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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 11 (March 1958)

Conrad Arnold Elvehjem: 13th president of the University,   pp. [2]-[7]

Page [7]

   A Broad View
Higher Education
           in the
    United States
                                  0    Wolves and other varmints prowled
by night, and maraud-
                                       ing Indians lurked in the surrounding
forests more than 320
                                  0    years ago when a tiny band of stubborn
men determined to
                                       establish a school or college in the
forbidding New England
                                  *    wilderness. From that single institution,
later to be named
                                       Harvard, the United States has moved
to a proliferation of
                                  *    colleges and universities. . . Is
there any unity in this di-
                                       versity? Is there any entity which
all alumni have shared,
                                  *    to -which they all owe allegiance,
by which they all have been
                                       served, to which they all can offer
aid and support?
Next month, a special Wisconsin Alumnus supplement,
Moonshooter, will view the intricate pattern of
higher education as it exists in America today
Why do we maintain such a wide variety of
higher education opportunities in the U.S.?
What is proper role of universities and col-
leges? Should they be "maids-of-all-work"?
Education of quality and education for quan-
tity? Are the two mutually exclusive or not?
What can be done to attract good teachers?
What makes a good college teacher, anyway?
What is effect of an ever-increasing body of
knowledge on curricula, teaching technique?
Watch for Moonshooter in the
What is the relationship between research
and good teaching at American institutions?
April Wisconsin Alumnus
(If you know a Wisconsin alumnus who is not a member of the Wisconsin Alumni
     Association, but who should receive this magazine, please send his or
                  name to Association offices in Madison.)

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