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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 8 (Dec. 15, 1956)

Alumni,   pp. 25-30

Page 26

left recently for Ankara, Republic of Turkey,
where he is employed in "post-retirement
work" in accounting at the new University
of Ankara.
   Herman BLUM, '08, textile manufacturer,
 water color artist, and author of "Letters of
 Our Presidents", has been    elected vice-
.- president of the Lincoln-Civil War society
of Philadelphia, of which he was a founder.
His home, "Blumhaven", houses the "Blum-
haven Library and Galleries" which contains
valuable original manuscripts, letters and
documents in the field of Lincolniana.
   Harlow  L. WALSTER, '08, suffered a
 broken right femur which hospitalized him
 for 30 days. Having retired in 1953, Walster
 is working on an agricultural history of
 North Dakota and expects to spend some
 time in Madison after he recuperates com-
 pletely to do some research.
   Raymond E. DIXON, '09, writes: "I re-
 tired' as head of the English department of
 the Virginia Military Institute in June 1955,
 a position which I had filled for thirty-four
 years. However, for all of this calendar year
 I have been engaged in editing a new edi-
 tion of the alumni register."
   "The Head of Apollo", a new novel by
 Elizabeth CORBETT, '10, was published last
 month by Lippincott.
   Bartol H. ROLLIS, '11, former mayor of
 Milan, Ill., retired- last year as chief of the
 production section of the Rock Island dis-
 trict of the U.S. Corps of Engineers. He had
 served with the corps for 30 years.
   Julia R. GRADY, '11, has retired as
superyisor of the art department of Madi-
son's vocational and adult education program.
She had been a member of the school staff
for 30 years.
   Herman L. WITTWER, '11, and Mrs.
Dorothy Stearns Mayer were married in
Miami, Fla. Wittwer is secretary of the
Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Co.,
   After 43 years of teaching, Arno A. C.,
FROEHLICH, '12, has retired and is living
in Sheboygan. He retired from the faculty of
Washington high school in Milwaukee in
*June after 36 years there. Previous to his
work at Milwaukee, Froehlich taught in
Wonewoc high school and Sheboygan Cen-
Wisconsin Alumnus, Deg
     Winter Driving
has been driving dangerously on ice for a decade
to discover how to make winter driving safer, has
some tips for Americans who will try to stay alive
in December, which is "Safe Driving Month."
   Prof. Archie H. Easton, UW mechanical engineer
who heads motor vehicle research in the University
Engineering Experiment Station, says these two rules
are most important:
   1. Whenever you take your car out on the road in
winter, "get the feel" of the road before you get
going too far and too fast; and
   2. Once you "get the feel" of the road, accept com-
pletely the responsibilities of winter driving which
that "rfeel" has given to you.
   Easton also lists five items which any well-equipped
car driver should have in his car for winter driving:
a plastic windshield scraper, a shovel, a pail of sand,
a tow chain, and reinforced tire chains.
   Stockholders of the Rocky Mountain Fuel
Co., Denver, Colo., elected   Charles H.
BUTZ, '14, to the board of directors.
   Harold  L. OLSEN, '15, is with     the
American consulate in Guadalejara, Mexico.
   R. Gilman SMITH, '15, who is a partner
in the consulting firm of W. C. Gilman and
Co. of New York, is directing a transit and
traffic survey of St. Louis and vicinity. Law-
rence H. DOOLITTLE, '15, who recently
retired from his position in the research de-
partment of St. Louis Public Service Co., is
assisting Smith in this survey.
  Dr Arnold S. JACKSON, '16, head of
Madison's Jackson clinic, was awarded hon-
orary membership in the Golden Key society
of the University of Vienna at a College of
Surgeons congress in Chicago.
  Harry A. BULLIS, '17, chairman of the
board, General Mills, Inc., received an award
from  the United States National Student
Association "In recognition and appreciation
of his Outstanding Leadership in The Serv-
ice of American higher education" at the
association's ninth national congress held at
the University of Chicago.
  C. M. JANSKY, Jr., '17, chairman of
the board, Jansky and Bailey Inc., Washing-
ton, D. C., spoke on the beginning of radio
astronomy, a science founded by his famous
brother, the late Dr. Karl G. JANSKY,
BA '27, at the 94th meeting of the Ameri-
can Astronomical Society, Ohio State Uni-
versity, Columbus, Ohio.
  Midwestern     livestock authority Arlie
MUCKS, '17, retired director of the UW
agricultute extension service, joined Oscar.
Mayer and Co., Madison, as director of live-
stock promotion. He will assist in    the
firm's livestock procurement program.
  Cyril W. NAVE, '18, has retired from his
position with the Atlantic Refining Co. of
Brazil. After a trip to the Orient, he and
his wife (Imogene KAUFMAN, '17), plan
to establish residence in the United' States.
   Mr. and Mrs. Roland SCHAEFER, '20,
 (Ruth L. BEYER, '39) have moved from
 Abilene, Tex. to Chula Vista, Calif. "We
 may continue to do some teaching out here,"
 Mrs. Schaefer writes.
 Donald A. CALDWELL, '18, is adjutant-
 treasurer of the South Dakota department,
 Disabled American Veterans in additions to
 being in his sixth year as secretary-manager
 of the South Dakota Retailers' association.
 Since it was organized in i954, he has been
 a director of the South Dakota Beef council
 and continues as director of the state High-
 way-users conference.
 Walter MENGELBERG, '19, who           in
 April marked- his 35th  anniversary with
 Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Co. became
 the father of a baby daughter, Susan, in
 June. Following a heart attack several years
 ago, Mr. Mengelberg moved to the West
 Coast and now, conducts his activities from
 Santa Barbara, where he lives with his wife
 and two other children..
 Fredric MARCH, '20, and        his wife,
 Florence Eldridge are co-starring in Eugene
O'Neill's play, "Long Day's Journey Into

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