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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 5 (Feb. 1950)

Madison memories,   pp. 27-31

Page 28

Back on the NY Times
EILEEN MARTINSON, '45, has returned
to her position as assistant moderator
of the New York Times youth forums
after a leave as a member of the
educational staff of the Encampment
for Citizenship, Fieldston School, River-
dale, N. Y.
      (Continued from page 27)
stagedl by the Girl Scouts of America
at their national convention in Milwau-
  Dr. and Mrs. Ralph M. CROWLEY
and son, formerly of New York City,
have moved to Englewood, N. J., where
they recently purchased a home. Dr.
Crowley is continuing his medical prac-
tice in Manhattan as well as Englewood.
  Walter PAGENKOPF, along with five
other employes of the Bell Telephone
system, has been loaned to the govern-
ment to do atomic research for 2 to 4
years. He has been named superinten-
dent of mechanical engineering at the
Sandia Corp. in Albuquerque, N. M.
Mr.3. Pagenkopf is the former Margaret
  An ex-Haresfootite, William E. OGIL-
VIE, was the director for the third year
of the International Live Stock Exposi-
tion  in Chicago in   November. His
father, the late Robert B. OGILVIE,
'04, founded the Chicago show which is
now the largest in the world.
  A professor of history at Northwest-
ern University, Dr. Ray A. BILLING-
TON, has been appointed to the Wil-
liam  Smith Mason Professorship in
American History at Northwestern.
1928 .....       ..........       W
  A Madison organist and organ in-
structor was made the patroness of Rho
chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota, interna-
tional music fraternity for w o m e n
recently. She is Ruth PILGER Andrews
who has been teaching organ in Mad-
ison for eight years and is beginning
her ninth year of study with Dr. Leo
Sowerby, head of the department of
composition of the American Conserva-
tory of Music in Chicago.
1929 .....       .........        W
  The former city superintendent of
construction and maintenance at Stur-
geon Bay, Eugene W. ODBERT, Jr., is
the new director of public works in
  Ralph S. EVINRUDE, president of
the Evinrude Motors division of the Out-
board Marine & Manufacturing Co., and
Mrs. Joan Everett Tobin were married
Nov. 26 at Lake Forest, Ill.
1930 ............ ..W Santa Thorkelson
   After graduating from the University,
 circling the globe, and running a New
 York portrait studio, Nancy SASSER
 Eldrigde conceived the idea of a syndi-
 cated shopping column. She started out
 with 11 advertisers and 32 papers. That
 was 1941. Now    "Buy-Lines" has 52
 advertisers and 97 papers not to men-
 tion several large magazines. Her offices
 are in a Madison Avenue suite in New
 York, topped by a penthouse apartment
 for Nancy and her husband, a former
 Ohio lawyer.
 Recognition in Who's Who in the Mid-
 west has been given Maude STAUDEN-
 MAYER of Milwaukee. The recognition
 was given for her pre-eminence in edu-
 cation and journalism, after serving as
 president of the National Association of
 Journalism Directors from 1945 to 1949.
 Chairman of the Wisconsin Centen-
 nial Committee of Museums is Walter
 BUBBERT of Milwaukee. In November
 the group took its 50th tour of the state
 studying some of the historical high-
 Dr. LaVerne E. CLIFCORN, director
 of products and processing at the Chi-
 cago division of the American Can Co.,
 has been elected chairman of the Amer-
 ican Chemical Society's division of agri-
 cultural and food chemistry.
 Thomas J. STAVRUM has opened an
 office for practice as a certified public
 accountant in Madison. He was formerly
 employed as a CPA by Sakrison, Rockey
 and Co. in Madison.
 1931   ....   .............      W
 Tom L. YATES, formerly trial coun-
 sel for Continental Casualty and affil-
 iated companies in Chicago, has asso-
 ciated as a partner in law with Seago,
 Pipin, Bradley, and Vetter in Chicago.
 The appointment has been made of
 Joseph C. HURTGEN to the position of
 assistant treasurer in the educational
 division of the Field Enterprises, Inc.
 The educational division publishes the
 World Book Encylopedia, Childeraft, and
 Patterson's A m e r i c a n Educational
 Directory. Since 1947 Mr. Hurtgen has
 been company comptroller.
 The former superintendent of the
 Plymouth p u b 1 i c schools, Earl W.
 LUTHER, is now     superintendent of
 schools in South Milwaukee.
 Allan L. EDGARTON        was elected
 president of the Fond du Lac Basketball
 Association, a county organization spon-
 soring the Rockets in the Wisconsin
 stae league. Mr. Edgarton was formerly
 city attorney in Fond du Lac.
 Dorothy STANGEL McKeever died at
 her home in Manitowoc on Nov. 5.
 1932 .....     ..........       W
 Dr. John FABER. obstetrician and
 gynecologist at Mayo Clinic in Roches-
 ter. Minn.. is included in the first edi-
 tion of the new  publication, "Who's
Who in the Midwest."
  George E. WATSON, state superin-
tendent of public instruction, has been
appointed chairman of the Wisconsin
School Savings Bonds committee.
1933 .......       ......... W
  Col. Albert J. SHOWER, inspector
general with the 15th air force public
infromation office, has been transferred
with his branch to March Field, Calif.
  Dr. William FABER, who was on the
staff of the Mayo Clinic for six years
specializing in arthritis and rheumatol-
ogy, is now medical director at the
Hill School in Pottstown, Pa.
1934 .......       ......... W
  Willard W. BLAESSER is now on a
year's leave of absence from Washing-
ton State College where he was dean
of students and professor of education.
He is now specialist for student person-
nel programs in the Division of Higher
Education with the US Office of Educa-
tion. Washington, D. C.
  A  cake-baker de-luxe is Reidar
STRAND, manager of Strand's bakery
on Madison's East Side. The Madison
East Side News reports that "the cakes
"SANTA OF .SCIENCE"--that's Halsten
J. THORKELSON, '98, who was formerly
professor of engineering and business
manager of the University (see 1898
that come from Strand's are true works
of art and have been used on such im-
pertant occasions as the Centennial
celebration of the University." He is
also active in community projects such
as the Community Chest drive and the
East Side Business Men's Association.
  Public School Audiometry is the title
of a new textbook and manual on hear-
ing tests published by Lorraine ANSON
Dahl. Mrs. Dahl was formerly super-'
visor of the hearing tests service at
Purdue University.
  Walter S. WOODS has been named
industrial sales supervisor in the E. I.
DuPont Co. He has been sales service
engineer for western Michigan for the
past seven years.
  James SCHWALBACH, extension spe-
cialist in art and design at the Univer-
sity, is conducting something new in
television programs. He is directing and
supervising script-writing for an experi-
mental program in arts and crafts over
NrTMJ-TV every Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday at 5 p.m.
1935 .....       ..........        W
  "I have always wanted to be a con-
gressman. I am going to run, not be-
cause of my handicaps, but in -spite of
them," says Harlan W. KELLEY of
Milwaukee. In spite of the fact that he
is blind and has only one leg, Mr.
Kelley is still active with his law prac-
tice. He has announced that he will
seek nomination as a Republican can-
didate for representative from the 5th
  Homer E. DELONG       was recently
elected superintendent of Eau Claire's
public schols. He had been superinten-
dent of Antigo schools for the past three
1936 .......       ......... W
  Horace WINCHELL is the inventor of
a new simplified version of a laboratory
microscope that costs approximately
$1000 less than the usual microscopes
used in geological research. Mr. Win-
chell is an assistant professor of Min-
erology at Yale University.
  Four trucks that aren't just trucks
are the business of Fred E. SHEP-
HERD, Jr., Madison. Each truck is
equipped with facilities for bookkeeping.
Mr. Shepherd just drives up to his

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