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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

Fighting Badgers,   pp. 14-18

Page 18

j~jeonore r. ir'  lbn ib L11 WV11%A16 VL1
,,Of Fifth Ave. N. Y. ýM T/Sgt. Kenneth
-J. SCHUCK, B-17 aerial engineer, has been
',awarded the Air medal from a 15th AAF
'base in Italy. 1  Karl SONNEMANN,
;senior class pres. is a soon-to-be ensign
as, soon as his indoctrination training is
c0mpleted.  s One more nursing school
,.raduate to join the army corps is Lt.-
'Marjorie M. WOLFENDEN, recently re-
ported at Camp McCoy, Wis. M     Just a
-brief *bit of news on Pvt. James R. TOM-
IUNSOeN. He's a vnteran of Anzio now in
France. "ft Warren L. VODAK, EM 3/c,
is aboard the USS Blessman. f Lt, Percy
'WERNER is a -member of the Hawkeye
Group photo recon. APO, Frisco. f Pvt.
;,Rob?.rt A. 'WQ"R{ET has APO 79, N. Y.
navigator on a B-24 in Italy, and Cpl. Rob-
,ert, in Tampa, Fla. for operational flying.
f In an Engr. Com. Bn. at Camp Bowie,
'Tex. is Pvt. Arthur F. ANDERSON. f
-B. Robert BERG, S 2/c at present is lo-
.cated at the U. S. naval hospital in San
Diego. f Lt. Arden D. DAOUST, wish
-we had more info about him, is at Hondo,
Tex. f 2nd Lt. Rolland C. CURTISS
,was injured in a 'Mass. plane crash. 1%
.Cpl. Donald E. EASUM, APO, San Fran-
cisco, writes he's still involved in Air
0Corps Communications but manages to
squeeze in a little mountain climbing and
:swimming. ft  Lt. Frank B. DAVY    is
APO, N. Y. f Lt. Robert J. FARRELL
is awaitin' an overseas -post. M Two more
Badgers met on the Island of Oahu, Lt.
Allan B. FEFER and Capt. Carl D.
STOLPER, '42. f   An Air medal went to
Lt. Robert L. GRIFFITH, pilot of a B-17
Fortress, at an Italian base. ft Heard
from L.t. J.ams ,O. l:FFERNAN of
ret. Luckily they got it cleared and
retracted into the plane's belly just
in time for the plane to land back
at its base.
  At our last count Litvinoff, who
comes from Kennan, Wis., had six
dusters to his Air medal.
Camp Luna, New Mexico. ft C. Weir
HORSWELL, Phm 2/c, is located in Seattle,
Wash. at a naval base. ft  Lt. John R.
JAMIESON is a pilot of a B-24 Lib.
group which has over 300 combat mis-
sions. Plenty sharp there. ft Mail for
Charles KIDD, QM 3/c, goes to FPO, San
Francisco. ft Mighty proud of 1st Lt.
Clarence R. KNUTSEN, winner of the Air
medal and B-24 Lib. pilot with the 15th in
Italy. f A/C Norton KOTCHER is fly-
ing 'em at San Antonio, Tex. f T/Sgt.
Maurice E. LACEY, veteran of the Nor-
seas, if you are a paid subscriber. °-  At
Tower Hall, Northwestern Univ., is mid-
shipman Anthony J. KOSTA. ft And an-
other midshipman, Joseph F. NEIL is in
supply officers school at Harvard. If Cpl.
Harry PHILLIPS is stationed at Camp
Polk, La. f Ruth R. RUDOLPH is now
at the U. S. Naval Training School in the
Bronx, New York. ft The first Wiscon-
sin athlete reported to be with the Philip-
pine invasion forces is Hubert (Hube) A.
SCHNEIDER, outstanding tennis player.
ft Located at the regional hosp. in Ft.
Monmouth, N. J. is Pfc. Ronald N. SIGAL.
ft From Lido Beach, Long Island, N. Y.
comes word of A/S James A. WIESE. ft
Pvt. Norman ZIMMERMAN now at Camp
Sibert, Ala. left Camp Crowder as the un-
defeated amateur middleweight champ. ft
Lt. Warren E. LOEHNDORF is now out
of the country at APO 557. ft And Lt.
Roman A. SCHMIDT is training with .a
combat crew in Almagordo, New Mexico.

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