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Lamoreaux, Jeanne D. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 45, Number 2 (Nov. 15, 1943)

Trailing the Badgers,   pp. 60-62

Page 61

   Mauree APPLEGATE, supervisor o
 Neenah elementary schools, is teaching
 -class in creative writing.
   Wallace W. WORZELIA has been ap
 pointed head of the agronomy departmen
 ýof S. Dakota Agricultural college a
 Anineteen thirty
   Carl B. CASS, former stage manager o
 the Wisconsin Union theater, has been ap
 pointed director of dramatics at Purdu,
 university, Lafayette.
   Harold B. McCARTY, director of th
 university radio station WHA for 12 years
 has returned to Madison from New Yorl
 and will resume ins duties- here.
   William 0. TULLOCH, supervisor o
-the-feder ood-istibution- administratioi
in northern Michigan for the last two year
with headquarters at Iron Mountain, wa
atpointed su,)ervisor of the Milwauke,
M nineteen thirty-one
   Hjalmar D. BRUHN, of the universit,
 agricultural engineering department, ha
 developed-with the aid of Fred Trenk-
 a tree planting machine which will mak,
 reforestation four or five times speedier.
   Harold L. KINYON, formerly of Dor
 chester and Osseo, has been appointe,
 county ,agent of Rusk county.
   Janet L. THELEEN, Kenosha, has beei
 appointed Kenosha county probation officei
   The Wisconsin Union's loan collectioi
 has been increased by two new painting
 --one of which is "Spring Landscape #15'
 by James WATROUS, former professor o
 art history at the university, now in th,
   Dave W. WILLOCK, former Haresfoo
 star, has a part in Bob Hope's pictur
 "Let's Face It".
     nine            hen-irto-tw
   Max PERLMAN, Madison, will go ti
 Lisbon, where he will engage in relief ani
 rehabilitation work for native Jews an,
 refugees in No. Africa and Europe, unde
 the American Jewish Joint Distributioi
   Carl W. ROTH, Sheboygan, is agaiv
 manager and coach of the Sheboygan Red
 skins basketball team.
 M nineteen thirty-three
   Donald J. "Eric" BROTHERSEN, Chi
 cago, is featured in Willard Howard's cui
 rent broadway production.
   Lawrence J. JONES, registered pharma
 cist for the past ten years, is the proprieto
 of the Menominee Pharmacy.
 X nineteen thirty-five
   Mrs. PR C. KOLVES (Phyllis Hudson)
 Milton, has been engaged to fill a vacancq
 in the staff of the high school at Stoughton
 She will teach biology.
   Horace H. MORAN is principal of th,
 Alma high school.
   Dr. Lester S. SINNES, for 8 years en
 gaged in research activities in the technica
 division *of the du Pont rayon dept., ha
 been named director of viscose rayon re
 search. He entered the ýemploy of the di
 Pont company in July, 1935.
   Sen. John W. BYRNES, senate majority
 floorleader in the 1943 legislature, has ac-
 cepted the position of general manager of
 the Wisconsin Motor Carriers Assn. His
 headquarters will be in Milwaukee and
 Green Bay.
   Mrs. R. J. Conway (Mildred Appelbe)
 is art instructor at Beloit college. At home
 at 110 Adams St.
   John W. FISH, Madison, is WHA sports
   Laverne A. HOFFMAN, Burlington, who
 has been a member of the news staff of
 the Racine Journal-Times for the past
 seven years, has been given the position
 of city editor.
   Harry H. WILSON, Tr., Ashland, has
 accepted a position with the Philco Corp.,
 at Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. Wilson has been
 an instructor at the signal corps school in
Xanineteen thirty-seven
   Marlgaret. EMANUEL, Fall Creek, has
 been appointed a member of the Wisconsin
 nurses examining board.
   Eleanor FERGUSON has been appointed
 music director of the Union and adviser
 of the Union music committee. Miss Fergu-
 son will continue as secretary to Ray Hil-
 senhoff, student financial advisor.
 ,James FLEMING, Baraboo, w h o h a s
 achieved success as a radio announcer and
 who is now a foreign war correspondent
 is also correspondent for News W e e k
 nineteen thirty-eight
   Robert M. NEAL, former news editor of
 the State Journal and before that associate
 professor in the s c h o o I of journalism,
 leaves to become associate professor in the
 University of Missouri school of journal-
 ism. William L. Doudna '26, will succeed
   Helen SKOWLUND, Oshkosh, has ac-
 cepted a teaching fellowship in the
   the university.
d xanineteen thirty-nine
     Marian RADKE, Horicon, has accepted
   the position of research associate professor
   with the famous Dr. Lewin, at the Univer-
n sity of Iowa.
     Jean SUTHERLAND, Horicon, is per-
   sonal assistant at the University Bureau at
   Iowa City, where she is continuing her
   studies to complete her Ph. D.
     E. H. Truman TORGERSON, R o c k
   Falls, has been named Manitowoc county
-r     nineteen forty
     Omer W. PECK, former agriculture in-
   structor at Oconto Falls High school and
   later FSA supervisor in Oconto county,
   has resigned his position as farm labor as-
   sistant to the county agent of Fond du Lac
   county, to become agriculture agent for St.
   Croix county.
     Albert E. VARLEY, Waukesha, has ac-
e cepted an agricultural teaching position in
   the Wonewoc high school.
-    Cecilia MOORE (Mrs. Walter Maas, Jr.)
1  is teaching in the women's physical educa-
s  tion department of the university. Her
- twin sister, Alma; also '40. holds a similar
i position  at Northwestern  university in
nineteen twenty-nine  %nineteen thirty-six
which put the station on the air a quarter-
century ago.
  Dorothy B. WEBBER, Fergus F a 1ls,
Minn., is a student in the Yale university
school of nursing.
  Raymond L. W I R T H, Milwaukee, is
with Standard Oil of Indiana as a sales
analyst in their sales research dept., in the
Chicago general office.
nineteen forty-three
  Laurie CARLSON, f o r m e r Bayfield
county assemblyman, has been appointed
physical education instructor at Superior
east high school.
  C. Gordon HAGENSICK, Milwaukee,
has joined the Westinghouse Electric &
Manufacturing Co. as a member of the
company's graduate student course. This
course was originated by Westinghouse
over 50 years ago to help college gradu-
.ates bridge the g a p between academic
preparation and actual production work.
  Virginia L. SIPP, Oak Park, Ill., is em-
ployed as junior air intelligence specialist
with HQs Army Air Forces, Washington,
  Betty Jean SMITH, Madison, is em-
ployed by the Western Electric Co.,
  Gloria ANDERSON, Madison, is re-
ported under contract to Metro-Goldwyn-
Mayer. Her sister, Sara, '42, is in a New
York show.
nineteen forty-one
  Elizabeth ADLER has a position in the
laboratories of Kimberly-Clark at Neenah.
  Dr. Norman A. FRANKENSTEIN, Mad-
ison, is opening new offices in the Tenney
Bldg., Madison.
  Mrs. Robert S. WELCH (Carol Reis),
Madison, was awarded a flight instructors
rating by the civil aeronautics administra-
tion. She received her private pilots license
in 1941 and her commercial license in Sept.,
1942. Since then she has been giving
ground school instruction to arm y air
cadets at the university and to navy cadets
at Milwaukee State Teachers college. Her
husband, '30, is manager of an army pri-
mary flight school in Missouri.
  Sidney ZAGRI, Los Angeles, is hearing
officer with the. National War Labor Board
in Chicago.
Snineteen forty-two
  Robert D. CARMAN, Elkhorn, former
publicity director for WTMJ, is a staff
writer for the Central Division of the Na-
tional Broadcasting Co., Chicago.
  Harold C. HANSON, Chicago, has been
made assistant game technician on the
Illinois Natural Survey staff, at Urbana, Ill.
  Dorothy ELY is the newly appointed ad-
vertising manager for Phoenix Hosiery in
  Nancy PARTRIDGE, Cudahy, w o n a
scholarship to the Yale School of Fine Arts
in Connecticut.
  Dorothy ROBARGE, Appleton, is an in-
structor of physical education at Monticello
College, Godfrey, Ill.
  Lila RUSCH, Reedsville, has accepted a
teaching position at the Algoma high
  John L. WACHTER, Prairie du Chien,
is agriculture instructor at Hillsboro high
school. He had been teaching at Shullsburg
high school.
  A mural on the wall of WHA's modern
studio, now nearly complete, is the work
of John R. STELLA, Kenosha. When fin-
ished it will show the men and machinery
- An ý ý - 1. A _eý ^_    Allý r An

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