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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 192-193

Page 192

                  HILE THE C OCK
                                                   vtiL4THE HOUR
State Plans        Brilliant students at the Univer-   Other new courses
offered by the School of Jour-
Help for           sity who need financial aid were  nalism  include "Magazine
Feature Writing" and
Needy Scholars     encouraged recently when Gov.    "Interpreting of
Foreign News."  The latter course
                   Philip La Follette announced     was the favorite of Prof.
Ralph 0. Nafziger, now
that they would be put through various professional  at the University of
Minnesota, but was discontinued
courses of study free of charge and later, upon grad-  two years ago. Fred
Merwin, lecturer in journalism,
uation, would pay off their debt to the state by enter-  will revive the
study which investigates the press and
ing the state service.                               news-gathering agencies
of various foreign countries,
  Under the plan, brilliant but needy students will  as well as the methods
and facilities whereby foreign
be sent through the University                                        news
is transmitted to American
Medical school, Law school, Col-                J                     newspapers.
lege of Engineering, or any profes-
sion they choose, free of charge.                                     Journalism
   Wisconsin has, for
  Dean  . B. Fred of the Gradu-                                      Has
Record     the past 15 years,
ate school was appointed as head                                      Enrollment
   been a literal mag-
of the deans' committee which willwo                                    
    ane    net for students
study the La Follette plan and                                        who
tystudy journalism.
submit the cost estimate to the                                       This
year the enrollment rose to a
University budget-makers. Other                      T                new
high, after the registration of
deans who are members of the                                          45
1 major students, to a total class
committee are Lloyd K. Garrison,                                      enrollment
of 725 students in. 12
Law school; Chris L. Christensen,~                                    courses.
College of Agriculture; F. E.                                           Freshmen
number 184, while
Turneaure, College of Engineer-                                       1 1
2 sophomores complete the to-
ing; and W. S. Middleton, Medi-                                       tal
of 296 registered in the pre-
cal school.                                                           journalism
curriculum. Seventy-
juniors, 73 seniors, and eight
Words Flew       That the state                                       graduate
students bring the enroll-
Thick and Fast   of   Wisconsin                                       ment
in the professional school to
                 will never lack                                      155.
orators was guaranteed last month       Graduate Dean E. B. Fred        Most
popular courses in the
when more than 350 high school        Plans state service scholarships  School
of Journalism are "News-
students and teachers from   35                                       paper
Reporting" with 147 en-
Wisconsin cities converged on the University to     rolled; "Copyreading
and Editing" with 85; "His-
participate in the Speech Institute,                 tory of Journalism,"
72, and "Feature Writing"
  The convention, sponsored by the Wisconsin High   with 70.
School Forensic association and the University de-
partment of speech, was the third held under the    To Erect     A unique
memorial to the late Prof.
auspices of the University and the association within  Anderson  Rasmus B.
Anderson, ntorganizer and
a month. About 1,000 students and teachers attend-  Memorial     first chairman
of the Scandinavian de-
ed the three meetings.                                            partment
at the University, will be
                                                     placed on the Campus.
It is a Viking boat-shaped
Journalists   Words are words, but the picture tells  stone, Professor Anderson's
favorite, which is now
Go in for     the story will probably be taken up as  at his home in Madison.
The memorial is flat on the
Pictures      a permanent motto by journalism stu-  top, has a narrow front,
and is wide at the back.
              dents 'who enroll in the new "News       Professor Anderson
picked up the queer-shaped
Photography" course being offered by the School of  rock during one
of his travels with the specific ob-
Journalism at the University the second semester.   jective of using it as
"his gravestone." At one time
  Recognition of the all-important function and     the' "Viking boat"
was a horse-block.  Funds for
popularity of photographs, in the 20th century day's  the memorial dedication
were bequeathed by the Scan-
news has accelerated the introduction of the course,  dinavian committee
from a surplus of funds collected
according to Prof. Grant M. Hyde, director of the   on Scandinavian day at
the Wisconsin Centennial
department.  The new   course will, be offered by   festivities last summer.
Henry L. Smith, assistant instructor, who has speci-   The late Professor
~ Anderson, native of Albion,
alized in the field for years.                       Wis., was the first
American-born Scandinavian to

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