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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)


John Guy Fowlkes
     209 B Educ. & Engr. B.Idg,,
           Univ. of WIS..
                Madso~n, It Ws., 6.
"My only regret is that I didn't
   investigate these opportunities earlier"
SOMETIMES it takes a while to get your b~arings.
In my case, for instance, I worked six months in a
bank, a year with a casualty insurance company, and
after four years in the Navy I put in 1 months work-
ing in an office with my father. I was dissatisfied
with my career, and convinced that I was not cut out
for office work.
  About this time a friend of mine began talking to
me about his long experience in the life insurance
business. He was getting out of life, and out of his
work, exactly what I was looking for. So I decided
to make a four-month study of his business.
  This convinced me that life insurance offered the
kind of life and earnings I wanted, and that my
friend's company, the New England Mutual, was
ideal. Its policies are unusually liberal, and it has
back of it the prestige of being the first mutual life
insurance company chartered in America.
   I signed up. I took the company's thorough train-
ing course. And now - my time is my own, which
means I'm working harder than ever before, but it
doesn't seem that way because I'm getting so much
satisfaction out of my work. I have time to con-
tribute to my home town through civic work, and
there is still time left for golf and tennis. And my
earnings, which are in direct proportion to the effort
I put in, are considerably higher than when I worked
for someone else.
   I have only one regret, and it is that I did not
investigate earlier the opportunities offered by the
life insurance profession.
Recent -graduates of our Home Office training course,
although new to the life insurance business, earn average
first-year commissions of $36oo-wbich, with renewal com-
missions added, brings the total yearly income average to
$5700. From here, incomes rise in direct proportion to each
individual's ability and industry.
  If you'd like information about a career that gives you a
business of your own, with no slow climb up a seniority
ladder and no ceiling on earnings, write Mr. H. C. Chaney,
Director of Agencies, 5ol Boylston Street, Boston 17, Mass.
B. B. Plyler, Jr., Wilson, N. C.
These University of Wisconsin men are
New England Mutual representatives:
Henry E. Shiels, '04, Chicago
George F. Mayer, '12, Milwaukee
Hilding F. Nelson, '19, Rockford
Paul K. Ayres, '20, Chicago
Alfred'C. Goessling, '23, Milwaukee
Hugo C. Bachuber, '24, Milwaukee
Dave Noble, C.L.U., '24, Omaha
Godfrey L. Morton, '30, Milwaukee
Thayer C. Snavely, '32, Manitowoc
Martin B. Lehman, '35, Kansas City
They can give you expert counsel on "Living
Insurance" - a uniquely liberal and flexible life
insurance program tailored to fit your family's needs.

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