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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

With the Badger sports,   pp. 61-64

Page 61

           W        I          T            H                 T         
 RA A d~a'2 ports
     LTHOUGH      overshadowed at this season by   of students taking part
in the rowing program.
A    football, Wisconsin winter sports teams are not  Coach RALPH HUNN, in
conference with the Uni-
     idle. Already, the coaches have started train-  versity business office,
has devised a scheme whereby
ing for their later campaigns in basketball, boxing,  the present shell quarters
will be made much more
wrestling and swimming.                              usable than they have
been for some years past. The
  Coach HAROLD (BUD) FOSTER now has his bas-        foundation and floor
are being lowered about three
ketball candidates working out daily in the old red  feet and the center
supports are being replaced by
armory. Contrary to the situation a year ago, Bud  trusses, thus making the
building larger as well as
has only a handful of veterans around whom to      less crowded.
build a team. The three returning 1935 regulars
have reported. They are                                THREE former Badger
football stars are once again
Charlie Jones and Ed                                 making headlines in
the National Professional Foot-
Stege, centers, and Nick                            ball league.   MILTON
   GANTENBEIN, '32, and
DeMark, forward. Three                               CHARLES "BUCKETS"
GOLDENBERG, '33, are per-
1935   reserves, Roger                               forming with the 1935
Green Bay Packer machine,
Rinehart  and   Gordon                               while JOHN SCHNELLER,
'33, is one of the most de-
Fuller, forwards,  and                               pendable linemen on
the Detroit Tiger squad. In a
Fritz Wegner, guard, are                                                
               recent g am e
also available, Most of______                                           
               between  t h e
the present squad   are                                                 
               two teams,
sophomnores, Lee Mitchell                                               
and Arthur Van Ryzin,                                                   
               captain of the
guards;  and   Howard                                                   
               Detroit squad,
Powell, George Rooney,                                                  
               acclaimed Gan-
John  Householder and                                                   
               tenbein the
Carroll Ysebaert, for-                                                  
               best player in
wards, are the leading                                                  
               the  Packer
sophomore candidates.                                                   
  While the varsity box-
ing candidates will not                                                 
                 IN an effort
be called out until De-      Coach John Walsh                           
               to cuti the
cember 1, Coach Johnny        Calls out boxers                          
               b o i sterousness
Walsh has over 80 fresh-                                                
                f    nos
men boxing aspirants in two classes and several of\                     
               drunks at the
the veterans are doing light work three orpfour times                   
               193ei are  e
a week. Of last year's varsity boxers, George Stu-                      
               g a m e s  a t
par, 135; Gordon Harman, 155; Charles Zynda,                            
               C a mp  Ran-
1-65; Nick Deanovich, 175; and Jim Wright, heavy-                       
              d a 11, "Doc"
weight are back and eligible but the last two are outt                  
               Meanwell, di-
for football. The sophomore material is promising.                      
               rector of inter-
                                                              up ito TrksDane,
Noweginscollgae Autri-n
  GEORGE MARTIN, new wrestling coach, will start             Coach "Bill"
Woerner      coleticsahte uph-
his varsity candidates training within a day or two.        Ne Bage End Coacn
          on a most ef-
Several have already begun work, under the direction                    
               fective scheme.
of Captain Randolph Haase, while Coach Martin is   Four of the University's
biggest "W" winners of re-
assisting with freshman football coaching.           cent years were assigned
to the mop-up squad to ef-
                                                     fectively eradicate
the weaving, shouting drunks. Un-
  Two new members have been added to the football  fortunate has been the
individual who has attempted
coaching staff this fall, WILLIAM WOERNER, end     to argue with "DAVE"
coach, and GEORGE MARTIN, assistant freshman       ARO, "JACK"
coach. Woerner attended Purdue university where
he was an outstanding end. For the past five years    TWENTY-SEVEN different
nationalities are repre-
he had been end coach at the University of Wash-   sented on the 1935 Wisconsin
football squad. Of
ington. He assumed his duties last spring. Martin,  these there are eleven
players of German descent, six
the new assistant freshman mentor, took over his   English, five Poles, and
four Pennsylvania Dutch-
duties this fall.                                    men.: The remainder
of the squad of 63 are split
                                                     up into Turks, Danes,
Norwegians, one Austrian,
  AFTER a decade of inadequate quarters, the Wis-  one Italian, several Irishmen,
and a few Scotchmen.
consin crew is about to have its boathouse renovated  German-Norse, French-Irish,
and Scotch-Canadian
and enlarged to provide for the additional number  descendants are also well

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