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Wisconsin alumnus football bulletin
Volume 58, Number 7 (Nov. 26, 1956)

Wisconsin alumnus football bulletin,   pp. [1]-[7] ff.

Page [7]

and their first win of the conference
season, had to settle for a tie and their
first winless Big Ten campaign since
First Quarter.:
  Late in the quarter, Klebur punted the
ball dead on the Wisconsin 41 yard line, and
in five plays, the Badgers moved 59 yards.
Williams passed complete to Dave Howard
for 48 yards, and from the 11, Lowe ran for
5 yards, Lewis for 5, and then on second
down Lewis plunged a yard for the score.
Jon Hobbs booted the extra point.
  Time left-3:44. Score: Wisconsin 7,
Minnesota 0.
Third Quarter."
  A-bad pass from center on a fourth down
punt situation gave Minnesota a first down
on the Badger six yard line. Three plays
later Bobby Cox sneaked over for the score.
Dick Borstad added the extra point.
  The Badgers could not move the ball fol-
lowing the kickoff, and punted to the Min-
nesota 44. Bobby Cox, carrying the ball on
10 of 14 plays, moved the Gophers 56 yards
for the touchdown. Cox ploughed over from
the one yard line. Borstad's attempted extra
point from the 17 yard line (Minnesota was
penalized for holding on his successful first
attempt) was wide.
  Time left-5:03. Score: Wisconsin 7,
Minnesota 13.
Fourth Quarter:
  A recovered fumble by Danny Lewis on
the Badger 40 set the stage for a drive to
the Gopher two yard line, where a fumble
ended the threat. Minnesota's Kelvin Kleber
kicked out for Minnesiota, but the kick went
only 17 yards, and Wisconsin had a first
down on the Gopher 28. Williams passed
to Howard in the end zone, and interference
on Minnesota's defender gave the ball to
Wisconsin on the one yard line. Williams
sneaked into the end zone for the score.
Hob's attempted extra point was blocked by
the Gophers' Perry Gehring.
  Time left-2:07. Score: Wisconsin 13,
Minnesota 13.
  This may not be a hollow cry at all.
Of the 24 players Coach Milt Bruhn
used against Minnesota, 13 will be back
next year. And a number of promising
young players turned up in the annual
intra-squad freshman game. in mid-
  There is more than merely time in-
volved  before  next football season,
however. Says Coach Bruhn:
   "I wouldn't pass judgment on the
freshmen until we work with them, and
there are so many other things. They
must get eligible first."
  The coach, though, is optimistic. Af-
ter the Gopher contest he remarked:
  "I don't feel that we have so many
problems to face next spring as last
year. We have made some changes and
adjustment, and it always takes time to
make the changes. I have been pleased
with the ways the boys wanted to play
and hung in this year. They never knew
when they were licked; I feel they're
among the best boys we've had in a
long time.
   "Certainly I would like to have won
a lot more games, but I feel our young-,
sters, and there are a lot of them, have
gained  mLch   valuable experience. I
have felt in the last two weeks that
they have shown a lot of improvement."
  The Gopher game, by the way, was
played  in  temperatures well below
freezing, and there was a 20-mile-per-
hour wind that had marked effect on
the play.
December 6             Fall Party
Columbia University Club, 4 West 43rd St.
  Please advise the Wisconsin Alumni Association of your
upcoming meetings as soon as they are set. Closing date for
the Bulletin Board is four weeks prior to the date of issue
of the Alumnus . . . usually the 14th of each month. Meet-
ings which have already occurred are usually mentioned in
this section, however, even though notices arrived too late
for advance use. Advance notices get top priority, of
course, since many alumni report that they have made excel-
lent use of the information on coming meetings, particu-
larly alumni who are newcomers to their communities.
December 7             Dinner Meeting
Hody's Restaurant, North Hollywood
Edward Olsen speaking on "Experiences of an FBI Agent"
Contact: Chauncey Pellow, 311 East Cypress St., Glendale
   (Chapman 5-5675) or call any of these numbers for
   club information: Dickens 2-3423, Dickens 4-2501, Pop-
   lar2-4735, State 0-1842 or State 9-5450.
Nov. 3          U. W.-M. S. U. Football Game
With Coach Milt Bruhn and alumni Uta Hage~n, lorn
  Ewell, Howard Teichman and Lemuel Boulware
Contact: Helen R. Ulrich, Room 1407, 450 Seventh Ave.,
  New York 1
December_4             Annual Football Banquet
Walnut Room of the Bismarck Hotel
With Coach Milt Bruhn, Ivy Williamson, Larry Fitzpatrick,
  John Berge
Contact: William J. Sficos, 400 W. Madison (DE 2-2121)
Sept. 22
Fall Football Dance
  Badger football representatives in the 1956 College
All-Star Football Game in Chicago found something in.
common with their immediate companions at the All-
Star Luncheon before the game: the University of Wis-
consin. The players, who took an active part in the game
with the Cleveland Browns, were John Dittrich and Jim
Haluska. The companions were members of the Chicago
Alumni Club, including President Raymond J. Ryan, Vice-
Presidents Frank B. Carney and Edward U. Dithmar,
Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth W. Bellile, Robert Roths-
child, Charles 0. Newlin, William    E. Hutchinson,
William Allen Nathenson and William J. Sficos.

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