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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Regents dismiss Dr. Frank, 8-7,   pp. 178-179

Page 178

   R esenats Dismiss Dr. lrarik, 8-7
                                             Vote follows hectic two-day
 IB   Y A VOTE of 8 to 7, Dr.                Dean G. C. Sellery named acting
       Glenn Prank was relieved
       of his duties as president
       of the University by the
       Board of Regents at their meeting on Janu-   of the entire proceedings
in their daily newspapers
ary 7. Dr. Frank was placed on immediate leave of   since reporters from
all of the large metropolitan
absence and notified that his contract would not be  newspapers and the three
press services covered every
renewed on June 30. Dr. George C. Sellery, dean of  phase of the hearings.
This account, then, will at-
the College of Letters and Science was made acting  tempt to give just a
few of the highlights of the
president. The vote followed a two day session of   sessions.
the board in the crowded antechambers of the presi-    The initial meeting
opened on January 6. The
dent's office.                                        members of the press
who were present presented a
  The resolution to discharge Dr. Frank was intro-  petition to have the
meetings held in those quarters
duced by Regent Clough Gates, '02, of Superior, and  which Mr. Wilkie had
agreed upon the night before,
read as follows:                                      Tripp Commons of the
Union. A motion was made
  "Resolved that President Glenn Frank is hereby    to move the place
of hearing and lost, 8-5. The
notified that the Board of Regents will not renew   room was extremely crowded
with students, regents,
his appointment as President of the University for  witnesses and spectators.
 Order was maintained
the coming academic year beginning July 1, 1937;    only with great difficulty.
that President Frank be and he hereby is placed upon   When the press resolution
was disposed of, Re-
leave of absence, with pay, from January 7 to June  gent President Wilkie
read a lengthy statement of his
30, 1937;                                             charges against Dr.
Frank, the basic elements of which
  "That Dr. George Sellery, dean of the College of  were contained in
the January issue of the Alumnus.
Letters and Science, be and he hereby is authorized  Much emphasis was placed
upon the mismanagement
and directed to discharge any and all duties and is  of the University's
finances as related to the upkeep of
hereby granted any and all powers of the office of  the presidential residence
as provided in the original
president of the University from January 8, 1937,   agreement with Dr. Frank.
References were also
until further orders of the board;                    made and some enlarged
upon, to the Snell matter
  "That the executive committee is instructed to con-  and the 1935-36
athletic investigation.
sider and consult with candidates for the office of    Following Mr. Wilkie's
statement, Mr. Gates read
President of the University but that before making  from a printed pamphlet
which contained his charges
any recommendations to the full board as to a new   against the president.
He contended that Dr. Frank
president, the committee shall consult the University  was wrong in his contention
that the University had
committee of the faculty;                             risen from 7th to 2nd
place among the nation's uni-
  "That when the executive committee is ready to    versities. He contended
that Dr. Frank's administra-
report any recommendations as to a new president,   tion had been a failure.
After Mr. Gates had con-
the committee shall do so at a regular meeting of the  cluded the reading
of his report, the meeting ad-
board or shall arrange with the president of the board  journed after some
discussion until the next morning.
for designating a special meeting for the purpose."    At the January
7th meeting it was decided that
  Undoubtedly most of our readers saw full accounts  one half hour should
be devoted to a presentation of
                                                      the alumni speakers.
Regent Grady objected to this
                                                      procedure of limiting
the time available for the "de-
                                                      fense" but the
proposed procedure held. Represent-
     Left: Regent Wilkie and Frank discuss a point
Right: The Alumni Association representatives, Harry A. Bullis.
    Carl Beck, Myron T. Harshaw, and George I. Haight  -

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