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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 8 (Dec. 15, 1956)

Newly married,   pp. 36-39

Page 36

  Kalen KELLETT, '53, and Eugene G.
KOCH, Waukesha, Wis.
  Bette L. Witty and Dr. C. Scott MOSS,
Fulton, Mo.
  Natalie M. Aggers and Donald R.
KRAMER,. Neenah, Wis.
  Anne Sofi Sundin and Henry M. TRUBY,
Stockholm, Sweden.
  Helma Bacher and 1st Lt. Conrad PAN-
FIL, Jr., Monterey, Calif.
  Susan Marcia COLBERG, '57, and James
Bradley MACDONALD, Austin, Texas.
  Patricia BARTH and Robert H. DAVIS,
'50, Houston, Texas.
  Patricia Ann MARTIN    and Paul H.
Graven, Madison.
  Alice Volkman and Howard H. TRAXEL,
  Margaret May Hoyer and James Morgan
DAVIES, Janesville, Wis.
  Joyce Martha Rupp and William Wesley
DOUDNA, Madison.
  Eldre Antoinette Beuthin and Hugh L.
COOK, Madison.
  Mary Ann BUSCH and James M. Lock-
hart, Madison.
  Allison L. MAHAN, '56, and Theodore
W. TIBBITTS, Madison.
  Barbara Dean GEER, '54, and John Loren
KASPAR, Madison.
  Dorothy Jean Kimball and* Lt. Carl P.
  Mrs. Eunice M. Howard and Norman J.
WEDEKIND, Madison.
  Harriet Louise HAWKINS and Robert
M. INGOLD, Kansas City, Mo.
  Harriet Wood and James M. JOHNSON,
  Alice HANSON, '52, and David KRAUSE,
Racine, Wis.
  Marjorie E. Hacker, '57, and Royal C.
SLOTTEN, Superior, Wis.
  Susan  Ameringer and  Robert  Myron
BROWN, Oklahoma City, Okla.
  Darlene M. WEYERS, '56, and Robert 0.
ZINNEN, Chicago.
  Marilyn Joyce Munn and Darrell David
VINCENT, Chicago.
  Catherine Hennen and Merton E. HILL-
YER, Crystal Lake, Ill.
  Lucia Relf DURAND, '56, and Robert
Charles BARD, Madison.
  Mary Jane Mosteller and Dr. George M.
KRONCKE, Madison.
  Adelaide Marie RYERSON and Robert
Glenn Smith, Tucson, Ariz.
  Shirley Lee HUDSON, '55, and Thomas
Curtis PEARSON, Madison.
  Margene DeSMIDT and William Stebbin
Tooker, New York City.
  Mary Sterling DANIELS, '56, and George
Emerson BECKER, Denver, Colo.
  Ann Louise RESH, '52, and Donald Jo-
seph SIEHR, Madison.
  Janice Gehrig and Herbert G. RHODES,
Mary Esther, Fla.
   Patricia Ann  Hettig and  James  E.
   Beverly Mae Olmstead and John Lewis
 ANDERSON, Oxford, Wis.
   Elizabeth Jane Humphrey and Lt. Leroy
 Edward HEGGE, Madison.
   Eileen Rose ELLIOTT, '55, and Albert F.
'SCHUCHARDT, Coleman, Wis.
   Geraldine Becque and James A. FERRIS,
 Jr., Fond du Lac.
   Lorraine Gustkowski and  Robert W.
 GERMER, Jr., Rhinelander.
   Rose Ann HANSEN, '53, and Richard D.
 PARR, Madison.
   Elean F. KERLEY and John D. MITCH-
 ELL, Rochester, N. Y.
   Judith Anne THOMAS, '59, and Law-
 rence E. LIMPEL, Madison.
   Rose Marie BLIEMEISTER, '58, and Ed-
 ward William ARNOLD, Madison.
   Joanne SCHNUR, '55, and Dr. Richard
 L. HOLDER, Black River Falls, Wis.
   Betty OBERLING and David B. LUND,
   Jane BANDY    and Burr M. McWIL-
 LIAMS, '58, Madison.
   Sally Jane SIBBALD and Austin James
 Cappon, Elm Grove, Wis.
   Susan Jane McCarter and Forest Jerome
 CLARK, Milwaukee.
   Barbara Ann Balis and John W. RENK,
 Sun Prairie, Wis.
   Ruth Miriam FRIEDLANDER and Rich-
 ard Selig Rosenbloom, New York City.
   Jennette Elizabeth CRANE, '55, and John
 F. ONCKEN, Belleville, Wis.
   Mary Elizabeth Braig and Paul David
 LIDRAL, Milwaukee.
   Marcia Lee MICHEL, '56, and David
 Page BLOWNEY, Great Neck, N. Y.
   Margaret Niven SHIPMAN anct Robert S.
 Cooper, Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.
   Kathleen Ann Daley and Kenneth Bennett
 ROBINSON, Madison.
   Norma Marie Barrett and Keith Gilbert
 JOHNSON, Peoria, Il1.
   Martine Lucille GULBRANDSEN, '57,
 and Dr. Charles Roger STARR, Madison.
   Virginia Smith and Rudolph Karl SCHAR-
 SCHMIDT, Battle Creek, Mich.
   Betty Louise Bennett and Richard Louis
 NEWCOMER, Brodhead, Wis.
   Evelyn Lydia Schurman and Raymond
 Matthew VOLP, Waukesha.
   Eileen GIBBONS and Dr. Kenneth A.
 Forbes, Irvington, N. J.
   Helen Perry BRYAN and Ronald Morton
 Smith, Toronto, Canada.,
   Joan POMPROWITZ and Robert James
 SCHAUPP, '56, Wausau, Wis.
   Mildred H. KRAUSS and Jerry K. MEY-
 THALER, '55, Mondovi, Wis.
   Shirley Yvonne Barany and 1st Lt. Don-
 ald 0. RUMPEL, Fort Polk, La.
   Lois GARVAGLIA, '55, and 1st Lt. Ray-
 mond Joseph SIELAFF, Junction City, Kans.
   Olive Kleman and Earl F. RIEDERER,
   Janet Helen Hamrick and Lt. Robert
 Neville POOLEY, Madison.
   Irene Jimos and Neal R. GAMSKY, Mid-
 dleton, Wis.
   Margaret Sylvia ANGLIKER and Robert
 Wayne SMITH, '55, Shepherdstown, W. Va.
   Donna Marie SHEARIER, '56, and Rich-
 ard A. OTTO, Madison.
   Edith Marie BORCHARDT and Henry E.
 Scott, Jr., Chicago.
   Willa M. WIDERBORG and Lt. Werner
 H. Menck, Fort Riley, Kans.
   Diane GLENN, '55, and Donald     C.
 BRUCH, Manitowoc, Wis.
   Ruth Fasking and Charles A. SHAD-
 BOLT, Riverside, Calif.
   Susan Metcalf and Paul Elmer LAN-
 CASTER, Pittsburgh, Pa.
   Mary Faith HAMERLA and Thomas C.
 SKINNER, '58, Madison.
   Suzanne Mitzi ARNOLD   and 2nd Lt.
 John P. McCRORY, Germany.
 Karen Peppler and Melvin GAESTEL,
 Shullsburg, Wis.
 Barbara Ann PROCKNOW and John Bry-
 ant WYMAN, Madison.
 Miriom   SHLIMOVITZ    and  Bruce A.
 MANN, Madison.
 Ruth   Jeanne DETTMANN      and Paul
 Bartling, St. Louis, Mo.
 Marzenda STILES, '57, and Gordon L.
 McCOMB, Madison.
 Sylvia Hasler and Dr. Lionel Gilbert
 THATCHER, Salt Lake City, Utah.
 Nancy BRUSHERT and Ronald Charles
 BANKER, Madison.
 Jo-Ann DRAGER and Theodore Wells
 OPPEL, Madison.
 Evelyn Adele SMITH and Clarence Vic-
 tor EGGERT, '56, Madison.
 Kathleen Ann DRAPER and Ralph Elmes
 Mccullough, Isle of Palms, S. C.
 Dorothy   V. KUHNKE     and Carl H.
 KAACK, '56, Madison.
 Audrey Joy MILLER, '56, and Howard
 W. STAIMAN, Madison.
 Helen M. Grijak and Jerome G. RIV-
 ARD, Warren, Mich.
 Emily Marie ROBINSON and Roger Dana
 BROOKS, '56, Newton Center, Mass.
 Betsy A. BARLAND, '56, and Calvin
 Alfred PARKER, Madison.
 Maret Gloria SMALL and G. Wallace
 MEYER, '57, Madison.
 Janet Kathleen BEELEN and Cameron
 James Wiley, Portland, Ore.
 Carolyn  KEITH, '56, and Donald J.
 MUELLER, Ft. Monroe, Va.
 Priscilla May DEAN, '59, and Gary J.
 ZENZ, West Bend.
 Mary Alice QUALE and David 0. EHL-
 ERS, '57, Madison.
 Deborah Ann PATTY and Mark Edwin
 NESBIT, Jr., Washington, D. C.
 Nina H. MEICHER      and William  E_
 KLEIN, '59, Madison.
 Jacqueline Lee ZIMMERMAN and Henry
 Robert Bowers, Marion, Wis.
 Carol E. WINTER and Kenneth FOW-
 LER, '56, Milwaukee.
 Shirley Ann Clayton and Paul D. PUTT-
 KAMMER, Ft. Eustis, Va.
 Barbara Anne WAGNER, '56, and Stuart
 ZELIMER, Williams Bay, Wis.
 Shirley Ann Byron and Henry John PAB-
 ICH, Lake Geneva.
 Janel Barr and Albert Delaney KAISER,
 Jr., Houston, Tex.
 Constance Jean  CARNS   and  Norman
 Muehl, Galena, Ill.
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1956

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