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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

Madison memories,   pp. 31-38

Page 34

  Mary Louise ROSE-John GRAF, '51,
  Dr. Mahmoud      E I-S H A F I E-Doris
  SCHURBURT, Cairo, Egypt.
  Patricia STEINER-Paul Heifetz, New
York City.
  George SHONAT-Celjie GUDERYON,
'52, Oregon.
  Philip  C. STARK-Mary Jane Marty,
  Lucille  R. SWITZER-D a v i d     Hale
Weaver, Milwaukee.
  Margaret TOMCZAK-James W. HAM-
ILTON, '49, Madison.
  Carol Lorraine SCHROEDER-Clarence
E. Selstad, Madison.
  Robert E. "Pat" MOUL-Georgine Arn-
old, Chicago.
  Mary Joana HADLEY-Robert A. Res-
nik, Evanston, Ill.
  Madeline Kraak-Frederick KARLS, Mad-
  In the birth department, proud parents
have had these new family members to re-
  A  second daughter, Peggy Ade, to Mr.
and Mrs. Albert R. EBI (Dorothy WICEN)
of Dearborn, Mich., where he works for
Lincoln Mercury.
  A son to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Rose
in New York.
  A daughter, Tracy Christine, to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Nicholas '(Mary BURKE) in
Brooklyn, N.Y.
  A son, Mark Earl, to Mr. and Mrs.
Jack LAYNG (Helen SODOS) at Rock-
ford, Ill.
  A second daughter, Nancy Paula, to Mr.
and Mrs. Stanley Kaplan (Rita GWIRTZ-
MAN) at Brooklyn, N. Y.
   James M. BURGOYNE is new manager
of the University club in Madison.
  Dr. Ralph P. BENNETT now has a med-
ical practice in Ladysmith.
  Jerry FREI is assistant coach at Willamette
U., Salem, Ore.
  Mina GIESSELMAN, Madison nurse, acci-
dentally drowned in a bathtub at a nurses
  Edward A. LeHOVEN (whose wife is
the former June GISSENAS, '47) has grad-
uated  from  the American   Institute for
Foreign Trade at Thunderbird Field, Phoenix.
  Albert F. PETERMAN has received his
M.D. from Washington U., St. Louis.
  Merton W. RASMUSSEN is now em-
ployed by Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. in Mil-
waukee as associate editor in the advertis-
ing and industrial press department.
  E. Frederick RICHARD, after receiving
his M.D. from Wayne U., is serving his
internship with the U.S. Air Force at
Beaumont hospital, Fort Bliss, Texas.
  William C. ROGAHN died June 12 in
Downey, Calif.
  Thomas W. RUTTER has been appointed
manager of the Billings, Mont., office of
Dun and Bradstreet, Inc.
  Howard C. SPAAR, Milwaukee cost ac-
countant, died August 1.
  Anita QUENTMEYER       has received a
masters degree in library science from West-
ern Reserve U.
  Burr E. TOLLES is supervising principal
at Verona, Wis., High school.
  George L. VOELZ, M.D., is an Atomic
Energy Commission Research Fellow in In-
dustrial Medicine and is living with his
wife in Los Alamos.
  A daughter, Colleen Mary, was born Sept.
14 to Lt. and Mrs. Kenneth J. CUMMINS
(Rose M. FORD). They are now residing
in Coronado, Calif., and Lt. Cummins is
in the Navy.
  Richard H. GROSS, married Oct. 10, is
living in Cannondale, Conn.
  John Edward 1I was born June 2 to Mr.
and Mrs. J o h n E. LACENSKI (Ellen
MEISEKOTHEN) in Janesville.
  Capt. Gerald LEICHTLE was killed in an
ambulance accident at the Air Force Base
in Oscoda, Mich., -Sept. 30.
  Don R. MORRIS has opened a private
law practice in Madison.
  James A. BENIKE, secretary of a Madi-
son auto parts firm, died Sept. 7.
  Charles SHEPARD, research scientist at
the Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory of
the National Advisory Committee on Aero-
nautics, presented a paper at the Instrument
Society of America's annual conference in
1949 .........        .......... W
  Joseph C. FAGAN is associated with M.
B. Widgerson in the general law practice in
  Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Keller (Faith
WILLIAMS) are residing at Essex Fells,
New Jersey.
A. H. ERON, '40, who began his career with
Sinclair Research Laboratories, Inc., immedi-
ately upon graduation, has been promoted to
the position of Director of Engineering of
that company.
  C. Weir HORSWILL and Jane E. ERICK-
SON, '51, were married on June 21, and
both are now associated with Toledo (Ohio)
Hospital, he as intern and Jane as medical
  Tom 0. has arrived to join Mr. and Mrs.
R o b e r t McLOUGHLIN    (Edith  SPAL-
THOFF, '51) at Mukwonago, where Mr.
McLoughlin is editor and publisher of the
Mukwonago Chief.
  Lt. and   Mrs. Joe ONOSKO      are in
Munich, Germany, where he is stationed
with the Air Force as petroleum officer.
  Stanly SACHS died Sept. 9 in Oak Park,
  Keith SCHWARTZ has decided to give
up his post as Dane County clerk to take a
position with the National Cash Register Co.
  Mr. and Mrs. Ray TOMLINSON (Mar-
ion JOHNSON, '50) are living in Madison,
where he is associated with a patent law
   Lt. Matthew J. GATELY has been
 awarded the Bronze Star medal for heroism
 in action in Korea while a member of Com-
 pany I, 23rd Infantry regiment, 2nd division.
   Lt. Charles E. White has been attending
a company officers course at Fort Benning,
  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph     WAHL    (Carol
WEISS) announce the birth of their sec-
ond son, Michael, June 22.
   Mrs. Doris P HAL E N     Buchenberger
 (Howard BUCHENBERGER, '47) d i e d
 Sept. 20 after a long illness.
 Marie A. SHIMNIOK-Hilbert E. SIEG-
 FRIED, '51, Indianapolis.
 A r t h u r R. SANDSMARK - Emalou
 Bishop, Oconomowoc.
 Kenneth G. JARLSBERG-Joyce L. Ol-
 son, Madison.
 Rodney R. GIBSON-Janet L. Walstad,
 Robert M. BERG-Barbara Ann Schind-
 ler; he is in military service.
 James H. BARTELT-Mary Ann Cham-
 berlain, DePere.
 Mr. and Mrs. Paul HAGENSICK (Sally
 GLOWACKI, '51) are back in Madison
 for this academic year after a year at the
 University of Washington at Seattle. He
 held a teaclAng fellowship in philosophy and
 she was Chuck Owen's secretary in the
 Washington Union.
 Charles J. ARENDT is at Highland Park
 General Hospital, Highland Park, Mich.
 Mrs. Margaret COX Eby has been ap-
 pointed an investigator in the Dane county
 welfare department.
 Drs. Samuel H. FERGUSON and Clayton
 WESTON have opened offices in New Lis-
 bon, Wis., thus providing that town with
 its first resident physicians in many months.
 First Lt. Alden M. HABICH was killed
 in a jet plane crash in Alaska Aug. 14.
 William J. KIMBALL, Dane county 4-H
 club agent, has received a $1,500 fellowship
 for agricultural study in Washington.
 Lt. John B. Knight has joined the Second
 Inf. Div. in Korea.
 Oscar B. LATIN has accepted a scholar-
 ship for graduate study in psychology at the
 University of Pennsylvania. Also Law '51,
 he was formerly employed with the office of
 price stabilization.
 Donald R. PATOKA is midwestern divi-
 sional sales manager for Walker Labora-
 tories. He and his wife, nee Jean SIGWALT,
 are living in La Grange Park, Ill.
 Mr. and Mrs. J. Harper THOMAS, '50,
 (Mary  Ellen STANTON) are living at
 Norman, Okla., where he is an associate
 professor of mechanical engineering at the
 U. of Oklahoma, and she is working for a
 M.S. degree in bacteriology. She was recently
 elected to Lambda Tau, honorary medical
 technology society.
 Gone are the single, foot-loose days for
 these class members, who recently engaged
 in matrimonial activities as follows (cur-
 rent residence noted):
 Duane THORSEN-Corene Wilcox, Ocon-
 '40, Madison.
 Wayne BATTERMAN-Katheryn Isken,
 Raymond J. BULA-Mary Wipperfurth,
 Geneva, N.Y.
 Marilyn CARLSON-John H. NELSON,
  John E. CONLEY-Iren Uchman, Minne-

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