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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 4, Number 6 (March 1903)

In faculty circles,   pp. 220-222

Page 221

In Faculty Circles.
de M. Poirier. Edited,
troduction, notes and a voc
by Edwin Carl Roedder,
instructor in German, Un
of Wisconsin. N. Y. &
American Book Company.
  This is an extenslive re
  recent literature on the sc
  methods of syntactical r
in Journal of German Ph
vol. iv, No. 1.
  Kopf und Hahpt. Sere
oical Notes, is the title of
read by Dr. Roedder bef
Modern    Language   Ass(
Chicago, Jan. 3d., He is a
contributor to the Paedai
Monatshefte (Milwaukee).
  A son was born to Pr
Mrs. Lewis Kahlenburg, M
  Professor G. L. Hend
formerly head ,of the Latin
ment at Wisconsin, and nc
of the Latin department
cago  university, was a
guest of Professor F. J. Tn
  Professor M. V. O'Shea
spent a number of days
cinnati, attending educatio:
wentiann, FThT -uw.. msnia a
of the executive committ
secretary of the college t
of education.
  The millennial exercises
chester, England, last y
honor of King Alfred was t
ject of an interesting add
Prof. J. C. Freeman at the
sity convocation March 20.
Freeman represented the
sity  of  Wisconsin   ther
eleven  other American
were represented.
  A daughter was born to
Mrs. J. C. Elsom in March.
  Dr. C. K. Leith of the ge
with in-
department attended the meeting
of the Canadian Mining institute
Ph. D.,   at Montreal.
iversity    Dr. Richard T. Ely bas accepted
Chicago,  an  invitation fromn  the senior
          class of De    Pauw   University,
,view  f   reencastle, Indiana, to deliver
ope and   the commencement address June
esearch,  10th, on Economic Conditions of
ilology,  Social Progress.
            Prof. J. C. Monaghan gave a lec-
iasiolog- ture at Escanaba, Mich., on Eng-
a paper   land's Relation to Ireland; Pres-
ore the   ent Prospects.
eciation,   Announcement is made of the
regular   engagement of Prof. Charles F.
gogische Burgess to Miss Ida May Jackson
          of Milwaukee. Miss Jackson has
'of. and  been a member of the staff of the
arch 19.  Milwaukee Sentinel for some time
rickson,  past.
depart.     Prof. M. S. Slaughter has been
w head    granted a leave of absence for the
of Chi-   two ensuing   college semesters.
  recent  His trip has not been definitely
urner.    planned, but he expects to spend
recently  most of the time studying in
in Cin-   Rome.
nal con-    Prof. R. A. Moore lectured at
          ..LJUVU, XVI UU JLW: county, on
tee and Farmers and Education, and at
eachers   Marshfield before a farmers' in-
          stitute on Agricultural Education.
at Win-     Prof. J. 0. Monaghan has ac-
ear in    cepted the appointment tendered
the sub-  him  by Secretary Cortelyou as
ress by   head of the bureau of foreign
univer-   commerce. He expressly stated,
  Prof.   however,' In his acceptance, that
Univer-   he would only hold the position
,e and    for one year. At the end of the
colleges  year he will return to Wisconsin
          and resume his duties as- profes-
Dr. and  sor of the theory and practice of
         domestic and foreign commerce.
)logical Prof. Monaghan has been in the

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