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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Madison memories,   pp. 27-31

Page 29

1937 ....      ..........
  A new industry has sprung up at
Three Lakes. Vernon ('31) and Walter
GOLDSWORTHY have converted a use-
less marsh into a cranberry bog. Ver-
non is secretary of the Wisconsin Cran-
berry Growers' Association.
  Eugene BOARDMAN, assistant pro-
fessor in charge of courses in Far East-
ern history at the University, spoke
recently to the Delavan Lions -Club on
his experiences in Japan. He served as
the official interpreter at the trial of
Japanese "Tiger" Gen. Yamashita.
  Jane CASPER Otis and Dardis Jacob-
son were married on Aug. 15 in Milwau-
19318 .......      ......... W
  The Child Care Center in Milwaukee
will be named the Katherine H. Baird
Center in memory of the late Dr. Kathe-
rine BAIRD, a board member and med-
ical advisor of the 'Child Care Centers
of Milwaukee since the Red Feather
Agency was incorporated in 1946.
  In December Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy
suggested Robert LA FOLLETTE, Jr.,
whom he defeated in the 1946 senatorial
race, be appointed atomic energy com-
  A recognized authority on the history
of early southwest Wisconsin, William
J. WEBB, died Dec. 3 at his home in
Lancaster. He was a retired Lancaster
school i0rincipal.
  Nov. 27 was the silver wedding anni-
versary of Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerome
(Jerry) HIGGINS of Madison. Friends
and relatives poured in with congratu-
lations for the couple. Jerry, blind for
30 yeasr, operates a newsstand in the
State Capitol.
  Nancy Elizabeth SMITH, '52, and
Ralph J. SIMEONE were married on
Nov. 26 in Madison.
Wash Machine Man
client's place of business, parks, and
after securing the books, goes to work
on them right inside his accounting office
on wheels.
  Helen M. BUCHNER, '50, and Harold
Walter MUELLER were married Oct. 1.
  Dr. Edward L. PERRY, who has
completed a three and one-half year
fellowship in internal medicine at the
Mayo Clinic, Rochester, has joined the
staff of the Gunderson Clinic in La
1940.......        .... .         W
  Rudolf JEGART is, according to the
Milwaukee Journal, "a figure in Wis-
consin art to be reckoned with." He
  On Nov. 1, John J. Canning and
Robert J. MALLON, who was formerly
comptroller with the Tract-R-Lift Corp.
in Chicago, opened a certified public
accounting office in Green Bay.
  Evelyn Streckert and Leslie R.
MOEDE were married on Sept. 17. He
is the agricultural veteran trainer at
the Reedsville high school.
  Marvin L. RAND, news bureau direc-
tor for Klau, Van Pieterson, Dunlap
Associates, Milwaukee advertising firm,
FRED MAYTAG IL, '33, Newton, Ia.,
millionaire president of the largest
wash machine company in the world.
was recently the subject of an eight-
page picture story in Life. He has
been president of the company for
nine years: his grandfather started the
business in 1907.
sculptured heads in the Milwaukee AAr
Institute, and one of his portrait heads
was chosen out of the national ceramic
show of the Syracuse Museum of ,Fine
Arts to go on a nation-wide tour.
  Another artist of merit from  this
class is William F. FREUND, Jr., a
member of the Stephens College art
department. He was recently awarded a
$1,000 scholarship from the Louis Com-
fort Tiffany Foundation which he will
use to continue work in technical re-
  Mr. and Mrs. Kolar B. CHLADEK
(Dorothy L. BLASING, '42) have an-
nounced the birth of a daughter, Janet
Marie, on May 7 in Janesville.
  The following marriages have been
reported in the class of '40:
  Helen May and Milton S. PADWAY
on Sept. 16 in Milwaukee. They are
living in Milwaukee.
  Catherine L. Stewart and Albert A.
MEIER on Oct. 1 in Latrobe, Pa. They
are residing in Granville, 0.
  Theresa STOLEN, '30, and Roald H.
OLSEN on Oct. 8 in Madison. They are
living in Madison whe'e he is on the
staff of the radiology laboratory of Wis-
consin General Hospital.
  Eleanor Adele Grunwald and Roland
J. KUHN on Sept. 24 in Milwaukee.
1942 .....      ..........        W
  Nathan S. HEFFERNAN has opened
a law office in Sheboygan, Wis.
  Betty  SPLITSTONE    is now  chief
technician of the laboratory at the 500-
bed Jefferson Davis Hospital in Hous-
ton, Tex.
Wisconsin Heart Association publicity
  Elizabeth R. JOHNSON and Ray C.
Edwards were married on May 14, 1949
in Wauwatosa. Mr. Edwards is an engi-
neer at Allis Chalmers Manufacturing
Co. in Milwaukee.
  The following births have been
reported in class of '42 families:
  To Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Call
(Marjorie LAUSON) a daughter, Bar-
bara Elizabeth, on Aug. 21.
  A daughter, Marjory Alice, to Mr. and
Mrs. Homer J. SCHNEIDER (Janet E.
BAUER) on Aug. 31 in Schenectady,
1944 .........       ......... W
  Kate SALTER, who has been working
near Frankfurt, Germany, as a feature
writer with the air force public informa-
tion office, left recently to join her
father, Prof. John T. Salter in the
Philippines. During the early days of
the Berlin airlift, Miss Salter had re-
turned from a two year assignment in
Europe when word came that a jour-
nalist was needed at this key airlift
center during the rush of airlift news.
Miss Salter returned to Germany at the
request of Rhein Main air base officials
for the duration of the airlift.
  Sonya FAST and David Gold were
married last May. They are living in
Union, N. J.
  August 13 was the wedding date of
Betsy Grausnick and Karl SONNE-
MANN. They are residing in Milwaukee
where he is attending Marquette dental
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                                          . . . every statement a story
  MEDICAL SCHOOL DEAN W. S. MIDDLETON was one day inter-
rupted during a lecture, married to the Junior class, given a brown derby
(symbol of humiliation) and presents of old bottles, broken phonograph
records, playings cards and toys. All a part of the School's traditional
loose "Derby Day" . . .Senior women at Wisconsin may graduate directly
into the army as WAC reserve second lieutenants, reported the war depart-
ment . . .
  CHARLOTTE WONG, the 21-year-old Hawaiian pharmacology co-ed who
spent months in the student infirmary with a rare blood disease (see Jan-
uary Wisconsin Alumnus), died in mid-January . . . The grade school at
the married students' Badger Village will get a 12,000 slice of federal funds.
  TO LOCATE STOLEN ARTICLES in the hands of students, campus
police investigator, Joe Hammersley, asked housemothers to conduct a
Christmastime search of several types of articles. Attorneys told house-
mothers such action would be against state and federal constitutions; but
that time the search suggestions were called off. All a mistake ...
  HIS 75th YEAR ON THE UW FACULTY was begun Jan. 5 by Dr.
Edward A. Birge, the 98-year-old emeritus president of the University
Student Board's laundry service (begun in 1948 to raise money) has been
discontinued; the laundry was losing about $35 a month ... Emeritus psy-
chology Prof. V. A. C. Henmon, 72, died in January. He had retired in
1948 . . .
  AS TO WHO WROTE the famous "sifting and winnowing" declaration
of academic freedom: "final proof" that Pres. Charles Kendall Adams
it came from Balthasar H. Meyer, '94, former professor, who has testified
Adams told him he was the author. This puts "finis" on the thesis
by Theodore Herfurth, '94, in a pamphlet published last year (see July,
1949, Wisconsin Alumnus).

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