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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

Fighting Badgers,   pp. 14-18

Page 15

somewnere in' rrance we recieraci a omici
note sent by T/3 Peter P. PRISEGEM. k
Back on old home territory is TISgL Ar.
yin H. QUAM with the U. S. Engineers
Office in Milwaukee. ý% Cpl. Howard T.
RICHARDS writes that football scores are
pretty important to him over there some-
where in Britain. N Lt. (j.g.) M. Charles
ROSS of the Coast Guard has an FPO,
Frisco. ft And Lt. Nicholas W. SMITH
sends address change to APO 958, San
Francisco. t  Also Lt. Lester 0. WIE-
GERT from station hospital Myrtle Beach,
So. Carolina.
which, he writes, -had goats and cows graz-
ing on the lawns. f Lt. Comdr. (James)
Homer GOODLAD, who had seen action
and received'the Purple Heart for wounds
r eceived on Tarawa, was the Navy Day
speaker at Kaukauna Wis. recently.
  Sp. 1/c Fred B. BAKER, USCGR, has
FPO, New York. ft    Capt. Paul P. BAS-
SEWITZ from somewhere in France writes
he's been traveling fast with little time for
sight-seeing, yet marvels at the peasants
who are not the least ,erturbed by the
devastations and poverty. f  Here's an-
other APO, Frisco, Capt. Robert F. BOOCK
of the medical corps. .*  And Lt. Col.
George W. CARNACHAN is attached to
UIDVI-  t,.,.  0W  .J'.04J-J.'4  CAAq.FL  UW&L.  UI V
with the, Island Coimand at APO, Frisco.
WX The law firm of Varda & Varda has be-
come inactive since Lt. John P. VARDA is
serving with American troops after experi-
encing duty with the British forces, and
his wife Margaret, '29 has just reported
for her basic training in the WAC. More
power to them both. Wk Stationed aboard
a 'sea-plane tender in-the Pacific is medic
Lt. (j.g.) JohnlH. WISHART, FPO, San
  And on. the USS Suwanee is Lt. William
L ALBRECHT. O Making the best of
the tropics is Lt. -Rudolph P. ARNDT
APO, San Francisco. OR With the naval
Hollywood Beach crowd in Fla. are Ens.
koapL. ruvrbL &.A1J-. LW 'J W aý    _
France with a DSC earned for his first
wave action in the D-Dav invasion. A doc-
tor and wounded, himself,, Capt. Zantow
says there is nothing like blood plasma.
  Lt. Robert A. ANDERSON      is a maj.
general's aide in Italy after having been
in N. Africa about twenty months.- Lt.
(j.g.) Roger A. BAIRD    is at an FPO,
Frisco. .N And in Hawaii is Lt. David
K. BENNETT also FPO, San Francisco. ft
Cpl. Valentine J. BROWN has been with
a service and ammunition Dtry. in
west Pacific for 21/2 years. 'f And
Wood, Mo. is Pvt. George S. BUE
ft At Wis.'s own Camp McCoy i

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