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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 12 (April 15, 1955)

Chatterton, Grace
Wisconsin women,   pp. 33-[35]

Page 34

  Mrs. Wallace Henry Downs and Laurence
C. BURKE, San Dimas, Calif.
  Mrs. Dorothy Howard and Dr. R. H.
BUSSEWITZ, Lancaster, Wis.
  Dr. Gladys BRANEGAN      and Charles
Chalkley, Riverside, Calif.
  Mrs. Helen Ottison Neprud and Robert J.
  Eluned Davies and Judge Fred M. EVANS,
  Mrs. Rahel DAVIES Fitch and E. Fon-
taine Broun, Washington, D. C.
  Hazel Garber Villasmil and Ralph Gor-
don MILLER, New York City.
  Mrs. Bonnie Harris Gage and Foster S.
RANDLE, Jr., Dallas, Tex.
  Mrs. Gail RICKETTS Young and W. E.
Cooper, Paola, Kansas.
  Elizabeth Jane BASSFORD and Robert E.
O'Neil, Ashland.
  Dr. T. Marie ZEPPLIN and Dr. Frank B.
Cross, Lawrence.
  June M. TORKE and John Stella. Madi-
  Shirley GOLDSTINE and
ghetti, Milan, Italy.
  Joann  Dolores  Johnson
SMITH, Evanston.
Arrigo Arri-
and  Walker
  Lorraine Grace EDER and Louis D. Kop-
lin, Madison.
  Jean BUCHMILLER and Rial 0. HERE-
MAN, Marshfield.
  Virginia Ruth Smith and Dr. Gerald Wil-
liam SCHWIEBINGER, Portland, Ore.
  Ruth ZIGMAN    and Samuel Mayerson,
  Elizabeth Ann GLEISS and Lt. Robert C.
Mulvaney, Jr., Sparta.
  Shirley Kaegbein and Spencer R. Hanson,
  Agnes Frances ENDRES and William N.
Geagan, Middleton.
  Mary Margaret Grignon and Dr. Albert
R. TORMEY, Jr., Milwaukee.
  Shirley Grace MAXFIELD and Stanley
Marcus Blumberg, Wisconsin Dells.
  Vera TILLEY and David A. Lieberman,
  Betty Helen FICKEN and James Hollis
Peacock, Madison.
  Edith Lynne Rogers and Dr. Robert W.
LOEHNING, Denver, Colo.
  Nancy Ann Giddings and Lt. Franklin E.
PORTER, Milwaukee.
  Margaret Anne WILLIAMS and Dr. Rolf
Eric JOHNSEN, Antigo.
  Jeanne Mildred BUSK and Gradyn DAV-
IES, Madison.
  Judith Springer Guild and Richard Lane
  Hazel Jeannette Artz and John Frederick
FELDHUSEN, Milwaukee.
  Dorothea  Mildred WOLF    and  James
Allen Long, Hopkinsville, Ky.
  Elizabeth Ann Hamilton and Arthur J.
COFFEY, Jr., Manitowoc.
  Rita  Marie  Guertin and   Robert E.
SCHARA, Manteno, Ill.
  Muriel Minnette Fischer and Dr. Leo
Jorgen HANSEN, Chicago.
  Lois A. Olson and Walter Phelps COL-
TON, Sheboygan.
  Josephine Iltis and John J. SCHUSTER,
  Beth Koehn and Richard E. SIECKMAN,
  Donna Gray and Donald MYHRE, Hast-
ings, Florida.
  Patricia Nell Heck and Robert Emmett
O'BRIEN, San Antonio, Tex.
  Gloria Alban and Robert BIEDERWOLF,
Jr., Ypsilanti, Mich.
  Martha Ann JOHNSTON and John B.
Prince, Jr., Appleton.
  Joan Therese HAGEMAN and Alan Doug-
las Elliott, Madison.
  Julia Elizabeth Kinser and Robert E.
BITTNER, Gulfport, Miss.
  Harriet Ruth DIAMENTSTEIN and Stu-
art L. Malina, Madison.
  Marie  Gummel and    James YERGES,
  Margaret Rose Miller and Ralph John
SEDARSKI, Oshkosh.
  Donna Jean Kelley and George R. F.
WEBER, Madison.
  Nancy Lee HILLYER and John Roger
WHITMAN, Sheboygan.
  Marcy Ellen Galewski and Joseph GRO-
CHOWSKI, Milwaukee.
  Caryl RAFFMAN and Richard RIGLER,
Paterson, N. J.
  Colette Elaine SLIGHTAM and Theodore
F. WOLFF, San Francisco, Calif.
  Rita Ann Olson and Thomas S. HEGGE,
  Evalyn Ruth PLOTZ    and William  S.
WOOD, III, Madison, N. J.
  Carol SAUNDERS and     Lt. Alexander
MENZA, Newark, N. J.
  Susan FEHLAND    and Eugene LAMER,
  Ann M. CALHOUN         and Donn E.
WEISS. Rock Island, Ill.
   Darlene Baudhuin and John THENELL,
 Sturgeon Bay.
   Nancy Marie CHYLE and Robert G. BLA-
 ZEK, Wauwatosa.
   Jayn WISHAU and Roger MICHELN,
 '53, Racine.
   Joan Marie PAULSEN     and  John A.
 Dolan, Oakland, Calif.
   Lorraine WILSON, '54, and Robert OTTE,
   Patricia Mary McGOVERN and Rev. RoĆ½
 Strasburger, San Antonio, Tex.
   Elizabeth Louise NEESVIG and William
 E. RUTENBERG, Jr., '53, Madison.
   Alice Eleanore Lien and  Howard   F
 VOEGELI, Argyle, Wis.
   Patricia Mary PENDERGAST and John
 David GIBBONS, Lake Geneva.
 Joan   Ruth  Mitchell and    Ernie D.
 MAHLKE, Seattle, Wash.
 Nancy HOFFLAND and Warren W. Fie-
 ber, Madison.
 Roberta Gail Krieger and David J. FRIES,
 Georgia Mae Bark and Donald S. FAR-
 LEY, Jr., Manhattan Beach, Calif.
 Ethel Keller and Willard E. FITZPAT-
 RICK, Madison.
 Nancy Ida LUNDGREN, '54, and James
 A. NEWELL, Highland Park, Ill.
 Margaret Anne TERRILL and Anthony J.
 Stracka, Mineral Point.
 Barbara Louise FRIDAY    and Carl A.
 STRACKA, '49, Fond du Lac.
 Helen Mae CHASE and Thomas J. SUB-
 ITCH, Waukesha.
 Beverlee L. Plath and    Lt. John  W
 ELDREDGE, Oregon, Wis.
 Ann    Hiles REHFELD    and  Hugh   J.
 Fagan, Forest Hills, N. Y.
 Mary Maurina and Lt. Willard C. SCHU-
 MAKER, Owen.
 Dorothy Lewandowski and Joseph W,
 COLLISON, Milwaukee.
 Joan STEINECKER and Robert F. Smith.
 Ventura, Calif.
 Jane Louise Flentje and Robert J. WEBER,
 Barbara Jean Hoyt and Robert W. AR-
 NOLD, Fontana.
 Patricia Ann Kamenick and Arthur L.
 ARNTSEN, Madison.
 Mary Jane KLEINHIENZ, '53, and Les-
 lie J. KLEBESADEL, Madison.
 Lois Anne LANGETIEG and Lt. Robert
 J. Mack, Madison.
 Elaine Phelps and Lt. E. James SMITH,
 Ft. Bliss, Tex.
 Rosemary LEAHY and David D. Varney.
 Stevens Point.
 Shirley Ann Meyer and Duane M. GRIES-
 BACH, Madison.
 Sylvia Malina Moen      and  Vern  C.
 PFANKU, Madison.
 Joan Heimann and Virgil F. TRUMMER,
 Virginia  Ann  PILE   and Richard  A.
 SCHWARTZBECK, Dodgeville.
 Barbara Stone Gamble and Andrew    H.
 McEACHRON, White Lake.
 Nancy Ann FABER and Raymond W.
 Miller, Jr., Milwaukee.
 Dorothy Mae Verke and Milton A. AN-
DERSON, Millburn, Ill.
  La Vonne Jean Wilson and David H.
BENNETT, Nashua, Ia.

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