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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 3 (Nov. 1952)

The faculty,   pp. 14-15

Page 15

All-University lectures, library commit-
tee, the Co-op board of trustees, and
the committee on courses. It referred to
the faculty committee on human rights,
proposals for changes in UW housing
and employment regulations made last
May by Prof. Henry Ladd Smith, now
on leave from the School of Journal-
Honored and Appointed
   Conrad A. Elvehjem, professor of
 biochemistry, was one of six scientists
 to receive the 1952 Lasker awards of
 the American Public Health Assn. for
 his  "distinguished  contributions (to
 public health) in biochemical and nu-
 trition aspects, especially for identify-
 ing the mineral, vitamin, and amino
 acid requirements for health."
   Prof. Raymond 1. Stanley has been
 named project director of the UW tele-
 vision laboratory, and will coordinate
 TV dosed-circuit operations. D e a n
 John Guy Fowikes of the School of Ed-
 ucation will head a special television
 research committee.
   One hundred ceramics by UW     artist-
 in-residence Aaron Bohrod and formel
 staff member F. Carleton Ball went 'on
 display in the galleries of Associated
 American Artists in New York City,
 Oct. 20.
   Dr. E. C. McCollum of Johns Hop-
 kins, former UW nutrition scientist,
 has been added to the honor roll of
 the Waterloo Dairy Congress.
   D. C. Smith replaced H. L. Ahlgren
 Oct. 1 as head of the department of
   The world premiere of a comedy by
 Prof. Ronald Mitchell, "The Wives of
 St. Joseph," had its premiere in late
 July at the Beloit College Court theater.
   Warren H. Southworth, professor of
education, is serving as medical team
coordinator with Wisconsin's State Civil
Defense Office.
   Prof. Ben G. Elliott, mechanical en-
gineering  dept. chairman, has been
elected a regional vice-president of the
   More than    200 recruiting  officers
from the nation's top industries joined
the faculty in a dinner honoring Emer-
itus Prof. Henry    Trumbower, com-
   H. C. Hutchins, former field repre-
sentative for the National Recreation
Assn., has been appointed head of the
recreation curriculum.
  Prof. Gustus L. Larson, engineering
has been awarded a service citation by
the Wisconsin Utilities Assn.
  Prof. John E. Willard, chemistry,
has been selected to hold two advisory
                                                            -Capital Times
MAX OTTO, right, UW emeritus professor and famed American philosopher, was
Sept. 26 when he was presented with the first copy of a book written to celebrate
his con-
tribution to American philosophy and education. Twelve noted colleagues wrote
original essays
for "The Cleavage in Our Culture: Studies in Scientific Humanism in
Honor of Max Otto"
(Beacon Press, Boston). Prof. Otto received the book from George C. Sellery,
left, emeritus
dean of the College of Letters and Science, and Frederick Burkhardt, president
of Bennington
college, Bennington, Vt. The latter edited the book and Dr. Sellery wrote
a biographical sketch.
posts to the U. S. Atomic Energy
   Harold TV. Montross will supervise
the experimental research project in
adult education in Rhinelander during
   Prof. Harold B. McCarty and the
State Radio Council were well covered
in the Sept. 15 Newsweek.
   Karl Paul Link spoke at the dedica-
tion ceremonies of the U. of Califor-
nia's new biochemistry and virus labo-
ratory Oct. 9-11.
   Prof. Henry Goehring h a s been
elected president of the Midwest Col-
lege Placement Assn.
   Prof. David A. Grant, psychology
chairman, is secretary of the Division
of Experimental Psychology      of the-
American Psychological Assn.
On the Move
  The Pro Arte Quartet played as a
trio during its Wisconsin fall tour, be-
cause of the illness of second violinist
Albert Rahier. Making the trip were
Rudolf Kolisch, first violin; Ernst Fried-
lander, cello; and Bernard Milofsky,
  Prof. C. M. Huffer, astronomy, at-
tended the assembly of the International
Astronomical Union as an official U. S.
   Dean John Guy Fowlkes plans to
 serve as educational consultant in Peru
 during late November and early De-
   Dr. Henry C. Hart, political science,
now a F1ulbright lecturer at Mysore,
India, has received a Ford Fellowship
for studying the river development pro-
gram in India.
  Abraham Weishlat, agricultural eco-
nomics, will study Indian productivity
of agricultural labor for six months in
Wisconsin   and   18  months on     the
ground in India.
   Fifty-two research reports by 78 UW
scientists made Wisconsin one of the
four major contributors to the conven-
tion of the American Institute of Bio-
logical Sciences at Cornell U. in Sep-
  The chemistry department was rep-
resented by 10 of its members at the
122nd annual meeting of the American
Chemical Society Sept. 14-19.
  Prof. Kirk Stone, geography, was in
Boston Oct. 28-29 helping to write a
preliminary report on North American
defense for the U. S. Dept. of Defense.

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