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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Madison memories,   pp. 27-31

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     (Continued from page 29)
  Mr. and Mrs. Fred T. CRUSE, '49,
have announced the birth of a son,
Christopher Taylor, on Oct. 22 in Van
Nuys, Calif. Mrs. Cruse is the former
Betty Jane NORDNESS, '44.
  Emily Julia LORD and William E.
Leyshon were married on Oct. 16. They
are living in Oak Ridge, Tenn., where
he is a chemist for Union Carbide and
Carbon Co.
1945 .......       ......... W
  Earning a name for himself in tele-
vision is Doug RODGERS, now one of
NBC's rising young television directors.
While he was at the University he was
a member of the WHA Players and
other campus dramatic groups. Now he
is directing the Morton Downey-Roberta
Quinlan TV show, and helping to direct
various television sporting events.
  Margaret W. Fletcher and James M.
AMBROSE were married on Nov. 7 in
Bakersfield, Calif. They are living in
China Lake, Calif.
  Grace IVERSON and David E. Star-
rett were married on June 18 in San
Francisco, Calif. They are residing in
St. Louis, Mo., where he is a medical
student at Washington University and
Mrs. Starrett is employed at Barnes
  The following   births have been
announced by class of '45 families:
  A son, Bruce Eliot, to Dr. and Mrs.
Max H. Stern (Edith Mae GOLLIN) on
Sept. 11 in Rochester, N. Y.
  A daughter, Kathy Jo, to Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Newbry (Esther PALMER)
of Inglewood, Calif., on Sept. 27.
  A son, Paul, Jr., to Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Callahan (Carol PETERSON) of
Westwood, Mass., on Aug. 26.
1946 .......       ......... W
  After a year and a half of graduate
study at the New York State College of
Ceramics in Alfred, N. Y., John A.
EUSTICE has accepted a position on
the ceramic design staff of the Shenango
Pottery Co., New Castle, Pa.
  Jerry WULK is now in the Graduate
School of Drama at the University of
Southern California.
  After spending a year as a research
assistant at the University of Chicago,
Dr. Henry N. LITTLE is now an assist-
ant professor at Johns Hopkins Univer-
sity in the newly-established Pratt-Mc-
Collum Institute. Mrs. Little is the for-
mer Isabelle BILLINGS, '46.
  Mr. and Mrs. William G. LEHMANN
of Lake Zurick, Ill., have announced the
birth of a son, William George, Jr., on
Oct. 27.
  German J. COHEN, graduate student
and teaching assistant at the University
of Wisconsin, has been awarded a Ful-
bright award to teach or do research
work abroad.
  Robert T. RICHTER recently became
associated in the practice of law with
Attorney R. Stanley Kelly in Burling-
  Janet PIPER and Terrance Taugher
were married Oct. 15 in Marshfield.
They are living in Milwaukee where
Mr. Taugher is office manager for the
E. G. Artz Co.
  After studying for the summer for
his doctor's degree at Chicago Univer-
sity, Kenneth DAVIS, formerly an in-
structor at the University of Wisconsin,
has accepted a position as assistant
professor on the faculty of the Univer-
sity of North Carolina.
  The wedding of Frances Ann ROTH
and William   John WICHMAN       took
place on Sept. 10 in Oshkosh. They are
living in Colonial Village, Cincinnati,
where he is with the advertising division
of Proctor-Gamble Co.
1947 .......       .......... W
  The cast of South Pacific includes a
Madisonite who plays a navy flier in
the show. He is Don FELLOWS. While
in school here he was active in Hares-
foot, Wisconsin Players, and at radio
station WHA. Previous to the South
Pacific role, D on appeared in Mr.
Roberts with Henry Fonda. He says,
"If they stop doing war plays I'm
finished. At least in this show I got a
promotion in rank. I'm an officer."
  Six-foot, two-inch Walter LAUTEN-
BACH, former University    basketball
star, is playing for the Sheboygan Red
Skins during the 1949-50 National Bas-
ketball Association season.
  Iola JOHNSON and Ace Woods were
married on Aug. 20. They are living
Want a Different Kind of Job? Try This ...
-Alan A. Anaerson photo.
CATHY CROCKER, '48, (left) and KATHY KINGSTON, '48, (right) have a
unique occupation-they are free-lance model repair artists. Their job consists
of repainting, re-doing wigs, repairing nicks and broken fingers, and giving
the mannikins a modern look. Miss Kingston learned model repairing from a
friend at school and taught Miss Crocker the business last summer.
in Spokane, Wash., where she is em-
ployed as manager of the Coffee Shop
in the new Health Sciences building at
the University of Washington.
  Mr. and Mrs. Marvin E. WATTS are
  now living in Hingham, Mass. He is
  cost control engineer in the Industrial
Engineering department of the Proctor
& Gamble Co., Quincy, Mass.
  Willis H. RIESEN is a research asso-
ciate in the Department of Biochemistry
at the University of California in Ber-
  Shirley B. KLEIN and Donald S.
Dreifers were married on Oct. 6. They
are residing in Chicago.
  A University of Wisconsin chemist,
James E. MEINHARD, is the author
of the featured paper in the Oct. 14
issue of Science on "Chromatography:
A Perspective."
  Capt. Kenneth H. DUCAT, who was
recently stationed at Chanute Field, has
now   been  transferred to Columbus,
Ohio, where he is working on his Mas-
ters in industrial engineering at Ohio
State university.
  Robert T. HOLTZ is now working as
an assistant purchasing agent for the
Rohm and Haas Chemical Co. in Phil-
  After receiving a Masters degree in
child welfare from Iowa state univer-
sity, Winnifred LEWIS is now teaching
in the nursery school of the University
of Michigan.
  Winifred Ann BENDER, '46, and W.
George BINGHAM, Jr., were married
Aug. 27 in Milwaukee. They are living
in Madison.
Williard W. PIEPENBURG, who has
been at Cambridge for a year as a re-
search student in English history, has
been appointed a Fullbright scholar at
King's college, Cambridge university.
  The following    births have been
reported in Class of '47 families:
  To Mr. and Mrs. Sanford COHN, '45
(Phyllis STEIN), of Chicago, a son,
Dennis Jeffrey, on Oct. 2.
  A son, William Robert, to Mr. and
Mrs. Richard W. DREBUS (Hazel Mae
REDFORD '45) of Madison.
  A son, Joseph Michael, to Mr. and
Mrs. James J. SVOBODA        (Marilyn
DUBS, '46) of Calumet City, Ill., on
Aug. 22.
  A son, Paul Sheldon. to Dr. and Mrs.
L. H. PHILLIPS of Houston, Tex., on
Sept. 8.
1948 .......       ......... W
  Jack WINK, sometimes called the
softest-spoken coach in the country, has
come up with an undefeated, untied sea-
son for his Wayne State Teachers Col-
lege Wildcats. This was his first year
at Wayne for Wink. He went to Wayne
from New London high school.
  A letter from Lawerence A. ABLER,
student at the University of Zurich,
Switzerland, states: "Any Rathskeller
habitue would be right at home here,
because I'm sure the volume of coffee
consumed here would be equal. Yet a
good Burgher from Zurich would be
a little astounded at the general "hale-
fellow-well-met" attitude of the average
college American. On the whole, the
people here are quite reserved."
  Patricia J. FISCHER, who made a
study tour of political conditions in
France, England, and Switzerland this
summer, was married Sept. 16 to Wes-
ley C. Mittelstead. They are living in
Corcoran, Calif., where Mr. Mittelstead
raises cotton, wheat, and barley.
  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. PETERSON,
'49, (Margaret SCHAWDE) have an-
nounced the birth of a son, Charles
Joseph, on Oct. 26 in Sheboygan.
  Robert D. SHAWL has been awarded
a scholarship to do research in the
School of Oriental Langauges at the
University of Paris under the Ful-
bright Act. He sailed for France on
Oct. 19.
  Dr. and Mrs. Kingsley MANN (June
WANDREY) have announced the birth
of a son, Paul Martin, on July 16. Dr.
Mann is doing research at the Univer-
sity of Illinois.
  Marylin GROMAN and Stephen Tabb
were married in Brooklyn on June 5.

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