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Thoma, Harry C. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 38, Number I (Oct. 1936)

Clarke, Helen L.
Training for social service,   pp. 6-7

Page 7

  October, 1936                                                         
  izations in a supervisory capacity: Miss Kathryn       country from   Massachusetts
to California.
  Goodwin is Assistant Director of the Wisconsin Pub-       Some effort has
been made to ascertain how manv
  lic Welfare Department; Mrs. Ada Williams Rogers,      of the 388 students
have at some time or other
  Miss Dorothy Waite, Miss Ruth Werner, Miss Verna       worked in Wisconsin.
Two hundred twenty-one or
  Lauritzen and Miss Renetta Meyer are assisting in the  approximately 5
7 per cent of the 388 students while
  development of the security program with the Juven-    in college were
registered as living in Wisconsin. Of
  ile Department of the Wisconsin Board of Control;      the 221 students
from Wisconsin 106 have at some
  Miss Mabel McConnell is with the Industrial School     time or other worked
in Wisconsin. Of the 167
  for Girls in Milwaukee; Miss Helen Cox is field rep-   students who were
out of the state 24 have worked
  resentative in the California E. R. A.                 in Wisconsin. Out
of the 388 students 130 have at
                                                          some time or other
worked in Wisconsin.
    STILL other students have become supervisors in        Although the practice
is severely criticized by
  large organizations: Mrs. Margaret Murphy Wilson       skilled administrators,
public social work agencies in
  is Director of Case Work in the Milwaukee County       the state, particularly
those subject to civil service, are
  Department of Outdoor Relief; Miss Dorothea Oes-       insistent that their
staffs be composed of Wisconsin
  treich is with the Children's Center in Detroit; Mrs.  residents. The above
facts indicate that in the past,
  Irene Bennett Needham is heading the Parent Edu-       forty-eight per
cent of the Wisconsin students have
  cation Department of the Elizabeth McCormick           worked in Wisconsin.
So large a proportion as fifty-
  Fund   in  Chicago;  Mrs.                                             
        two per cent has gone out
  Eileen Cripps Hausler is the                                          
        of the state for positions
  Director of the Industrial                                            
        during the seventeen year
  Department of the Detroit                                             
        period for several reasons:
  Y.'W. C. A.; Miss Eliza-                                              
        Wisconsin social work has
  beth Gissal is Assistant Di-                                          
        not had a rapid develop-
  rector of the Peoria, Illinois,                                       
        ment until the last five
  Family  Welfare   Associa-                                            
        years; better positions, sal-
  tion; Miss Stella Phillips is                                         
        aries and opportunities were
  a supervisor in the Jewish                                            
        offered elsewhere; or inclin-
  Social Welfare Bureau of                                              
        ation took the student else-
  Chicago; Mrs. Ada Fuller                                              
  Crowley has been admosinis-                                           
          Recently Wisconsin agen-
  tering relief in a Chicago                                            
        cies have expressed a pref-
  suburb; Miss Alice Piercy is                                          
        erence  for University   of
  Director for the Providence, gone                                     
        Wisconsin students with so-
  R. I., Girl Scouts.                   sortunis         Wippl    ed    
  persons to  or    tainin      re
    A number of former stu-             Opplortnie O for cripple childre
n               rcias wortraini d were
                                      Occupational therapy is part of the
cure  they more mature and  had
 dents who have never en-                                               
       they  had   more  graduate
---- tered social -work or who have withdrawn from the   and professional
social work training. As social work
field have been active in volunteer and lay groups     in Wisconsin expands
and salaries are increased, more
and many of them have expressed appreciation to the    Wisconsin students
will wish to work in their own
University for the opportunity to study social prob-   state at some time
or other and undoubtedly more
lems and methods of social treatment,                  out-of-state persons
but educated at Wisconsin will
    Of the 285 students doing case work in college 155   wish the experience
of working in Wisconsin where
 have at some time gone into that field of work al-     there is a tradition
of notable public service and free-
 though they may have done some other form       of     dom for experimentation.
  It should be recognized
 social work also and 31 have gone into some other      by Wisconsin citizens
that there is value in sending
 form  of social work; 99 have never, so far as is      Wisconsin trained
persons to other states and in re-
 known gone into any kind of social work.   Of the      ceiving into Wisconsin
agencies persons trained out of
 1 11I students taking group work while in college 25   the state. By so
doing there is a spread and exchange
 have entered the field of professional group work at   of ideas.
 some time; 55 have never gone into group work, but
 have gone into some other form of professional social    IT is difficult
to estimate what the professional ed-
 work and 3 1 have never been in social work. The       ucation of these
3 88 social work students has cost the
 reason so large a percentage of group work students    state because the
professional social work teaching
 has gone into some other form of social work than      staff has taught
other than full time professional stu-
 that in which the major work was done while in         dents and because
so many of the courses taken by
 college is because paying positions have been much     the students have
been in the all-university curricu-
 easier to secure in case work organizations particular-  lum and financed
from the general budget. It is safe
 ly during the last few years with the expansion of     to assume, however,
that as education for law and
 relief organizations.                                  medicine and the
other professions is more costly
    Of the 388 professional students 258 have at some   than for a general
cultural education, so professional
 time been in professional social work. Of the 1 30     education for social
work will be more expensive.
 who have never been in social work approximately          The average annual
enrollment for the profession-
 7 per cent immediately married. The other twenty-      al courses in the
seventeen year period has been
 five per cent did not like social work, were not       twenty-four. Because
the staff has been so little en-
 equipped for it, or entered some other occupation.     larged it has been
impossible to increase the enroll-
 These 258 students have held positions all over the    ment for any but
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