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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 54, Number 10 (May 1953)

The clubs,   pp. 21-23

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sent out by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Crutcher
Jr. to 140 in all.
  "The occasion which brought Mrs.
Troxell to Dixie was a booking at the
Kentucky convention of the American
Association of University Women. (She
told the convention that schools and col-
leges should be allowed to investigate
their own 'subversives.')
  "You may soon hear more from us,
with the change in administration, un-
parliamentary though it might have
been. In one motion Bill resigned as
president, Charles 0. Ewing Jr. was
nominated to succeed him and the ques-
tion was put and unanimously passed."
  Distelhorst closed with an invitation
"Madison folks, visit with us when you
cross the Mason and Dixon Line, and
make us old-time 'Floradora' hummers
happy-as well as those more recent
Madison residents."
Racine Spring Dance
Provides Scholarships
  As successful as ever was the annual
Racine Alumni Club's scholarship dance
that has become an integral part of the
spring recess for many of the area's stu-
dents at the UW.
  Proceeds from the dance p r o v i d e
scholarships for a boy and a girl in the
sophomore class at the University of
Wisconsin Extension Center in Racine
to pay their tuition to continue their
studies on the Madison campus. Estab-
lished in 1950, the scholarship plan has
provided six students a year's tuition
  Scholarship winners are selected by a
specially appointed c o m m itt e e. The
scholarship winners must qualify schol-
astically and demonstrate their interest
in school affairs.
They Made The Pre-Views Click
    Here are the sites and main UW student and alumni participants in the
  Wisconsin Pre-View meetings held during Spring Recess. Alumni hosts and
  hostesses are in parenthesis, the students' names follow.
    ANTIGO (Mrs. E. A. McKenna): Robert Knolinski; (APPLETON (Mrs.
  Charles Iltis): Susan Benson, Jeannette Beelen, Ronald Locklin, Jack Lim-
  pert; BELOIT (Mrs. Thomas Jones): Helen Wong, Al Winegar; BERLIN
  (Mrs. B. R. Swan): James Yanikowski, Joan Younglove, Lorelle Wood,
  Virginia Boyson, Jackelen Nicolet, Richard De Hart, John Shaw, Bill Buch-
  holz; OZAUKEE COUNTY (Don Ivey): Paul Erickson, Betty Ehlers;
  CHIPPEWA FALLS (Mrs. Martin Hein); Janet Thorpe, Kenneth Bruley,
  Julie Hein, Martin Hein; DARLINGTON (Mrs. Ervin Johnson): Donna
  Martens, Barbara Eastwood, Bill Wiegel, Darry Nelson, Bill Rotzoll; FOND
  DU LAC (William Draves): James R. Hanson, Leo Friedel, Eugene Schultz,
  Jean Dopp; GREEN BAY (Miss Andrea Verheyden): Blair Mathews, Donna
  Holschuh, Ronald Zingler, Tom Gannon, JoAnn Krenzien, Eve Peal; JANES-
  VILLE (Mrs. Walter Craig): Rita Ford, Judy Schaller, Joan Weber;
  KENOSHA (Mrs. Harold Yerkes): Emily Smith, Adrienne Robinson, John
  Bloxdorf, Joyce Shober, Harold Boreiko; KOHLER AND SHEBOYGAN
  (Mr. and Mrs. Walter Volrath): Mary Lamb, Allan Frank, Patricia Greger,
  Ione Gilbertson, Richard Wilke, Gisela Sanders; LAKE MILLS (M. C.
  Fuszard): Bill Kiessling, Shirley Zurbuch; MANITOWOC (Mr. and Mrs.
  Willard V. Erdman): Jodelle Schmidtman, Mary Singer, Paul McKenzie;
  MARSHFIELD (Mrs. G. McCormick): James Leinwander, Margaret Hoek-
  stra; MERRILL (Ralph Voight): Larry Eggers, Gloria Anderson; MON-
  ROE (Mrs. Merlin Meythaler): Carol Schindler, James L. Forbes; OSH-
  KOSH (Mrs. Marvin H. Steen): Mary Bell, Helen Macke, Jack Steffefnson;
  PORTAGE (William Comstock): Beverly Lauson; PRAIRIE DU CHIEN
  (Mrs. Paul Schmidt): Jack O'Brien, Janet Scheckel, Gwen Dru'yor, Mark
  Glynn, Larry Rogers; PRAIRIE DU SAC (Mrs. Edward Gruber): Regina
  Johnson, Byron Stebbins, Cameron Adams; RHINELANDER          (Jack F.
  Moore): Ronald Guldan; TOMAH (Miss Katherine McCaul): Lyda Lea
  Cline, Carole Gempeler, Vincent Crane, Raymond Treat: WATERTOWN
  (Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hibbard): Charles Bentzin, Barbara Keck; WAUKE-
  SHA: Robert C. Cotter, Dick McDonald, Julian Heckler, Patricia Brehm,
  ard E. Johnson): Helen Potts, Barbara Burnham, John Nimlos, Tom Viney;
  WAUSAU (Donld R. Olson): Andy McEachron, Barbara Best; WEST
  BEND (Mrs. William Nielson): Betty Weiland, Jim Jansen; JOLIET,
  ILLINOIS (Daniel C. Albrecht): Anne Mathews, Anne L. Kuehne.
    The student planning committee for the Pre-View meetings, consisted
  of Anne Mathews and Phil Stebbins, co-chairmen, Barbara Morley, Janet
  Mills, Diana Houser, Margaret Pew, Byron Stebbins, Henry Kerns, Lowell
  Hall, Mary Singer, Pat Krebs, Janet Granberg, Nancy Ekholm, Linda Wer-
  necke, Ann Seibold, Larry Eggers, Robert Morgan, Kristin Rozan, and Tita
  Caryl Seeliger and William E. Dye
were co-chairmen of the dance, a n d
ticket sales were in charge of Mr. and
Mrs. LeRoy Piekenpol.
Add Founders Day
  Faculty Founders Day speakers, who
have been doing such a good job for
clubs all over the state and nation, got
the chance April 13 to break bread with-
out making a speech. The Wisconsin
Alumni Association was host at a Union
luncheon for them.
  "Research is the keynote to our prog-
ress," Prof. L. F. Graber, agronomy,
told Founders Day celebrants at Merrill
on March 31. Ed Gibson spoke on the
UW budget.
  Berlin alumni on March 26 heard
Prof. Ralph Huitt, political science,
discuss "Politics and Crime" at their
Founders Day d i n n e r meeting. Dr.
Grant Stone was elected president of
the club.
  Leroy Luberg, assistant to UW Pres.
Fred, discussed the University's progress
-its problems-at rather a new       type
of Founders Day celebration in Janes-
ville on April 13. The affair was a
dessert meeting, quite informal, held in
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Walter S.
  Fox River Valley alumni entertained
three special guests at their Founders
Day dinner on March 26: Regent Wil-
bur Renk, grid Coach Ivy Williamson,
and Grace Chatterton, alumnae secre-
  And at New Orleans on April 24
the setting was a private banquet hall
at Irwins' for a nostalgic and song-filled
evening that marked the southern club's
observance of Founders Day.
   I WISH the public schools did not have
 to become more and more the foster
 parent. I wish the private school, in re-
 turn for the tuition was not expected to
 turn out the exact product of the family
 specified. In the growing up of young
 men, in their learning, in their education,
 the family is the most important factor.
 The school can supplement it, but it can-
 not supplant. Perhaps if the college could
 first educate some parents, it would be
 fairer to our candidates, for we have to
 admit the boys who are products of a
 school-public or private--and a home.-
 C. William Edwards, Director of Admis-
 sions, Princeton.
New Club Directorship
  The application of the D e t r o i t
Alumni Club for a club directorship in
the Alumni Association was approved
by the WAA Executive Committee last

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