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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 10 (May 1953)

With the classes,   pp. 32-33

Page 33

  Mrs. G. A. Gullixson (Minnie A. OL-
SEN), '98, died March 25 at Tacoma, Wash.
  Word has been received of the death of
Maude Ione JEWETT, '98, on Dec. 19 at
Pensacola, Fla.
  Samuel H. MARSHALL, '98, died April
3 in Alexandria, Va.
1900 .........        .......... W
  Charles Lackey BARTLETT died Feb. 16
at Quincy, Ill.
  Arthur P. BEAN, widely known farmer,
died March 23 at Wisconsin Rapids.
  UW Grid star of 1898-1900 Edward B.
"Eddie" COCHEMS died April 10 in Madi-
  Judge Arthur W. KOPP, Platteville, is
acting county judge for Iowa County.
1901 .........        .......... W
  Attorney Walter H. BENDER, Milwaukee,
was one of three state citizens honored at the
25th anniversary award luncheon of the Na-
tional Conference of Christians and Jews.
1903 ...........W
William H. Haight
     R.F.D. 1
  Seth W. RICHARDSON, former chairman
of the goverfiment's loyalty review board,
died March 17 in Washington, D. C.
  William J. ROWE is retired and is living
at Lake Worth, Fla.
  Mrs. Jessie PELTON Smith died April 9
in Madison.
1904 .....      ...........          W
  Mrs. Wanda DUDGEON        Allen  died
March 13 at Madison.
1907 .........        .......... W
  Word has been received of the death of
Elijah Charles GREISEN, Milwaukee, on
August 14.
  Thomas J. JUCAS, Chicago engineer, died
March 17 at Wilmette, Ill.
1909, ......      ...........       W
UW      Economics  Professor Edwin   E.
WITTE and Arthur J. ALTMEYER, '14,
Madison, who is the former social security
administrator, are members of the United
Auto Workers' guaranteed wage public ad-
visory committee.
1910 .....      ...........          W
  Henrietta MUNSEN died March 23 in
  Howard Heg NEWELL, veteran harness
horse driver and trainer, died March 21 at
  Dane County Treasurer Marvin E. SMITH-
BACK was killed March 28 when a tree he
and his son were felling on his Cambridge
farm ble' down on him.
Always look for the Foundation seal -
your guarantee that you can depend
   upon the product which bears it.
MAY, 1953
an ,
       P] jrA

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