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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

In the alumni world,   pp. 70-75

Page 73

November, Nineteen thirty-six                                           
                  Class of               ~~~~~with the Farm  Credit administration
in  investigations for the U. S. department
                           1928          ~~~~Washington, D. C-Allan  J. MCAN-
     of agriculture, and will direct, all research
   Herhert WEILAND    has opened  law    DREWS. law  grad., has opened his
own     in hreeding, feeding and management of
 offices in the Murphy and O'Neill huild-   law offices in the Beaver building,
Madi-  swine. He has heen in charge of the ani-
 ing at Delavan, after a year with a firm   son, leaving the Madison firm
 of Hill,    mal breeding experimental work at the
 of Elkhorn attorneys.-Mrs. Portia E.     Beckwith and Harrington after six
years.   Oklahoma Agricultural and    Mechanical
 CONWAY is now educational director of    -Carl MATTHUSEN is still coach
at Fort      college.-Dr. Donald M. BRITTON is now
 Springfield hospital, Ill.  She has heen   Atkinson high school. -    Dr.
Wallace     with the Quisling clinic in Madison where
 on the staff of the Wisconsin General Hos-  MARSHALL is now teaching on
the fac-      he will head the department of ohstetrics
 pital for the last five and a half years   ulty of the University of Alabama,
at      and pediatrics. He served three months at
 and majored in social studies, taking her  Tuscaloosa, in the department
of medicine,  the Chicago Maternity center and nine
 degree last June.-'"Toad"    CROFOOT,    Previously he had heen
associated with      months at Chicago Lying-In hospital and
 former foothall star, has heen elected presi-  the Appleton clinic for three
years.  He  has since done post-graduate work in chil-
 dent of Dairyland, Inc.  He is now   in    has also heen writing for various
medi-    dren's diseases at Mayo foundation    in
 Texas, and has been elected to the hoard   cal journals.-Eleanor   PARKINSON
   of    Rochester, Minn., and at Children's Me-
 of directors of the Continental Puhlic     Madison spent the summer at the
Univer-    morial hospital in Chicago.-Mary Fran-
 Service  Corporation,  Interstate  Public  sity of Tours, France, studying.
 She is    ces AVERILL, has been appearing as a
 Service corporation and the Gulf Coast     on the faculty of the Milwaukee
Univer-    singer and monologist hefore audiences of
 Water company---Dr. George J. MALOOF     sity school.-Agnes ASPNES has taken
a       the state.  After leaving the University
 has returned to Madison to open his own    year's leave of ahsence from
Waupaca high  she studied at the Chicago Conservatory of
 office for the practice of medicine, sur-  school's faculty to complete
her work for  Music where she was highly honored. A
 gery and obstetrics, at 1 9 N. Pinckney    an M.S.-Frances PROCHEP ha3s
been at       recent program was at Sturgeon Bay, Oct.
 street.  He will also he a part time in-   Columbia university studying
child psy-     14.-Evelyn Hull is now office manager
 structor on the staff of the University    chology and has returned to teach
in Mil-  of the Low Memorial Library, with the
 medical school.  Previously he was asso-   waukee.-John    CANFIELD   is
active in    American Mathematical society, at 53 1
 ciated in private practice with a St. Paul  Edgerton alumni work.-Mr. and
Mrs.        West 11 6th St., New York city.-Robert
 surgeon and for the past two and a half    John 0. WALCH are now living
in Mil-       L. VAN HAGAN joined the TVA staff at
 years has had his own practice in Wau-     waukee where John is a commercial
engi-    Knoxville last May as structural designer.
 zeka.-Rae FRAZER reports she is still in   neer for the Wisconsin Telephone
comn-     -Lawrence L. KRASIN has joined the
 charge of physiotherapy at Hazelton Or-  pany.                         
          staff of the Armin Elmendorf organiza-
 thopedic school in Flint, Mich.-Mr. and                                
          tion at 2245 S. Crawford avenue, Chica-
 Mrs. John Osborne WOODSOME are living             Class of 1931        
          go.-Maud E. GUEST, who is at William
 at Winchester, Mass., where Osborne is a   DrHehtSURNKrtundwh          
          Newton   Memorial   hospital, Winfield,
 salesman for the Chocolate Sales corpora-hswfSet4frmaumroftdy          
          Kansas, writes: "We lost my father last
 tion, Hershey, Pa.                       oiwfeophthalmologyat Budapestof
H tungay year at Christmas time, and it was a loss
                                          and will open offices in Indianapolis.
He  to everyone for he was the last G. A. R.
          Class of 1929digrdaewrbeoehsEopn                              
          man in the vicinity. Brought my mother,
       SylviaMEYERis receiving acclaim in trip, at the University of Pennsylvania.-
gd8,bc        ihm    oKna      oh
           Washngto, D.C.,for  er sill  s a Thelma CLARK has, undertaken
the direc-    wnefrWsosnhdtosvr
 Waharisgton. Shewa  solos and fkirst harpsta  tion of the new homemaking
department    winter last year for old folks. We have
 waristh the washingoiton n Summer Concert  at Edgerton high school.    She
was at     been busy getting settled for light house-
           assciaionfohe thrd  uccssfl sm- Patch Grove last year.-Alton GRIMSRUD
         keig      asshda iteri         sWs
met with the national symphony orches-     has purchased the Turtle Lake
Times        coinsi thise pasugt summerbutrthe present
tra.-Barton ROGERS, principal of Lin-    which he will edit and publish.
He bad    ains havtues broughteot anelemerald groeen
      - -  o~n  choo in  conoowoc recivedhis a lot of actual experience around
news-   i   atrsadwetfedadrss
col ascrool dene  atcthomowdof, re ummer i  papers before he attended and
graduated    lilacs, and pear blossoms have come out
mschool_ ade-e- was elethedton Phi Delt Kap-nm  --from --the~ journialism--schoorx-'--
-Fritz  -here- and there - Kansans--are- happy -again,  --
                                          JOCHEM has left the University
art his-    angonpltigwetndhrsig
 -W   noaltry F.rECeRssiofa Milwaukee wasup  tory department for Tulane,
New Orleans,  any kaffir corn the grasshoppers didn't eat,
 rec  lentl apoite head of teMilwaukeewa  where he will be an assistant art
history  almost forgetting all about the hardships
 offcentof thepNYA.-' 'One of the Milwun-e  professor.  He was accompanied
by his      of the dry summer. That is the way they
     offic of he  'is thOe titlhe given-t  ieadsn         ereevdhsdco'  
          all feel in Kansas, and in spite of all the
 try's leading cooks' ih  il   ie   o     wf    n   o.H      eevdhsdco' 
          disappointments, we all become enamored
 Ruth CHAMBERS when she conducted a       degree from  the university in
June.-    with the state. I don't know what it is,
     fordycooking school in Milwaukee in    Alden SCHANSBERG has been appointed
       hut, like California, it gets one and we
 September. She also writes a daily news- lclavriigmngro               h
   e      all love it, in spite of ourselves."-Doug
 paper column, "The Cook's Notebook,"     Alan   Tribnercrdi  Newa
Aiclbatiny, d, after  WEAVER is back at Harvard this year, go-
 and is the leading lecturer for the Nationa  aiiercodinualcruaiowihto classes
six days a week and tutoring
           Livetoc  andMea   boad.  Sig rd he will continue to have in his
charge.-  fing yamn
 TRANMAL is still with General Mills in     Dr. Wilbert ADRIANS has opened
offices in   rsyermn
 the flour city, where he has been since  thGrybidnin          renB.fote
           gradutionand ivite  callrs.-Vrnon practice of medicine. After
graduation heCls           of13
 W.adKELLYn took hinvts Males.-frm ellnoistook his M.D. at Northwestern.-RobertCls
 thi summer andk his now. teahin  scliences  BORN has left his law practice
in Fond       Paul WIEMER reports he has left Chi-
           in theYork  ommunty hih schol at du Lac, his home town, to *join
the law    cago for Cincinnati, where he is a sales
 EnlmhuYrstkl.H    a alsonit  hinitiated into  firm of Reed and Reed, in
Ripon.    representative with the local division of the
 Phi Delta Kappa and Kappa Delta Pi.                                    
          U. S. Industrial Alcohol company. His
                                                           Class of 1932
         ~home address is Mariemiont Inn, Marie-
          Class of 1930Cls                                 of13         
          mont, 0.-Catherine RAYMOND of Ed-
                                            Helen  TWENHOFEL    of Lake Forest
    gerton is taking the ten-months training
   Kathleen FITZ, M.A., '30, sparkling      spent the summer studying at
the famous    course at the Salvation Army school at
 young Broadway actress, was accused re-    University of Tours in France.
She was     Chicago, preparatory   for organization
 cently by a Broadway columnist of being   the Harriet Remington Laird student
of      work with the Army.-Nello PACETTI.
 "that way" about a young executive of     French at the university
last year.-Dr.     former football star, will he coaching the
 Columbia Broadcasting   company.    She    Walter F. GAGER has opened offices
for     Clintonville Cardinals football team  this
 has been attracting attention currently in  the practice of medicine, surgery,
and oh-  season. Last year he was coach at West
 road shows of "Boy Meets Girl" and will    stetrics in the Forbes
Building at Rhine-  Bend high but he is now with the foreign
 soon appear on Broadway in "Iron Men."     lander.  He spent the
summer in charge     sales department of the Four Wheel Drive
 Her start-in the University theatre.-    of the Twin City hospital at Negaunee,
    organization  at Clintonville.  He will
 Thomas STONE will abandon his interests    Mich.-George PLATZ. Jr., has
resigned      coach the semi-pro team while learning the
 in the Reedsburg law firm of Risser and    as director of WPA at Racine
to join the   business in anticipation of duties abroad.
 Stone to take a position with Lecher,    U. S. War department as an inspector
on    -Betty GREENBAUM Shires, was the re-
 Michael, Whyte and Spohn of Milwau-      the Mississippi river projects.-W.
A.    cipient of much newspaper publicity as a
 kee.-Charles FOSTER is now connected     CRAFT, Ph.D., will take charge
of swine    co-ed, when she filed suit for divorce from

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