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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number V (Feb. 1937)

Vox alumni,   p. 175

[Contents] The Wisconsin alumnus,   pp. 175-[176]

Page 175

                  Vow AlimiT
   (Editor's note: Nay, brethren, this is not a note, it is a plea
-and a most ardent one at that. So many readers asked us to
start a reader's letters column that we were sure it would be' a
humdinger. But lo, with the exception of several hundred let-r
ters pertaining to the recent Frank episode, which we want to
forget, we have had but a paltry few epistles. How's about it?
Why not sit you down and pen us a bit of praise or criticism
for something or other. If you prefer, we won't publish your -
     I   I  I     /I     "~
                                        Madison, Wisconsin              
      U     I   I   V    I~
Mr. John Berge:
  Because of the high-handed manner in which the Regents of           Published
at 1300 National Avenue Waukesha Wis.
Wisconsin University have conducted the case against President          
                         A              s
Frank bringing to our beloved University disparaging and in-    by THE WISCONSIN
jurious publicity throughout the country, I strongly urge all
loyal alumni to demand the immediate resignation of the presi-     Publication
Office, 1300 National Avenue, Waukesha, Wis.
dent of the Board of Regents Harold M. Wilkie from     that            Editorial
and General Offices at 770 Langdon Street,
                Madison, Wis.
                               ANNIE KEMPTON ROACH, '96
                                          Chicago, Ill.           Harry A.
Bullis, president; Howard T. Greene, vice-president;
                                          January 18, 1 937       Basil I.
Peterson, treasurer; A. John Berge, executive secretary;
Dear John:                                                              Harry
C. Thoma, editor and assistant secretary;
  You will notice from  the enclosed report that the Chicago            
  Mrs. A. M. Kessenich, '16, women's editor.
Clubs membership -and treasury -are in as good a condition        Vol. XXXVIII
            February, 1937              No. V
as they have been for several years. I think it has been proved
here that we can't compete with the many local neighborhood
clubs and organizations as an entertainment club.  And, as we
are handicapped in sending students to the University -   by            
             J     l*
high tuition fees which will be with us for some time at least-         
             In   this   issue:
we are beginning to think about building up a student loan              
fund.                                                             The Law
Building ................... Cover
  This is an old idea, of course, but isn't the time ripe to revive  up and
down the Hill ..........           ...... 173
it generally for all clubs outside of the state?  Should a perma-
nent fund be established with proper checks on club officials-to  The President's
Page .  .................   I ...     177
be subject to investment and some income return-or should       Regents Dismiss
Dr. Frank .. .................1...... 178
everything over a minimum   balance for current expenses be     The Fraternity
Problem Today.180
donated each year to one worthy high school student? Perhaps      That "Sissy"
G       ame, Basketball      .       .      183
you could run a column or ask for suggestions through the         Represntativ
 americas         .     .184
Al m  u.                                                          Representative
Americans................... ...      .  . 184
  This will not directly return memberships to you -   but       Another
Pair of Top-notch Aces .................... 186
outside clubs might be interested in being helped to set up a   Turn on Your
Radio! ............................ 188
workable plan.  You are familiar with the weaknesses of a      Good and Bad
Sports .................... 189
permanent  fund,  yet there  is  latent  interest  in  a  plan,  I  know.
 Editorials ............................... ..... 191
                                  LOWELL A. LEONARD, '1 7         Edtras19
                                                               X While the
Clock Strikes-the-Hour                 . l                  -_
You Should Know    .......................       194
                                          St. Croix, Minn.        This and
That About the Faculty .1 ........            . 195
                                          January 15, 1937        Here and
There with the Alumni Clubs .............. 199
Dear sir:
  Now that the deplorable and damning open hearings on the       Have You
Heard?       .2.......... 200
merits or demerits of President Frank's administration are a    In the Alumni
World ........................... 204
thing of the past, let's forget about it as best we can.  The
University now needs our help in getting back on its feet. There
is an appropriation to be secured for the coming biennium.         Subscription
to The Wisconsin Alumnus is obtained by membership
Faculty members should be given back the unfortunate waivers    in The Wisconsin
Alumni Association for which annual dues are
they were forced to take during the depression years.  New      $4.00, $3.00
of which is for subscription to the magazine. Family
                                                                  rate membership
(where husband and wife are alumni) $5.00. Life
buildings are most certainly needed -  even in my day the       membership,
$50.00, payable within the period of five years. The
library was inadequate, and the Law building about ready to       Association
earnestly invites all former students, graduates and non-
topple.  Let's all stop sticking our collective tongues out at  graduates,
to membership. Others may subscribe for the magazine
each other and get to work to rebuild the morale of our Uni-     at same
price, $4.00 per year.
                 each  ther nd gt to  ork o rebild he moale f ourUni- Entered
as second class matter at the Post Office of Waukesha, Wis.,
versity.                                                          October
19, 1934, under the Act of March 3, 189.
                                    BYRON W. HANSON, '28           Change
of Address must be reported ten days before date of issue.
the Association will not be responsible for delivery.
any subscriber wishes his magazine discontinued
                                          Lansing, Mich.          at the
expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be
                                                                  sent with
the subscription, or at its expiration. Otherwise it is un-
                                          January 16, 1937        derstood
that a continuation is desired.
To Whom It May Concern:                                            Issued
Monthly-Except August and September. Member of Alumni
  Ten years ago, in Bay City, Michigan, at a dinner in honor    Magazines,
Associated. National Advertising Representative: The
                of Pofesor M  V.O'Sha, Isatnextto astrngerwho  aid Graduate
Group, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco,
of Professor M. V. O'Shea, I sat next to a stranger who said    Los Angeles
and Bostonlo
to me something like this-
  "I'm here tonight, not because I am vitally interested in the
psychology of the adolescent but because I admire so much the
school in which this man is a professor.  The University of     neers, addressed
the Kansas Section of the Society in Topeka on
Wisconsin is one place where the faculty is not muzzled or      Monday, November
16. There were about fifty present.
controlled by petty politics."                                     
It seemed good to see a man from U. W. and hear him talk.
  Well, well, and lackaday; after all, that was ten years ago.  "Danny"
is still full of the old fire and did not look much older
                        Sadly yours,                              than he
did twenty years ago when I had the privilege of being
                               MARY GLADYS HOWELL, '21           a student
under him.
power to you, "Danny." You have been a great in-
                                        Topeka, Kansas           spiration
to many U. W. engineers. May you have many more
Dear Sir:                                                         years of
useful life.
  D. W. Mead, president of the American Society of Civil engi-          
                               H. A. MARSHALL, '15

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