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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 8 (Dec. 15, 1956)

Alumni,   pp. 25-30

Necrology,   pp. 30-33

Page 30

  A. George BENNETT, '96, retired railway
civil engineer, in Madison.
  Adolph G. SCHWEFEL, '96, Milwaukee
attorney and politician.
  George H. TRAUTMAN, '96, of Clare-
mont, Calif.
  Dr. Charles K. LEITH, '97, distinguished
economic geologist and emeritus UW pro-
fessor, in Madison.
  Prof. Harry   SPENCE, '98, retired  La
Crosse educator.
  Paul C. THORNE, '99, former Arizona
supreme court judge, California lawyer and
entrepreneur, and  Appleton  attorney, at
Marin, Calif.
James Henry      KNOWLES, '99; retired
engineering executive of Southern  Pacific
railway, in San Antonio, Texas.
  Edward M. MORRISSEY, '00, of Delavan,
  Mrs. Henry W. Stuart, (Terese WATERS,
'00), of Carmel, Calif.
  J. J. McMANAMY, '01, federal court
commissioner and Madison lawyer, in. Mil-
  Hylon T. PLUMB, '01, General Electric
company engineer and lecturer, in Salt Lake
  Joseph BREDSTEEN, '01, former Wiscon-
sin track man and record-setter for mile walk
in 1900.
  Mrs. May L. Luchsinger (May-LUDLOW,
'02), Monroe civic and financial leader.
  Herman SMIEDING, '02, some years ago
in Racine.
  Robert Hill TITUS, '03, of Burbank,
SON, '39, and Margaret DIEHL, M.S. '53,
at the First Evangelical Lutheran Church,
Lake Geneva, Wis.; and Jackson T. MAIN,
'39, and Gloria J. Lund, in Menlo Park,
Calif. Main is professor of American history
at San Jose State College.
  Uta HAGEN, '40, starred in a revival of
Turgenev's "A Month in the Country," at
the Phoenix theater in New York.
  Alfred 0. GRAY, '39, has been promoted
to full professor of journalism and advertis-
ing at Whitworth College, Spokane, Wash.
He has been a faculty member and depart-
ment head since 1946.
  Donald P. DIETRICH, has been appointed
to the faculty of Cornell University. He is a
placement counselor in the school of indus-
trial and labor relations. Don and his wife
(Mary Jane PARKER, '39) are living in
Ithaca, N. Y., with their three children.
  Merle D. JOHNSON is employed as an
insurance underwriter for Employers Mutual
of Wausau. He and his wife, the former
Florence  YONKER, are      living in  Al-
bany, N. Y.
  WAC Capt. Marion TROW helped her
team  place second in the Fourth Army
women's softball tournament at Ft. Chaffee,
Ark. Capt. Trow is commander of the 4050th
area service unit's WAC battery and is sta-
tioned at Ft. Sill, Okla.
  Joann MARKWARD became the bride of
Kenneth ALSTAD, '49, in September. The
Alstads are employed at Klau, Van Pieter-
som, Dunlap, Milwaukee, and are making
their home in Glen Cove, Pewaukee.
  The new director of the engineering sec-
tion of Food Machinery and Chemical Cor-
poration's Westvaco  Chlor-Alkali research
and development department is Al G. DRAE-
GER, who has been with the company since
  Dr. Marvin H. OLSON, Wittenberg, has
been named chairman for Wisconsin of the
World Medical Association. In October, Dr.
Olson went to Cuba to attend the 10th gen-
eral assembly of the WMA.
  The new Green County supervising teacher
in rural and state graded schools is Louis
BOSMAN, Princeton.
  George A. HACKETT has been appointed
head of the biology department of the local
high schools in Tampa, Fla.
  After joining the staff of Campbell Soup
Co., Camden, N. J., in April, Dr. Elroy
C. HAGBERG was appointed research chem-
ist, general offices.
  Dr. Harold N. LUBING has returned
from service with the U. S. Navy Medical
corps to resume practice with the Madison
Neuropsychiatric Association.
   One of six Shell Development Co. engi-
neers to be appointed as supervisors in the
company's development division in Emery-
ville, Calif., is E. Gordon FOSTER. Foster
has been with the company since 1952 and
was previously assistant professor of chemical
engineering at the Univerity of Louisville.
   Professor Clay A. SCHOENFELD      was
the principal speaker at the annual banquet
of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce.
Prof. Schoenfeld holds four positions at the
University; assistant to the director of the
University Extension division, chairman of
the Extension's department of journalism,
assistant in the School of Journalism, and
assistant to the director of the University
summer sessions. He is also the outdoor edi-
tor of the   Wisconsin  State Journal in
  Barbara BARTLEY is a member of the
faculty of Columbus High School teaching
freshman English and advising the Dramatics
club. She is also school librarian.
  Robert STAFFORD has been appointed
head of the department of endocrinology of
the Upjohn Co.
  The University of Pittsburgh has named
Donald V. STOPHLET director of busi-
ness and industrial relations. Stophlet was
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1956
  Mrs. Willis W. Summers (Edith RUM-
SEY, '03), of Indianapolis, Ind.
  Edward C. DEVLIN, '03, retired Milwau-
kee businessman and engineer.
  William F. LUSK, '03, Deer River, Minn.
  Mrs. S. Phelps Hull (Gertrude S. MAT-
TESON, '03), of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
  George M. REED, '04, of Pittsburgh, Pa.
  Herbert R. BIRD, '04, Ridgeway druggist.
  Nicholas John CONRAD, '05, utility engi-
neer and inventor, in Wilmette, Ill.
  Lewis H. MOULTON, '05, former Ke-
waunee and Chicago high school teacher,
in Kewaunee.
  W. Riley HARVEY, '05, of Evanston,
Ill., and Anchorage, Alaska.
  Benjamin M. RASTALL, '06, of Belve-
dere, Calif.
  George C. NEWTON, '07, Iron Moun-
tain, Mich., consulting engineer.
  Mrs. John   R. Richards (Geneva F.
SHEETS, '08), Los Angeles.
  Mrs. C. A. Porter (Nanna HOEGH, '09),
of Fairmont, Minn.
  John M. NAPIER, '09, of Darlington,
S. C.
  Robert IAKISCH, '10, formerly of Keo-
kuk, Ia.
  Eldin V. LYNN, '10, of Boston, Mass.
  Spencer A. PEASE, '10, Milwaukee
  Louise PERKINS, '11, Sioux City, Ia.
  Carl C. JOYS, '11, assistant to president
of A. 0. Smith Corp., Milwaukee.
  Hyrum SCHNEIDER, '11, of Salt Lake
City, retired geology professor.
  John A. SOMDAL, '11, according to a
letter from Norway.
  Mrs. Florence Bean (Florence HUGILL,
'11), of Pacific Palisades, Calif.
  Prof. Otto Henry BOSTROM, '12, of
Flushing, Long Island.
   Dr. A. J. WILLIAMS, '12, long-time
 Waukesha physician.
   Ella Diana KRUEGER, '12, of Westfield.
   Henry Earl PARSONS, '12, former Mil-
waukee landscape gardener, at Amherst, Wis.
  James S. COMPTON, '12, of Carson City,
   Henry LUNZ, '13, former head of seed
and weed section of the Wisconsin depart-
ment of agriculture.
  Harry C. MARKS, '13, Chicago insurance
broker and former member of the UW
athletic board.
  Jesse E. MILLER, '13, former utility com-
pany superintendent in Wauwatosa.
  Ralph H. CAHILL, '13, of Milwaukee.
  MacLean HOUSTON, '14, of Warren, Pa.
  Orrin PETERSON, '14, mining engineer
and' geologist, at his Auburn, Calif., home.
  Edward E. SMITH, '14, director of Lima,
Ohio, department of utilities.
  F. J. DAVY, '14, La Crosse consulting
  George W. SERVAIS, '14, in Sun Val-
ley, Calif.
  Alma BOHLMAN, '15, former Madison
and Appleton teacher, in New London.:
  Dr. Giles T. HAVEN, '15, Stoughton
  Howard E. PULLING, '15, of Kenne-
bunk, Me.
  Fred W. BRODDA, '16, Chicago attorney.
  Erna SCHLEGEL, '16, former Green Lake
hotel operator, at Endeavor.
  Omar T. SADLER, '16, of Alhambra,
  Louis S. RITTER, '16, of Racine.
  Harold L. RAU, '16, according to a let-
ter from Shawnee, Okla.
  Norman MELAND, '16.
  George SAYLE, '17, veteran's administra-
tion officer' in Milwaukee.

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