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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 49, Number 9 (June 1948)

With the alumni,   pp. 40-41

Page 41

gan dentist, was recently elected president
of the Wisconsin State Dental Society at
their annual convention in Milwaukee. His
outstanding research work with the use
of fluorine in public water supplies for
lessening tooth decay was cited.
1915 .........        .......... W
  Dr. Robin C. BUERKI, dean of the
Graduate School of Medicine and director
of hospitals at the University of Pennsyl-
vania, was recently elected vice-president
in charge of medical affairs there. He was
formerly superintendent of hospitals, exe-
cutive secretary to the dean of the Medical
School, and professor of hospital admin-
istration at the UW . . . Former Madison
USO worker Joe MACHOTKA is now in
charge of the Army and Navy YMCA at
630 Szechuen Road, Shanghai, China.
1916 .....    ............ W
  Mabel E. DITTMAR of Milwaukee died
last March 21. She had taught chemistry
in high schools of Stoughton, Manitowoc,
and for the past 19 years at West Allis.
... Earl David ROGGE of New Holstein
died last March 29 at the Mercy hospital
in Oshkosh. He was 53 years old, produc-
tion manager for Meili-Blumberg Manu-
facturing Co. . . . Dr. Barnett SURE, pro-
fessor of chemistry at Arkansas Univer-
sity, made the headlines recently when he
predicted that Americans may some day
be eating hamburgers made from milk.
These synthetic hamburgers have been
made from    powders composed of milk
solids and have the taste of ground beef.
1917 .....      ...........          W
  George H. CRANDALL recently left his
duties as professor of physics at Milton
College to become superintendent of equip-
ment in the physics department at the UW
... Edgar G. DOUDNA died last April 16
at his Madison home at the age of 70. The
May issue of the Wisconsin Alumnus car-
ried his last public statement.
1918 .........        .......... W
  Colonel Robert Bruce WHITE reports a
new address: c/o Headquarters, Military
Air Transport Service, Gravelly   Point,
Washington 25, D. C.
1920   ................. W
  Fredric MARCH, in England for the
filming of Christopher Columbus, underwent
an operation recently and later suffered a
relapse. He is in good health now, how-
ever . . . Don ANDERSON, publisher of
recently returned from an extensive tour
of Europe, where he attended the United
Nations News F r e e d o m conference in
Geneva, Switzerland, as a representative
of the- Inland Daily Press Assn. Reader-
ship of his paper jumped to an all-time
high with the publication of daily columns
by Anderson in the best Ernie Pyle tradi-
tion . . . Raymond H. DOBBERPUHL,
former sales engineer at Cutler-Hammer,
Inc., in Milwaukee, died last April 19 at
the age of 56.
1921 ...    .............            W
  Fred John HOLT, brother of the late
Frank Holt, UW director of public service,
is now associated vith WIRE, an outlet
radio staticn of the Indianapolis Broad-
casting Co., Inc. . . . General Ralph
IMMELL is the author of a march which
was played recently by the University band
over 40 radio stations in Wisconsin and
Upper Michigan.
1923 .........        .......... W
  Erma V. COMSTOCK is now Mrs. George
E. Wrockloff. She and her husband are
now in Germany where he is a Colonel
in the army of occupation. Their mail ad-
dress is OCOT    EUCOM    APO   757, c/o
Postmaster, New York City . . . Mrs. A.
J. Flaxman (Helen MALSIN) reports that
her permanent address is Box 1792, Alex-
andria, La. . . . Conrad A. ELVEHJEM,
biochemist and   dean  of the Graduate
School at the UW, was recently awarded
the 1948 Nicholas Appert Award for out-
standing research in foods . . . Einar
ISDAHL reports that his new address is
Ths. Heftyes Gate 14 B, Oslo, Norway.
He also reports that the address of Eiler
SCHJOLBERG is Bodo, Norway, a town
destroyed by the Germans and now being
rebuilt . . . Mrs. Milton H. Scott (Margaret
REMINGTON) has moved        in Hibbing,
Minnesota, from 2815 Third Avenue W. to
933 Wisconsin St. . . . Mrs. Ernest J.
Schmitt (Gloria KLEIST) is living at
Waubesa Beach, R 1, Oregon, Wis ...
K. R. N. GRILL and Ben BERG, '37, were
recently honored by the PTA of Wausau
for the 25 years they have each devoted
to teaching there. Each was presented with
a gold wrist watch.
1924 .........        .......... W
  John C. CORNELIUS has r e c e n t 1 y
authored several articles in Printers' Ink.
He is chairman of the board of Batten,
Barton, Durstine and Osborn, Inc ...
  Everett C. SHUMAN was recently ap-
pointed director of research for the Ameri-
can Structural Products Co, a subsidiary of
the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. He continues
as manager of the pilot plant at Berlin,
N. J. ... Dr. Gamber F. TEGTMEYER was
recently appointed to the newly-created of-
fice of associate medical director of the
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co.
1925         .......................w
--Mrs. George A. CHIATTERTON of Maple
Bluff was recently elected president of
the League of Women Voters of Madison
. . . Durwood DuBOIS, native of Baraboo,
was recently elected vice-president of the
Ohio Citizens Trust Co. of Toledo, Ohio.
He was formerly vice-president of Strana-
han, Harris and Co., a Toledo investment
banking house . . . Arno J. HAACK, dean
of men   at Washington   University, St.
    Happy Birthday to Us!
* 87 years ago this month, on
June 21, 1861, the Wisconsin
WT1    .  W                  -1,
on the University campus.
Louis, Mo., was honored at a testimonial
dinner recently when he retired as execu-
tive secretary of the campus YMCA-YWCA.
He was presented with a silver tea serv-
ice . . . Mr. and Mrs. Irving W. YORK
(Dorothy SMITH, '30) of Portage an-
nounce the birth   of their second son,
Richard Irving, last April 10.
1926 .....    ............           W
  Dr. Charles K. WEICHERT was recently
appointed head of the department of zool-
ogy at the University of Cincinnati. The
appointment will become effective Septem-
ber 1 . . . Hilary A. MARQUAND recently
became Paymaster General to His Maj-
esty's Government in the United Kingdom.
His address: Cabinet Offices, Great George
St., London, S. W. 1, England.
1927 ....         .   .....   ...W
  Dr. James WALSH       recently opened
offices in Cudahy at 3561 E. Squire Ave.
for the practice of optic medicine.
1928 .........        .......... W
  Featured in the Chicago Daily News
recently as a typical happy family was
that of Leo BOLDENWECK. "It's always
ladies day" said the Daily News, referring
to the Boldenwecks' five daughters, Judy
16; Robin, 14; Connie, 12; Kevil, 10; and
Wendy, 9. Lucky Lady, the airedale pup,
is also a member of the feminine sex ....
Jack K. KYLE, Madison attorney and long
prominent in Progressive party politics,
was recently named executive secretary of
the Wisconsin Association of Co-operatives.
19-29 .........       .......... W
  Owen L. ROBINSON, principal of the
Boulder, Colo., High School, was elected
president of the Colorado High School
Principals Association recently. He was
formerly  principal of Janesville H i g h
1930 .........        .......... W
  George H. HARB      and  Mrs. Ardyth
Scheier were married last April 7 in Chi-
cago. He is credit manager of Bowman
Farm Dairy.
1931                                 W...........W
  Attorney Robert C. BORN was recently
elected mayor of Ripon . . . Dr. Karl
FOLKERS, chemical scientist for Merck
& Co. Inc. of Rahway, N. Y., was one of
five research workers to successfully isolate
a new vitamin, B12. This vitamin is be-
lieved to be a factor in preventing perni-
cious anemia . . . Robert C. HEYDA was
recently appointed vice-president of the
Joseph W. Hicks Organization, industrial
relations consultants in Chicago. His home
address is 1438 Pleasant Ave., Highland
Park, Ill.  --
1932   ......         ........ W
  Orie E. GREENSTEIN and Helen Groven
were married last March 24 in Madison,
where they are now living at 522 N. Pinck-
ney St. He is proprietor of Orie's Pharmacy
there . . . Dayton F. PAULS was recently
elected president of the Citizens State
Bank in Sheboygan.
1933 ...    .......... ..         . W
  Harold 0. HOVERSON and Henrietta
M. Onsrud were married last March 27 in
Stoughton. He is teaching at Pulaski High
School, Milwaukee . . . Dr. Maurice W.
IAUFER was recently appointed director
of the Emma Pendleton Bradley Home at
Riverside. During the war Dr. Laufer
served in the Army Medical Corps as a
neuropsychiatrist at the Mayo General Hos-
pital, Galesburg, Ill. . . . Stanley J.
PERTZBORN was recently named man-
ager of the Park Hotel in Madison. He was
formerly assistant manager . . . Dr. David
G. WELTON was recently elected president
of the Rotary Club of Charlotte, N. C.
1934 .........        .......... W
  Dr. and Mrs. John M. SCHEMPF are
living at Centre Hall, P., Rt. No. 1. He
is on the faculty of Penn State . . . Mr.
and Mrs. Robert H. FLEMING        (Jean
HEITKAMP) of Milwaukee announce the
"lfLJLuLarbull 2bL             'rnaeh-K.
HOPKINSON, Milwaukee attorney, was
called to Washington recently to assist
Paul Hoffman in the administration of the
ECA. Mr. Hopkinson was chief of the
European   division of the mission   for
economic affairs for the US Stat'e Depart-
ment during the war.
1935    .  . .... .....     ...... W
  Lt. and Mrs. Anthony C. CANEPA of
Baraboo announce the birth of a daughter,
Antoinette Catherine, last Feb. 8 at Great
Lakes, Ill. They have two other children,
Christopher and Mary Anne. Lt. Canepa is
attached to the commandant staff 'at Ninth
Naval District headquarters . . '-Dr. Paul
R. GERHARDT       moved   recently from
Charleston, W. Va., to 27 Cambridge Rd.,
Albany, N. Y. He was recently appointed
director of cancer control in the New York
State Department of Health . . . Lois
HOLSINGER returned recently to her home
in Glendale, Calif., after four years of .Red
Cross work in Japan ... Edithe KEESEY
of Orfordville recently became head dieti-
tian at the Beloit Municipal Hospital.
1936 .........        .......... W
  Mr. and Mrs. John Warren FISH of
  Madison announce the birth of a son, John
Warren, Jr., last April 1. The baby has two
sisters, Sydney Ann, 7, and Stephanie, 3
... Herbert L. BLACKSTONE was chosen
alderman for the eleventh ward in Wau-
kesha by the common council there . . .
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph M. EBBERT (Betty
MABBETT, '34) of Watertown announce
the birth of a daughter last March 23.
Other children in the family are Paul, 12,
Charles, 9, and David, 7 . . . Loretta E.
HARTWIG and Robert C. MADSON, '39,
were married last March 12 in Neenah.
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