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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number II (Nov. 1936)

While the clock strikes the hour,   pp. 60-62

Page 62

        The Wisconsin Alumnus
steam  and electrical engineers, physicians and sur-  men emphasized the
University's aid in the search
geons, "go-getters," etc., it has failed to make "citi-  for
security rather than revolution.
zens who are eager to serve the state with their intel-
lect and their conscience as soldiers are expected to  Searches for  Believing
that musical instruments and
sacrifice and serve the common cause in time of war."  New Tones  the
human voice are capable of pro-
  The professors, Jones charged, "have flunked their               
 ducing  24  instead  of the present
jobs," and his editorial alleges the existence of a pro-  twelve notes
between octaves, E. B. Parker, Milwau-
fessional book-writing racket, while specifically ex-  kee musician, was
enrolled in the University of Wis-
onerating Dr. William H. Kiekhofer, whose book, it   consin Summer School
for work under Leland Coon,
said, "is a real contribution to our economic and so-  associate professor
of music, and to further develop
cial thought."                                          his theory.
Unwritten notes which are not known
  He charged a University department head once      to Occidentals may be
found, he claims, in Jewish
told him that "students are a damned nuisance," that  chants and
Chinese speech.
head professors should not be required to bother with
them, and should have their time free to write books.  Offer Two      Two
new higher degrees are to be
So the students, he added, pay the price of "the pro-  New Degrees 
  granted in the future by the Uni-
fessors' vanity and a silly academic tradition."                   
      versity. Engineers will be able to
                                                        take the degree of
Master of Science, Engineering Me-
Languages Houses     Gifts of money    being  re-    chanics; and music majors
may work toward the
Receive Funds         ceived by La Maison Fran-       Master of Music degree.
Neither of these has ever
                     caise and Das Deutsches Haus,   been available at Wisconsin
both the oldest houses of their kind in the country,   The faculty committee
on courses reported at the
are material support from those who have observed    same meeting that "it
is evident from the material
the work the houses do in providing a home for stu-  presented that departments
are alive to the need for
dents and teachers of the languages, training them in  meeting new demands
and interpreting new condi-
its use, and imparting something of the culture and  tions, and are attempting
to meet this need by new
traditions of the people of France and Germany.      courses and re-grouping
and shifting the emphasis
  The French government, through its institute of    of old courses."
international education, recently bestowed 6,300
francs (about $437) on La Maison Francaise, at the   Offer New        The
University of Wisconsin will
petition of M. Weiller, French consul in Chicago,    Diesel Engine    join
with other land-grant colleges
who visited it and called it the best French speaking  Course        in offering
a short course of in-
group he had seen in his 1 0 years in the United States.
Das Deutsches Haus will receive in a few months be-                     
 struction, next winter, gn the con-
tween $3,000 and $4,000 from the estate of Carl      struction, operation,
and servicing of the Diesel en-
Landsee, wealthy Milwaukee German who died a year    gine.  This was decided
at a recent conference in
ago.    The house has already been given $500 from   Madison, attended by
representatives of the universi-
the fund, through the efforts of Fred Stadelbauer, 'f 6  ties of Illinois,
Iowa State, Michigan State, Minneso-
athuse fund  through the efforts of Fred Stadelbaer'16, ta, Nebraska, Ohio
State, Purdue, and Wisconsin-
a trustee for the estate.
                                                        land-grant colleges,
and Stout Institute, and of en-
Student Speakers   As speakers at the biennial con-  gine manufacturers.
Spike Critics       ference on social work in Mil-      The course is designed
primarily to aid garage
                    waukee   last  month,   Caryl     mechanics and tractor,
railway, and utility workers
Morse, president of the class of 1936, Carol Wagner,  using Diesel power
to become more proficient opera-
president of W. S. G. A., Robert Gunderson, Union    tors and service men.
It will also admit a limited
board member and chairman of men in freshman         number of young men
out of high school who look
orientation, and George                                                 
          toward Diesel training as
Duggar, Union     board                                                 
          a vocation.
member,    extolled  the                                                
            The formal instruction
University and compre-                                                  
          will be given by faculty
hensively denied it was                                                 
          men of the cooperating
atheistic or Communistic.                                               
          institutions, with   the
"A survey of two years                                             
              shop    and    laboratory
ago revealed 75 per cent                                                
          work provided    by the
of all students at some                                                 
time in college had active                                              
            Under this plan, each
connections with church                                                 
          manufacturer will fur-
organizations,"    Miss                                            
               nish engines and equip-
Wagner said. Miss Morse                                                 
          ment, mounted on trucks,
declared   she   studied                                                
          and an engine expert, suf-
"isms" and came out with                                      
                   ficient to carry on a school
a liberal outlook, but dis-                                             
          of instruction during two
paraged newspaper prop-                                                 
          3-week sessions at each
aganda   picturing   the                                                
          center. The truck train or
University  students  as                                                
          caravan will then proceed
only Communists, Social-               Lunch time on the Union Terrace  
          to the next college on the
ists and radicals.  The            One of the most popular Campus dining
spots  circuit.

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