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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 56, Number 10 (Feb. 15, 1955)

"Wisconsin influence lingers on",   p. 5

Page 5

    "Wisconsin Influence
          Lingers On"
  Many students believe that once they
graduate from the University their school
days will soon be forgotten, and the years
spent at Wisconsin will become nothing
more than a hazy recollection that will
become dimmer as the years roll on.
  But if these same students could meet
a few of the Wisconsin Alumni that
have written permanent chapters in uni-
versity history, they would soon realize
the spirit of the university will remain
with them throughout their lives.
  Anybody    doubting  this  contention
should have attended anyone of the
many Founders Day dinners celebrating
the 106 anniversary of the University of
Wisconsin held throughout the country.
  At these dinners were such distin-
  guished and outstanding alumni as
  George I. Haight, class of '99, John S.
  Lord, '04; Gordon Fox and Charles L.
  Byron, both of '08: and Howard I.
  Potter, '16.
  It's a real treat to see a man like
  Byron, who is 70 years old, lead Wis-
  consin graduates of yesteryear singing
  "On Wisconsin" and "Varsity," with
  enthusiasm that would match any fresh-
  man attending his first college pep rally
  or football game.
  When hearing the venerable George
  I. Haight-who has to walk with the aid
  of a cane in each hand-speak with deep
  rooted convictions that would challenge
  a man 50 years his junior, you realize
  with out a doubt what it means to be a
  part of the university.
  HAIGHT, many years ago when the
  University was in need of funds, took
  time off from work at a personal cost
  that ran into thousands of dollars to tour
  the state and tell Wisconsin citizens of
  the importance of a state university.
  Potter was instrumental in the ac-
  quisition of the Wisconsin Dells for the
  University which took place last year.
  Also convincing, was to hear Gordon
  Fox, who-upon receiving an award for
  long and outstanding service to the Uni-
  versity-rededicated himself to further
  the interests of Wisconsin.
  After hearing, meeting, and talking to
  these eminent men, you know that the
  University of Wisconsin is more than
  just a  temporary  phase   where   an
  advanced education is obtained.
    But rather, it is an experience which
  leaves an effect that remains permanently
  after leaving the confines of the campus.
                     -Daily Cardinal
  FEBRUARY, 1955
35,000 Rats Per Year
The rats are housed in meticulously clean air conditioned quarters.
  No less than 35,000 rats are used yearly in the Foundation Labora-
tories to assure the public that the vitamin D content of a food, pharma-
ceutical, or feed is up to claimed potency. The Foundation Laboratories
were established in July, 1930, for the express purpose of periodically
checking the vitamin D potency of products licensed under the Steenbock
patents. Since the expiration of these patents the Foundation has acquired
25 years of experience in the assaying of products for vitamin D
   Unlike the other vitamins, no satisfactory chemical or microbiological
test for vitamin D has been developed. As a result a biological test em-
ploying standardized albino rats must be used. After a preliminary deple-
tion period of about three weeks the rats are ready for test purposes.
The test itself takes one week. Since depleted rats are on hand at all
times, the results of a vitamin D assay are available one week after
receiving the sample.
   From  a rather humble beginning in two rooms of the Biochemistry
Building of the University of Wisconsin, the Foundation Laboratories
have expanded to two buildings of their own on property adjoining the
University. In these laboratories work is continuing
in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry, bacteriology,
entomology and pharmacology.
Additional information on the
Foundation's activities will be
supplied on request.
P. 0. BOX 2059

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