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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 8 (Dec. 15, 1956)

Faculty,   p. 13

A "thank you" for Professor Steenbock,   p. 13

Page 13

Honored and Appointed
  The Board of Regents has approved
the appointment of Lloyd L. Hughes as
superintendent of University Hospitals.
He comes from a post as assistant direc-
tor of the Rhode Island hospital in Pro-
vidence and will assume his duties here
January 1, 1957.
  Profs. Kenneth B. Raper and Eugene
E. Van Tamelen have been named reci-
pients of the George I. Haight Travel-
ing Research Fellowships by the Board
of Regents. The fellowships, which
finance travel by outstanding Wisconsin
scientists to, foreign laboratories for re-
search and study, are, supported by Wis-
consin  Alumni Research    Foundation
  Former Director of Admissions Paul
L. Trump has been named the new Uni-
versity registrar.
  Prof. Maxwell M. Freeman of the
University  of   Wisconsin-Milwaukee
English department has been appointed
acting associate dean of Letters and
Science at UWM.
  Dean Conrad A. Elvehjem of the
University Graduate School has been
named the 1956 recipient of the Charles
F. Spencer Award for meritorious con-
tribution to the field of agricultural and
food chemistry by the Kansas City sec-
tion of the American Chemical Society.
   Prof. Andrew    H. Wright, UW
agronomist for 41 years. He has gained
fame in the seed industry for the pro-
gram of seed certification he helped
develop for the Badger state. Prof.
Wright ha's trained many of the state's
leading seed producers.
   Prof. Reed A. Rose, mechanical engi-
neering, a pioneer in diesel engine re-
search and the use of. electronics as a
tool in combustion studies. He has also
been active in the U. S. Navy and
Naval Reserve, and last spring retired
as a captain after 39 years of service.
A "Thank You" for Professor Steenbock
     Dr. Harry Steenbock, professor of
   biochemistry, has been lauded by
   the Board of Regents for his re-
   search and discoveries in the field of
   biochemistry and asked to recon-
   sider his request for retirement. In
   a statement to the Regents President
   Fred said:
   I have received a request from Profes-
sor Harry Steenbock that his retirement
be made effective November 15th.
  Dr. Steenbock is now 70 years old.
Under our rules he will reach retire-
ment age at the end of this school year.
To grant his wish and to vote him
emeritus status would be the least we
could do in thanks tor all he has done
for this University and for mankind
throughout the world.
  But I ask this Board to delay such
action. We should try to prevail upon
this great teacher and scientist to stay
with us-not only until the usual retire-
ment age-but beyond that, on special
contract, so long as he desires to con-
tinue his work at this institution.
  We shall be eternally grateful to
Professor Steenbock for what he has
meant to this institution, and the part
he has played in curing one of the most
disabling ills of children.
  Harry Steenbock "trapped the sun"
by discovering and substantiating an in-
expensive method for the artificial irra-
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1956
others, produce seeds and grow into
further studies and developments bene-
fiting mankind.
  But let us not allow these great con-
tributions to overshadow Harry Steen-
bock the scholar and professor who,
through brilliant teaching, introduced
many young men and women to the
wonderful world of science and sharp-
ened their intellects and curiosity in pre-
diation of foodstuffs to create Vitamin
D-the "sunshine" vitamin. With this
discovery he enabled mankind to end the
great scourge of rickets and make the
arms and legs of children throughout
the world straight and strong, keep
their backs erect, and their bones and
teeth healthy and normal.
  But that was not all. He helped
create the Wisconsin Alumni Research
Foundation which made the fruits of
his research, and the discoveries of
paration for scientific careers.
  Back in 1950 a poll was taken in
our state to give the people an oppor-
tunity to name the ten greatest living
Wisconsin residents. Harry Steenbock
was named by the people to that hon-
ored list-the only University of Wis-
consin staff member so chosen.
  For Dr. Steenbock is a symbol of this
University, the embodiment of this in-
stitution's dedication to productive schol-
arship, great teaching, and    helpful
public service.
  For these reasons and for many more,
the University takes great pride in its
long association with Harry Steenbock
and should, I believe, seek to lengthen
that association. Therefore, I ask Board
approval of a resolution expressing our
heartfelt thanks for Professor Steen-
bock's devoted service, and our deep
desire that he withdraw his request
for retirement.

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