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The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 46, Number 3 (Dec. 15, 1944)

Peterson, Basil J.; Jacobson, M. A.; Munroe, Maude Maxwell
The real need of the University,   pp. 2-3

Page 2

to have
the cen-
,e which
-r4" Af
iwing each of the listed recommendations are
hat the Board of Visitors learned through many
rhout campus buildings and departments.
1. Fireproofing of Bascom hall stairs and'
   first floor corridors -------------$
   This must be done to eliminate a recognized
   fire hazard at the earliest possible opportunity.
2. Library, including land purchase,
   equipment and utilities "---------
enrollment is
nsin have re-
and will re-
  the Interim
5. Engineering building and equipment -
   Most alumni remember the two old yellow
   brick structures at the lake and Park street,
   directly west of the' new Wisconsin Union
   theater. Both of these buildings are danger-
   ous fire-traps and 'are more than fifty years
   old. They are used for electrical and chemical
   engineering. Our newer engineering build-
   ings are on University avenue and it is' the
   plan of the university to consolidate all Col-
   lege of Engineering classrooms and labora-
   tories in the new area. Wisconsin is recog-
   nized for its rapid important industrial de-
   velopment as it is for its leadership in agri-
   culture. Facilities for its youth to study Engi-
   neering must not be disregarded.
6. Chemistry, rebuilding of present struc-
   ture, equipment and utilities
   the heart of the university. Space is required
   for books, and space must be provided for' the
   large student body which must use them daily.
3. Dairy building, including equipment,
   utilities and tunnels --------------
   Wisconsin is the No. 1 dairy state of the
   United States, but its dairy industry instruc-
   tion and research  ntinues to be housed in a
   small building n-re than fifty years old. It is
   obsolete and inadequate and should have been
   replaced many years ago by a building more
   in keeping with the reputation which Wis-
   consin enjoys everywhere as a leading dairy
earliest opportunity and replaced, not only to
eliminate another fire hazard but also to pro-
vide much needed additional space for class-
rooms and laboratories and to accommodate
the requirements of our School of Pharmacy.
   The Board of Regents, mindful that there has been no
legislative appropriation expended for university buildings
in the last fifteen years and sincerely believing that addi-
tional new construction requirements exist of practically
equal priority, has voted to recommend to the Governor and
to the incoming legislature the following listed appropria-
tion requests.

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