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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

In the alumni world,   pp. 70-75

Page 70

          Class of 1878                    the winter with her father at
1204 Gar-     nors, has recently been appointed a mem-
                                           den Boulevard, Gardena.      
             ber of the registration board of profes-
  Eugene Adelmar TUCKER, attorney, is                                   
             sional engineers by the present governor of
livinR at 3512 Westmont avenue, Los                   Class of 1900     
              Pennsylvania.-P. H. DECKER, M.A.
Angeles, Calif. He is a former associate                                
              '07, for the past eight years has been pur-
justice of the supreme court of Arizona.      Carl Edward MAGNUSSON, Ph.D.
'00,        chasing agent for the Masonite corpora-
                                           is professor of electrical engineering
at the  tion at Laurel, Miss.-George JONES has
          Class of 1883                    University of Washington, where
he has      his own business in the Fidelity Bank
                                           been since 1904.             
             Building in Memphis, Tenn.
  Judge Daniel H. CAREY, of Colville,
one of the ablest jurists of the state,              Cl        f 1901
has presided over the courts of Stevens                 ass o           
                        Class of 1908
and  Pend  Oreille  counties except for       Charles W. ANDREWS of Sacramento,
          Dr. Lent D. UPSON is director of the
one term, since 1905, and recently suc-    Calif., is composing room foreman
of the   Detroit Bureau   of Governmental Re-
ceeded himself. He intends to retire at    Sacramento Daily Bee.        
              search.-Harlow L. WALSTER, dean and
the end of this term, however.                                          
              director of agriculture at North Dakota
                                                      Class of 1902     
              Agricultural College at Fargo, addressed
          Class of 1886                       Ought-two's famous novelist,
Honore      ference at the collegeict.ural Life Con-
  Frank A. PERRIN, now associate editor    Willsie MORROW, has published
again,        the topic "Backgrounds of distress in the
of the Christian Science Monitor, was a    This time it's "Let the King
Beware,"       northern   great  plains.' '-Lieut.  Col.
recent visitor around the State, where he  giving the British view of the
American    Frank M    KENNEDY has been promoCed
was once editor of the Chippewa Falls      Revolution.-Samuel Beatty RAY
     is a    to colonel of the army air corps and is
newspaper, writing a political survey of   professor of mathematics and education
    in command of the aviation field at Scott
the state.                                 and dean at Carroll college. He
lives at    Field, Belleville, Ill.-Horace W. atRIGHT
                                            2947 North Maryland avenue, Milwau-
       has been head of the Latin department of
                                            Class of 1890kee.           
                         Lehigh university, Bethlehem, Pa.,   In
  Prof. Leonard S. SMITH of Redondo                  Class of 1903      
              193 1 he lectured in Bascom Hall for the
Beach, Calif., was employed by the La         F. W. HUELS, now with the Madison
       Archeological  institute.-Dr.  Roy   E.
Crosse Chamber of Commerce to give a       Gas and Electric Company, was
co-chair-    CURTIS was appointed dean of the busi-
series of lectures on the subject of city  man and business manager of the
Caval-     ness and public administration school at
planning and zoning before civic clubs     cade in the Wisconsin centennial
celebra-  Missouri university starting this semester.
there.  He is emeritus professor of city   tion in July at Madison.-Jean
planning and highway engineering at the    OP visited in Madison in August
on her                Class of 1909
University.                                return from a trip around the
world of a       Arthur ROBERTSON    is now   assistant
          Class of 1893                    year and a half.             
              NYA   administrator for Michigan and is
               living in Lansing.   He was formerly
  Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. PARLIN of                  Class of 1904      
              school superintendent at Allegan    and
Germantown, Pa., are on a two months
southern cruise around Cape Horn.             Frances S. JAMES is teaching
at the     Dowagiac, Micrh-Chester E. RIGHTOR
                                            Castilleja school at Palo Alto,
Calif.     former research analyst with Dun ZH Brad-
               street, has been appointed chief statisti-
          Class of 1896                                                 
              cian of the Division of Financial Statis-
                                                      Class of 1905     
              tics for States and Cities, Bureau of the
   Emma WEHMHOPP spent the summer
traveling  in  England  with  her sister      John P. EDWARDS is now assistant
di-    Census, Washington, D. C. He has served
Frieda. '07.                               vision engineer with the Southern
Pacific   for 15 years as chief accountant of the
                                            Railway, at Los Angeles, Calif.-Mr.
and    Detroit Bureau of Governmental Research
          C lass of 1897                   Mrs. Harold K. WELD are living
in Hart-     and with various other governmental sta-
                  Class of 1897            ford, Conn.. where Mr. Weld is
employed    tistical agencies.-Mrs. Clarice B. AB-
   George DOWNER, head of University        in the executive department of
the Under-   BOTT Schoephoester (Albert J.) is living
athletic publicity, was recently re-elected  wcod Elliott Fisher company.
             in Centralia and has two daughters.
a vice president of the Wisconsin Ama-
teur Athletic Union.                                  Class of 1906     
                        Class of 1910
          Class of 1898                       Sidney S. LONG, ex '06, is
now assis-       Earle S. HOLMAN of Antigo enjoyed
                                            tant engineer of the C. &
N. W. Railway,   a brief reunion, first since graduation, with
   William  F. RENK    and his brother      Huron, South Dakota.        
               Arthur Robertson, '09, when he stopped
Henry have incorporated their livestock                                 
              in Antigo with his family this summer.
farm at Sun Prairie, long noted for the              Class of 1907
excellent prize winning cattle bred there.                              
                        Cl        f 1911
                                               Alexander WILEY of Chippewa
Falls                     ass o
          Class of 1899                    and Arthur W. LUECK of Beaver
Dam              Frank B. MORRISON, former Univer-
                                            have become widely known around
the        sity husbandman and national authority
   Louis F. RUSCHHAUPT is an associate      state in person as candidates
for governor  on livestock nutrition, has been appointed
professor of medicine at Marquette U        against Gov. Phil LAFOLLETTE,
'19,         by the Philippine government to make a
where he has been for the past 20 years.   running on the Landon Republican
and        six weeks' survey of the livestock indus-
-Mrs. Grace CLOES Stedman       (Horace    Roosevelt Democratic tickets.-John
FAR-     try there.  He is now head of the animal
E.) is still in California and will spend  RIS, consulting engineer for four
gover-   husbandry department of the New York

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