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Johnson, Dwight A. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 51, Number 1 (Oct. 1949)

With the classes,   pp. 27-33

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      (Continued from page 27)
   A  late announcement reports the
 death of Dr. J. P. MAGNUSSON, Rock
 Island, Ill., on Nov. 1, 1946.
   Dr. H. -B. NORTH, York, Pa., returned
 for his annual visit last June to Janes-
 ville, his birthplace 70 years ago. He is
 president of North Metal and Chemical
 Co. and of York Bleachers and Dye
   Mrs. William E. Magie (M. Lucile
 CHEEVER) died March 3 at her home
 in Syracuse, N. Y.
 1903    ......... W
   J. L. SAVAGE and another alumnus,
 Maj. Gen. Philip B. FLEMING, were
 included in a Fortune magazine "busi-
 ness roundup" of notables last June. Mr.
 Savage was cited for his "monumental
 hydraulic structures" and as a recent
 winner of the Washington award for
   Voyta WRABETZ, head of the state
 industrial commission, was last summer
 reappointed to a new 6-year term by
 Gov. Rennebohm.
 1904   ..w.           0...     * W
   Frank J. PETURA, vice-president of
 Electric Advisers, Inc., was recently
 featured in a 4-page article in the Cities
 Service house organ. He has been "on
 the buying end" of Cities Service since
   Nelle MILLER, 68, professor of math-
 ematics at the University of Arizona,
 died June 20 in Monroe, her home town.
 1905 ...........        ... . W
   Ray W. CLARKE, Madison attorney
 for 38 years and court commissioner for
 16 years, observed his 70th birthday last
   Recently reported deaths in the
 class of '05 follow:
   Professor W e r n e r SPALTEHOLZ,
 LLD, Jan. 12, 1940.
   Robert W. ALLEN, 65, millionaire
 eccentric and former owner of the old
 Allen-A Co. at Kenosha; in Petoskey,
 Mich., July 20. He once remarked "the
 only thing my father ever did for me
 was leave me 50 million dollars."
 Founder of the Scabbard and Blade
 club for reserve officer trainees, Albert
 W. FOSTER, 67; in Milwaukee, June
 Harold Ward GARDNER, 71, former
 state senator and member of the na-
 tional and state engineering and bar
 associations; in Golden, Colo., July 19.
 1906 .......       ......... W
 Trempealeau County Judge Albert T.
 TWESME, 64, suffered a fatal heart
 attack June 27 while attending a bar
 association meeting at West Salem. His
 son takes his place on the bench.
 L. F. HARZA, Chicago engineering
 consultant recently returned from   a
 round-the-world air trip. He advised on
 hydroelectric power problems in the
 Philippines for the National Paper Corp.
 J o h n Bernhard HAGBERG, who
 taught in a Phoenix, Ariz., high school
 since 1920, retired last summer. His
 teacher wife, Loreta, MA'31, also re-
 Dean Edwin A. TROWBRIDGE of the
 Missouri College of Agriculture died
 June 7.
 1907 .........      ........ W
 "Win With Wiley in '50" was the in-
 scription on the cake presented by his
 staff to Sen. Alexander WILEY (Rep.,
Wis.) on his 65th birthday May 26 in
  Edward C. GLENNON died Feb. 18
in Chicago.
  Prof. Benjamin F. LUTMAN, Bur-
lington, Vt., died July 20.
  Tracy L. BURKE, according to in-
formation sent by his mother died in
San Diego, Calif., in February.
1908 .....       ..........        W
   George "Nordy" NORDENHOLT, 65,
 president of the Pacific Petroleum Co.
 and campus Phi Delt, died May 23 in
 California. He played football at Wis-
 consin about 1903 after working as full-
 back under the University of Chicago's
 Amos Alonzo Stagg.
   Harvey ATTRIDGE, 64, died in Che-
 halis, Wash., June 17. He had been a
 resident of Baraboo.
 1909 .......       ......... W
   Dr. Edwin E. WITTE, University
 economics professor and a former mem-
 ber of the War Labor board, has been
 appointed to serve on a special 3-man
 labor relations panel to settle disputes
 at atomic energy plants.
   Maj. Gen. Philip B. FLEMING was
 included in Fortune magazine's June
 "business roundup" of notables. He was
 cited, for his work as administrator in
 numerous government agencies and his
 recent appointment as head of the US
 Maritime commission.
   Metropclitan  OPERAtor,   O 1 i v i a
 MONONA, recently quit the Met and
 retired to Los Angeles, Calif.
   Dr. Charles A. MANN, conductor on
 the Badger band's notable trip to the
 1915 Panama-Pacific exposition at San
 Francisco, died of carbon monoxide
 poisoning in Minneapolis June 26. He
 was head of the University of Minne-
 sota chemical engineering department at
 the time of death.
 1910 ...     ......      . . .    W
   John D. JONES, Jr., Racine, was re-
 appointed to the University board of
 regents by Gov. Rennebohm. His term
 will end May 1, 1958.
   Federal highway engineer, Arthur L.
 LUEDKE, retired May 31. He now lives
 in Benton Harbor, Mich., tvith his wife,
 the former Ruth Jane Baushe, 'x18.
 1911 .....      ..........        W
   William C. HOWE has been named
 a director of the Concordia and Milwau-
 kee Mechanics insurance companies.
   Dr. Royal KLOFANDA, Chilton, is
 the new president of the south Wiscon-
 sin district of the Lutheran Laymen's
 Dr. John C. ANDRESSOHN, profes-
 sor of history at Indiana, was the only
 American selected to lecture at a US
 government teacher training institute
 held in Heidelberg, Germany, last sum-
 Sherlock L. EMMETT, 58, died Dec.
 19, 1945 in Racine, according to a recent
 Karl 0. BELLACK, former secretary-
 treasurer of Milwaukee's Toepfer & Bel-
 lack, clothiers died Nov. 14, 1948.
 Fracture Surgeon Lloyd W. JOHN-
 SON, 62, Pittsburgh, died June 6 at the
 Allegheny hospital where he had served
 since his internship in 1913.
 1912   ..........       ..... W
 Minnie TALBOT, Gary, Ind., has been
 with the public school system there for
 more than 20 years, according to a
 writeup in her home town Berlin Jour-
 Mexico City    missionary, the Rev.
 Frederick J. HUEGEL, spoke at serv-
 ices in two Madison churches while on
 a summer visit
 Bailey E. RAMSDELL, Eau Claire,
 was elected president of the Wisconsin
 State Bar association last summer.
 Gov. Oscar Rennebohm last May re-
 appointed Paul C. SCHMOLDT, Med-
 ford, to a new 6-year term on the state
 board of agriculture.
 James N. LAWRENCE died in West-
 field, N. Y., December, 1946.
 Horace G. CHANDLER, vice presi-
 dent in charge of sales for the United
 Specialties Co., died in Chicago, Jan. 1.
 1913 .....     ..........        W
 Prof. Sumner H. SLICHTER of Har-
 vard received an honorary degree at
Wisconsin commencement exercises last
TIMOTHY BROWN, '11, newly-
appointed justice of the state supreme
court (see 1911 class notes).
spring. He also addressed the: all-Uni-
versity honors convocation.
  Mrs. Jennie M. TURNER, Madison,
last May   wrote a convincing open
letter to all state legislators request-
ing that the governor's mansion not be
sold but instead be preserved "for pub-
lic use forever." A house in Maple Bluff
has been purchased for a new executive
  Dr. Kathrine J. GALLAGHER died
early this year in Glendale, Calif.
The University of Maine last spring
awarded an honorary doctor of laws
degree to Samuel B. BLACK, a native
of Ft. Atkinson. He is president of the
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co., Boston.
  Ralph Rollins HIBBARD, 60, died
July 12 in Milwaukee.
1914 .......       ......... W
  Gene Van GHENT, Wisconsin's sen-
sational basketball center of 1912-13-
14 and recently named to basketball's
Hall of Fame, died June 12 at a US
Naval hospital at Mare Island, Calif.,
KEITH S. McHUGH, BS(ChE)'17, new
president of the New York Telephone
Co. (see 1917 class notes).

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