to order 12 copies to be used
by a group of people for promoting higher
education in Marshfield.
   Dr. Elizabeth Reddeman Baldwin, '32
   Marshfield, Wis.
   (Note: Dr. Baldwin enclosed $5.00 for
the dozen copies, which indicates she placed
a rather high value on the issue.)
  I am trying to interest a number of G.I.'s
in going to college after leaving the service.
If you also have any extra copies of the
April issue on Education in the U. S., I
would guarantee a number of readers. As it
is, my one issue is about worn out from
passing through so many hands.
  Before I close, I would like to comment
on the article pertaining to the sports pic-
ture at Wisconsin this past year. It looks like
we were on the low end of things, but it
was so well written that it was even enjoy-
able to read. Of course, there is only one
way to go, and that's up. No doubt, all
news will be good from here on out.
               PFC Donald Lubitz, '57
               Honolulu, Hawaii
      Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1958

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