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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

Madison memories,   pp. 31-38

Page 35

  Betty Lou DANSIN-George' E. STE-
WART, '51, Milwaukee.
  Lois DUTTON-Robert C. DAVIS, Ann
Arbor, Mich.
  Marylee FALKNER--Mark 0. HANSON,
'51, South Milwaukee.
  Ruth AANESS-John M. Harmon Jr.,
Heidelberg, Germany.
  Sam HESS-Elaine Stucky, Shawano.
  Doris HILDEBRAND-John       B. Rank,
Kansas City, Mo.
  Mary   Stirling HORNER-William    S.
Trump, Milwaukee.
  Bruce  L. KANITZ-Minette     LIPKIN,
'50- Oconomowoc.
  Floyd G. LEVE-Beverly Pekarske, Mad-
  Richard C. MURPHY-Beatrice Walker,
  Phillip L. MARGLES-Winnifred Brown,
Montreal, Quebec.
  Trevision R. OLDENBURG-Mary
DuBois,' Minocqua.
  June ZORN-Raymond H. POSTWEI-
LER, New Orleans.
  Joan E. Swenson-Glenn S. RICHARDS,
  Donald F. PREHN-Patricia Lee Booth,
  Lorraine F. WITT-Daniel Gieschen,
Clear Lake, S.D.
  Doris Anne KIMBALL-Donald Schen-
ker, New York.
1950 .......       ........... W
  Geoffrey H. ARVIN died recently after
being injured in an auto crash near Lorain,
Ohio. Owner of the Arvin Specialty Co., he
lived in Vermilion on the Lake, Ohio.
. Capt. Martin B. FLIEGEL is serving with
the 2nd Inf. Div. in Korea, as battalion
  Don Gehrmann is Wisconsin chairman of
the UW alumni division of the $5,000,000
Centennial fund campaign.
  Ralph M. GIBSON has been called to
active duty and the major is stationed at
Mt. Home AFB, Idaho.
  Lois GLOCK is now food service direc-
tor for a residence hall at the University of
Idaho in Moscow.
  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. ZAFIS, '48,
(Jean KALSCHEUR) are back in Milwau-
kee where he has entered private law prac-
  John A. KEYMAR is application engineer
in the power department of the Allis-
Chalmers Mfg. Co. in Milwaukee.
  Mr. and Mrs. Clifford E. LINDEROTH
are living in Richland, Wash., where he is
working for General Electric at the Hanford
Works. They have a new son, Clifford Ed-
ward Jr.
  William R. MUSIL died Sept. 12 as he
was about to enter upon his medical intern-
  Alan ROGERS and his father, Earl, have
established the first father-and-son law part-
nership in Whitewater.
  Jacob FRITZ is now working for the
Wisconsin Power -id Light Co. in Madison.
  Victor W. ULRICH has returned to Mil-
waukee after two years of postgraduate study
in Europe.
  Herbert HAWKINS recently was selected
male lead in the radio serial "The Private
Lives of Jim and Judy Hargrave."
  Kent HAWLEY has been appointed resi-
dent counselor for men at DePauw U.,
Greencastle, Ind.
  Donald E. ENGEBRETSON has joined
the Beloit law firm of Adams and Adams.
Serving YOU
                        For Twenty-five Years
Yes, for 25 years your Wiscon-
sin Alumni Research Founda-
tion has been serving you, as a
citizen of Wisconsin, in many
ways, safeguarding the health
and well-being of yourself
and your family.
Many of the food and drug
products which you use are
tested periodically by the Foun-
dation, assuring you. that these
products are equal to or supe-
rior to their stated standards.
         (000ý      S er ViI
IL                 Vitamir
v Assays
e Analyses
ical Control
le Testing
your guarantee that you can depend
loduct which bears it. The most wide.
tests are used, backed by 25 years'
When you buy, it's wise to "look
rndation seal."
organization which receives and administers patentable inventions vol-
untarily assigned. All income from invested funds derived through
licensing arrangements goes to the University of Wisconsin and is
allocated to further research by the University Research Committee.

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