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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

With the clubs,   pp. 23-24

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Club Conferences Develop Ideas
"TT OW TO MAKE alumni clubs
  "1Hincreasingly helpful to the Uni-
        versity of Wisconsin?"
   That was the question before the
 house at six district conferences of
 Wisconsin alumni club officers held
 throughout Wisconsin during October
 and November. Nearly every one of the
 44 clubs in the state were represented
 at the conferences.
   The question got a good going-over,
 too, from club representatives and Uni-
 versity and WAA representatives alike.
 Meeting at various conferences were
 Board of Regents Pres. A. Matt. Wer-
 ner, UW Pres. E. B. Fred, vice-Pres.
 Ira Baldwin, President's Assistant L. E.
 Luberg, Assoc. Dean V. E. Kivlin of
 the College of Agriculture, Commerce
 Dean Faye Elwell of the School of
 Commerce, and Agriculture Prof. L. F.
 Graber. Also on hand for most sessions
 were WAA Executive Secretary John
 Berge and Field Secretary Ed Gibson.
   In Milwaukee, Pres. Fred presented
what appeared to be a consensus of the
thinking of all the groups. "It is im-
portant that alumni know the Univer-
sity as it is at present, and interpret this
to the people of the state," he said.
   An informed alumni, it was pointed
out at every meeting, can be of great
value to the University-particularly
during a legislative year. Clubs can be
especially helpful in presenting to the
people's representatives a true picture
of University needs.
  Clubs were also advised by WAA
representatives on means of operating
efficient organizations. They were urged
to plan a full program of activities for
the entire year, set up the machinery for
effective operation (good committees
and officers) and to cooperate with the
Alumni Records Office.
N.Y. Club Promotes
Best Interests of U.
  York comes up, too, with a successful
  formula for operation of an alumni club
in announcing an expanded program of
assistance to the University during the
coming year. And on tap socially are
an All Sports Dinner in early January,
the big Founders' Day Banquet in Feb-
ruary, and, in the spring, an old-fash-
ioned Wisconsin beer party.
  The club's prospectus sets out these
projects and activities as objectives for
the group:
   1. Cooperation with the University
of Wisconsin Foundation in its cam-
paign for contributions and bequests to
the University.
  2. A program of assistance to Uni-
versity placement officers in finding jobs
for alumni, especially members of the
graduating class.
  3. Assistance in providing scholar-
ships and loan funds for qualified stu-
dents. (The Eastern Alumni Scholar-
ship Fund is already giving substantial
aid in this respect.)
.4. Encouragement to outstanding stu-
dents from the New York area to at-
tend the University of Wisconsin.
  Ralph B. Johnson is president of the
New York club. '
Minneapolis Proud of
Fall Football Program
friends are again seeing Wisconsin
football games on film less than 48
hours after they're played-thanks to
the Wisconsin Badgers Quarterbacks'
Club weekly Monday noon luncheons
at the Legion hall.
   Season ticket price for the Quarter-
 backs' Club includes Minneapolis
 Alumni Club dues. The project has
 proved to be one of the most popular
 in club history. On Oct. 12 the men-
 folks invited the Minneapolis Alumnae
 group and the St. Paul Alumni Club to
 a Smorgasbord dinner, and got a sneak
 preview of the Ohio State-Wisconsin
 game that Sunday night.
   Now heading the Minneapolis club
 is Marshall Diebold, while A. J. Luther
 is vice-president. Secretary is Clyde
 Lake and treasurer is Joe Kepple. Roger
 Taylor is national alumni representa-
 tive and director, and Robert Wiley is
 also a member of the board of directors.
 Walworth County Club
 Adopts Constitution
   MORE THAN 40 Badger alumni
 met Oct. 6 at Elkhorn to officially or-
 ganize a Walworth County Alumni
 club, and judging from the reaction to
 the group's first event-showing movies
 of the Wisconsin-Illinois game, there'll
 be a lot of interest in that southern
 Wisconsin organization's program.
   The club adopted a constitution and
voted to hold quarterly meetings. Direc-
tors elected included Mrs. Robert Leh-
man, who was in charge of the first
meeting; James Harris, Mrs. Thomas
Godfrey, all of Elkhorn; John Gant and
Jack Watts of Delavan; and Mrs. Eu-
gene Hollister of Williams Bay. The
board will select officers for the com-
ing year.
Gordon Fox Addresses
Burlington Alumni
  GORDON FOX of Chicago, nation-
ally famous inventor and engineer and
director of the Wisconsin Alumni As-
sociation spoke on "Fact Versus Fancy
Concerning American Industry" to a
d i n n e r meeting of the Wisconsin
Alumni Club of Burlington on Sept.
Club in Philippines
Active and Interested
ored last month by a visit from Pablo
N. Mabbun, who was taking advantage
of a U. S. tour to look in on the UW
campus and his old haunts around the

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