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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

The campus,   pp. 9-10

Page 9

Class Elections
  _.Co-eds are making a great bid for
  type of recognition which has always
  to men students on the campus.
  This year two of -them ran for ju
  class president--an office which has al
  been practically synonymous with the
  "Prom-king." It was understood tha
  either of them won, the prom, which
  be held on January 26, would be r
  over by the "Queen" and her escort.
  However, the campus voters decided
a real."king", might be more appropr
-Jerry Wulk, Marion, -Wis.,- an activ
man around the Union, was elected
   Seniors are being ruled by a woi
 though, this year. Their choice for-,
 president, Martha Woodling, Wauwa
 Wis., was also last year's prom queei
 is no common thing for a co-ed tc
 prom queen one year and class presi
 the next.
 War Council
 War council, a representative boar(
 nine key students who are involved, in
 activities on the campus, is continuinl
 job of coordinating all such activities
 sponsoring new projects as the need
 them arises.
 The most recent, demand is that for
 -workers in the RMR corporation w.
 makes small batteries for walkie-talkie
 A recruiting program for. part-time w
 ers on Saturday and Sunday is well ui
way. It is expected that through the p
ect the 200 necessary workers' can
  In connection with the 6th War I
,drive, the council held a rally on
lower campus at which the university I
played and -various servicemen -.e!xpla
the need for the bond drive by rela
some of their own personal experier
  Women students in organized ho
have wrapped a number of Christmas 1
ents in a project which WSGA sponso
Thanksgiving Service:-
  An hour-long Thanksgiving -service
held for all students on -Thanksgi'
morning in the Union Theater, sponsi
by the university committee on. lect
and convocations.
  Gov. Walter Goodland represented
state, President Dykstra the university,
Capt. L. K. Pollard, commanding of
-of the naval training schools, the ar
  Thanksgiving hymns were sung by
congregation, led by Prof. E. B. Goi
and a choir.
Veterans Welcomed
   A cmelr,- mrc h..1A I ef- ,niani-h fcir
-veterans who are enrolled in the univer-
sity this semester. Pres. Dykstra was the
main guest speaker, and the program also
included Capt. Price of the Veteran's Ad-
ministration, Col. Levenik of the Vet-
,eran's Recognition board, and Bill Rodiger
and Anne Boegholt, leaders of the student
         Prof. Joel Stebbins congratulates Dudley Huppler, '39
Happier's unusual watercolor won the Capital Times purchase prize at the
         Wisconsin Salon of Art held in the Union during November
board and the Memorial Union student
activities.    '
  Wisconsin Players presented a program
and several students gave musical selections.
  Veterans were made to feel welcome to
Wisconsin and were urged to join campus
organizations in order to meet their class-
  Deans and professors were on hand to
make the acquaintance of the veterans.
Pipes For Coeds
  The cigarette shortage appears to have
done things to- co-ed smokers. The pro-
prietor of -a State street tobacco shop has
announced that in the last month he has
sold at least 70 little pipes, and all but
about three .or four, were sold to college
Slow Down
  Prof.' Rundell explained, "The propor-
tion of lawyers in active service is prob-
ably higher than that of any :other pro-
fession. In times of peace, the lawyer
more than anyone else represents the
soldier-civilian dispute., He carries on for-
ensic -battles, but he isn't trained for war.
When war comes, he has no training which
will qualify him for noncombatant service."
Foreign Students '
  The registrar's figures show that at pres-
ent some 68 foreign students are enrolled
on the campus. Of this group the -largest
delegation  is from  China, the second
largest from the Territory of Hawaii, and
the third largest delegations are from Can-
ada and Iceland, which have the same
number of students attending.         "
  Some old-timers think the campus crowd
goes just too fast this day and age. Ap-
parently some university authorities do too,
for since Dec. 1 a ruling has been in effect
which aims at slowing things down. -..
  The regents approved the 15 mile-per-
hour speed limit on most of the roads and
streets in the university area. Everything
enclosed by the boundaries made by S.
Park st., University ave., Elm drive, Lake
Mendota, and -the stock pavilion falls under
this "go slow" ruling.
Law School Small
time average of 400 students per semester,
it was recently announced by acting dean
Oliver S. Rundell, professor of law.
  Ten of the students enrolled now are
veterans, and eight are women. Three stu-
dents left school this semester, two for
the army and one for Hollywood.
  The campus was jubilant when theater
manager Charles Owens was able to book
the Theatre Guild's "'Othello" with Paul
Robeson, Jose Ferrer, and Uta H a g e n.
Originally scheduled to play at the Park-
way, the two theaters got together and de:
cided it would be appropriate to have Uta

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