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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 9 (Jan. 15, 1957)

Alumni,   pp. 28-[29]

Page [29]

  We have learned that Lester N. DUKE-
LOW, '27, is sales manager, high strength
steels, for the Republic Steel Corp., Cleve-
land, Ohio, where he and his wife, the
former Pearl RYCON, '27, are living.
  Franklin M. KREML, '27, is head of
Northwestern University's new transportation
  Edward B. A. SOKOLSKI, '27, Madison
builder, and Mrs. Ann R. Yeske, Wisconsin
Rapids, were married in October.
  A speaker at the 69th annual meeting of
the American Institute of Accountants in
Seattle, Wash., was Robert L. MacREYN-
OLDS, '27, of Los Angeles.
  Donald E. GILL, '27, Madison, has been
elected to the Council of the American In-
stitute of Accountants, governing body of
the national- organization of certified public
  Col. Gordon DAWSON, '28, former Madi-
son attorney, assumed duties with the office
of tjae secretary of defense in Washington,
D. C., after three years at the American
embassy in Rome.
  A former instructor in the UW Extension
Division, Mrs. Elsa BOHMRICH Morrell,
'28, has joined the Milwaukee University
school faculty as French instructor.
  WAC Capt. Gladys M. CULVER, '28,
has been assigned to the 13th signal group
at Ft. Huachuca, Ariz.
  Dr. Howard I. CRAMER, '28, has been
named director, technical liaison, for Penn-
salt Chemicals, Philadelphia.
  The author of Literary Sources of Art
History, Mrs. Elizabeth GILMORE Holt, '28,
is teaching at American University, Wash-
ington, D. C.
  A   wild sandhill crane is thý unusual
household pet of Wallace GRANGE, '28,
at his 9,000 acre game farm in Babcock,
Wis. The bird is perhaps the only one of
its species to have become so tamed by man.
  Lou PLOST, '28, and Betty Grinker, Sher-
man Oaks, Calif., were married and are
making their home in Riverside, Calif., where
Lou is sales manager for a wholesale liquor
  Miss Marjorie Pauline GILE, '28, and
Earl F. Ganschow were married in Septem-
ber. Mrs. Ganschow is a former Madison
librarian; he is president of the Saginaw,
Mich., Financing Corp.
  Ralph E. HODGSON, '29, is chief of the
dairy husbandry division, United States De-
partment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.
  U. S. Secretary of Interior under former
President Truman, Julius A. KRUG, '29, is
heading a special United Nations mission to
Pakistan' where he is surveying the country's
waterways. Krug is chairman of the board
of the Brookside Textile Mills, Knoxville,
Tenn., and operates the Volunteer Asphalt
Co. there.
  Adrian SCOLTEN, M.D., '29, who was a
candidate for the office of U. S. Senator from
Maine in 1948, has been writing a column
for that state's newspapers for the past 22
years. He is a skin and allergy specialist in
  Dr. Gerald C. NORTH, '29, director for
the last 20 years of the research department
of Beatrice Foods Co., Chicago, heads the
company's  new   products  and  materials
  Dr. Luna B. LEOPOLD, '36, is assistant
chief of division for program and develop-
ment of the water resources division of the
Department of the Interior's geographical
  Wausau attorney Herbert TERWILLIGER,
'36, is a fellow of the American College of
Trial Lawyers.
  Robert M. BRIGGS, '36, general sales
manager of Menasha Wooden Ware Corp.,
is a director of the Fibre Box association.
. Frederick E. VAN SICKLE, '37, is munici-
pal judge of Barron county.
  The president of Professional Budget Plan,
Lawrence E. DEWEY, '37, is general chair-
man of the seventh annual Madison Sales
conferences scheduled at UW in January.
  We have learned that Edward W. SHRIG-
LEY, '37, is associate professor of micro-
biology at University of Indiana Medical
  John H. HAMBURG, '37, is principal of
Edgerton junior and senior high schools.
  Francis E. FONTAINE, '38, is plant man-
ager for Cyanamid's Lederle Laboratories
division at Pearl River, N. Y.
  Ruth BACHHUBER Doyle, '38, is the
only woman on the 82-member Dane County
Board of Supervisors.
  Clayton CHARLES, '38, is chairman of the
art department at the University of Florida,
  Bernard 0. STIEG, '38, is in the engi-
neering department of Kimberly-Clark Corp.,
  Economist Dr. Stefan H. ROBOCK, '38, is
manager of the industrial economics divi-
sion of Midwest Research Institute.
  Mary Jane Ryan, '55, and Edwin      C.
PICK, '38, were married in October. She
teaches in Milwaukee public schools and he
is a member of the law firm of Spohn, Ross,
Stevens, Lamb, and Pick.
  The dean of the St. Petersburg, Fla., chap-
ter of the American Guild of Organists is
Max MIRANDA, '39, who teaches in the St.
Petersburg School of Music.
  Truman TORGERSON, '39, president of
the Wisconsin Council of Agriculture Co-
operative, was appointed to the dairy com-
mittee of the USDA's research and marketing
auvisoury Lvmrmutle.
  We have learned      that Harold J.
TRAINOR, '39, is with Firestone Tire and
Rubber Co. in Glendale, Calif.
  John W. JENKINS, '39, resigned as chief
curator of the State Historical society mu-
seum to work with the National Park Service
in San Francisco.
  Dr. Daniel P. JOHNSON, '39, is working
with the Department of Commerce National
Bureau of Standards Pressure Measurements
  Dr. Fred W. COX, Jr., '39, is manager
of Atlas Powder Company's Reynolds Ex-
perimental Laboratory, Tamaqua, Pa.
  Writer-producer Cy HOWARD, '39, and
his wife, Gloria Grahame, announced the
birth of a daughter, Paulette.
  Dorothy TRUMMER Chilcutt, '40, is one
of eight artists who opened "The Little Gal-
lery" in Key West, Fla.
  Robert HUBBARD, '40, is chief curator of
the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.
  Arnold C. STRASBURG, '40, writes: "I
have accepted employment as a staff member
in the Quality Engineering department of
Sandia Corp.," in Albuquerque.
  Prof. Scott M. CUTLIP, '41, of the School
of Journalism is chairman of the council
on public relations education of the Asso-
ciation for Education in Journalism.
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