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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

In line of duty,   pp. 12-13

Page 13

  Lt. Philip Drake ANDERSON, '37, son
of Dr. N. Philip Anderson, 2027 Cass St.,
La Crosse, Wis., has been reported miss-
ing in action since the bombing of Schwein-
furt, Germany,. on October 14, 1943. He
was a doctor, and had married the former
Edith Moody, of Bournemouth, England.
  Staff Sgt. Burton-C. HOLTZMANN, '38,
brother of Pearl H. Holtzmann, Ableman,
Wis.. has been reported missing in action
in the European area since August 24,'
1944. He served with the Army Air Force.
  Capt. Walter J. SAWITZKY, '40; son of
N. Sawitzky, 2551 N, 52nd St., Milwau-
-kee- 10, Wis., has been reported missing
in action.
  2nd Lt. Alfred JACOBSON, '42, son of
Mrs. R. E. Jacobson, 1304 W. 58th Pl.,
Los Angeles 44, Calif., has been- reported
missing in adion in the South Pacific area
since July 28, 1943.
  Capt. Paul L. MATHISON, '42, son of
Mr. and Mrs.. Otto E. Mathison, 1201 Jen-
ifer St., Madison has been reported missing
in action over Germany since October 12.
He was a pilot and squadron commander
with a Liberator bomber unit in England.
Capt. Mathison had been awarded the Air
Medal for anti-submarine duty over the
Atlantic. He left the country in June. His
wife is the former Gwen Pekel, '43.
  Lt. Alan V. MOHR, '42, son of Mr. and
Mrs. C. A. Mohr, 2724 Regent St., Mad-
ison, Wis., has been reported missing in
action over Yugoslavia since September 2.
Lt. Mohr was piloting a P-38 Lightning
fighter plane which left Italy for a strafing
mission to Nis, Yugoslavia. His plane
crashed - after being damaged by anti-air-
craft fire.- Lt. Mohr enlisted in December
1942 when he was attending Engineering
school here.
  Lt. James N. QUINN, '42, son of Mrs.
Joseph M. Quinn, 405ý Cherry St., Marsh-
field, Wis., has been reported missing in
  .1st Lt. Charles Madison LEE, '43, son
  of Ellis A. Lee, 259 E. Third St., Rich-
  land Center, Wis., has been reported miss-
  ing in action since August 8, 1944, after
  participating in an air mission over France.
  Lt. Richard G. ANDERSON, '44, son
  of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Anderson, 4400
  Twenty-first Ave., Kenosha, Wis., has been
  reported missing in action'since September
  17, 1944. He was a pilot of a C-47 trans-
  port plane which participated in the air-
  borne invasion of Holland on that date.
  Lt. Anderson had been commissioned in
  April and had written that he was in Ice-
  land on August 28th. He enlisted in
  February 1943, when he was a student here.
  2nd Lt. Mark R. GRILL, '44, son of
  Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Grill, 1341 Merry-
  man St., Marinette, Wis., has been reported
  missing in action after a mission over
  Bernburg, Germany in July. He was a
  bombardier-navigator on a B-24 Liberator
  2nd Lt. George J. KOEHN, '44, son of
  Mrs. Alma I. Koehn, 337 W. Dayton St.,
Madison, Wis,,. has been reported missing
in action over France since September 24,
1944. He was the pilot of a B-24 Liberator
bomber, and had been in England since
June. Lt. Koehn entered service in Febru-
ary 1943; when he was a student here.
   Lt. Robert J. ROSE, '44, son of Mr. and
 Mrs. Jay F. Rose,, 316 S. Henry St., Mad-
 ison, has been reported missing in action
 near Aachen, Germany, since October 21.
 Lt. Rose was with the infantry and left
 for overseas late in August. His wife, the
 former Dorothy Glaettli. and his young
 son, John, are living at 2141 Fox Avenue.
 Mrs. Rose is& a student nurse at Wisconsin
 General Hospital.
   2nd Lt. Herbert G. FABER, '45, son of
 Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Faber, 1216 Jenifer
St., ladison-, Wis., -has -eeb reported -miss-
ing in action since September .28. He served
as a bombardier on a B-17 Flying Fortress
and had been stationed with thel Eighth air
force in England since August. He, had
recently received the, Air medal. His wife,
the former Virginia Moore, lives at 404
State St., Madison.
  Lt. C. Abner HENDEE recently notified
us of his address change to U. S. Naval
Reserve Armory, 7600 E. Jefferson Ave.,
Detroit 14, Mich. %    Lt. Col. A. G.
PETER is at Aberdeen Proving Grounds,
  1st Lt. William D. ZAHRTE, '40, for-
merly reported missing in action after a
bombing raid on France July 8, has now
returned to Allied hands and is in an
army hospital somewhere in England. His
plane had been ýshot down by anti-aircraft
fire. Lt. Zahrte is the son of Mr. and Mrs.
William D. Zahrte, Millston, Wis.
Distinguished Service Cross:
  Capt. Forrest ZANTOW, '39
Navy Cross:
  Rear Admiral Ingolf N. KILAND, '16
Legion of Merit:
  Col. Christian J. OTJEN, '14
  Col. Lloyd M. GARNER, "18
Distinguished Flying Cross:
  Lt. (j.g.) George Franklin BOWERS, '40
  1st Lt. 'John J. POLICH, '40
  1st Lt. Charles K. ANDERSON, '41
  Capt. Charles N. KEPPLER, '41
    (with two clusters now) ,
  1st Lt. William M. HOMBURG, '42
  Lt. (j.g.) Alden P. MORNER, '42
  1st Lt. Robert J. MACAULEY, '43
  1st Lt. John 0. TOWLE, '43
  Capt. George H. -NESSELRODE, '44
  Lt. Donald D. PAYNTER, '44
  T/Sgt. John R. ANDERBERG, '45
  T/Sgt. Charles N. CHRISTIANSEN, '45
  1st Lt. Lloyd 0. KRUEGER, '45
Bronze Star:
  Lt. Allen W. WALZ, '34
  M/Sgt. Rowland J. SCOTT, '35
  Capt. Roger G. SHERMAN, '36
  Capt. Myron J. CLOSE, '39
  Maj. Maxwell PULLEN, '39
   Rear Admiral Ingolf N. Kiland, '16
Has amphibious operational command in Paci'c
  ,ItI's A.P.O. San Francisco, for It. Col.
Arthur W. HOWSON stationed with the
engineers in Hawaii.
                1918     --
  We are proud to announce that Major
Gen. :Russel B. REYNOLDS is the new
commanding general of the Sixth Service
Command which embraces Illinois, Wis-
consin, and Michigan. Way back in 1917
Gen. Reynolds began his army service as a
private in the Mich. National Guard. He.
recently was promoted   from  brigadier
                 1921                           A
  Leland HYZER is now back attending
to his private law practice in Miami, Fla.
after two year's service in the Army
Got a pat on the back from Maj. Joseph
C. COLEMAN from Craig Field, Selma,
Ark. who writes he enjoys the Alumnus.
l   Sgt. John T. ATWOOD is attached to
the Base. Weather Station at the 36th St.
Airport, Miami.
  Maj. George' P. STEINMETZ     of the
Engrs. Corps is attached to the Repairs
and Utilities Branch in Washington, D. C.
ft  Fred R. YODER, head of the So-          
ciology Dept. at Washington State 'College
just wrote telling he had served as a 1st
Lt. in the Air Corps for a year.
  It's an A.PO. San Francisco for Lt. Col.
Elmer W. BECKER with a tank unit. ft
Note transfer of Maj. Frederick W.
JOHNSTON     to' AAF, Central Procure-
              .,i/: :, : .:. ,. . ;, .. - : . . ., ; .....1.-

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