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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

In the alumni world,   pp. 54-60

Page 54

             at tAoA~umn World
        Class   of   1874                         Class of 1895         
                   Class of 1906
  Mrs. Kate G. MORGAN     is living in      Rose SWART writes: "Washington
now        Dr. Ralph D. HETZEL, president of
Evanston with her daughter, Sarah MOR-    has a flourishing and hospitable
Wiscon-  Penn State College, is president of the
GAN Bell, '08.  Their address is 1531     sin society of which Dr. D. 0.
KINSMAN,   National Association of State Universities
Lincoln st.                               formerly of Lawrence college, now
of the  and will preside at the annual meeting of
                                          American University, is president.
 It    the association to be held in Washington,
         Class of 1881                   makes a delightful meeting place
for      D. C., in November.-Professor F. Ellis
                                          Wisconsin friends."-Guy Stanton
FORD      JOHNSON, for five years head of the de-
  Emil BAENSCH    writes:  "Owing to     has just edited and published,
through the  partment of engineering at Iowa State col-
the proposed U. S. project of a canal     University of Minnesota Press,
a volume   lege, has been appointed dean of the Col-
from  the Atlantic across Florida to the  entitled  "Dictatorship in
the Modern     lege of Engineering at the University of
Gulf, Wm. H. GOODALL is now      dead     World."    Among the contributors
is      Missouri.  Dean JOHNSON designed the
sure that his home city of Jacksonville   Harold DEUTSCH, '24.-A    new edition
   new   engineering building for Missouri,
will be the Chicago of the South. But     of Dr. Herbert E. BOLTON'S "History
of    which will be constructed as part of a
before that is realized, the Florida city  the Americas" was published
recently by    million and a half dollar building pro-
will have to organize and train its police.Ginn and Co.                 
           gram.-Sidney B. DUDGEON has moved
Might  make   Milwaukee   its  pattern.                                 
           from Freeport, Ill., to 322 Evergreen ave.,
Otherwise Capone and his pals may make                                  
it their home. Will's address is 3 16 East         Class of 1897
Adams st."                                  Otto A. OESTREICH of Janesville,
at-             Class of 1907
                                          tended the June meeting of the
State Bar    Ms     .J    .SHBIGhsbe
         Class of 1885                   association and was elected president
for    Mrs. E. J. B. SCHUBRING has been
         Rose SCHUSTER Taylor has made a  the ensuing vear.-Mr. and Mrs.
Victor    made a member of the Executive Board of
  Rose SCHUSTER Taylor has made a        W. BERGENTHAL (Alice B. DACY, '98)
       the Women's Western Golf association-
remarkable recovery from a serious illness.  have been living in St. Louis
since 1904.  Albert J. GOEDJEN and Mrs. Goedjen
           are making a land and water circle trip:
           Green Bay, San Francisco, Panama Canal,
         blaSS   OI l666     Class of 1898                              
          South America, New York, and home. Al
                    Class of 1888                  Class of 1898        
           i  obnn      uieswt       erainb
  Several years ago Kirke L. COWDERY                                    
          is combining business with recreation by
was made emeritus professor of French at    Lester C. STREET lost his right
leg     looking over extensive interests in the
Oberlin college.  His residence address is  just below the knee in May as
the result  west at the same time.-Last July the
184 Woodland ave., Oberlin, Ohio.         of an accident which occurred while
he    Convention of '07 Travelling Engineers
                                          was supervising the pulling of
steel sheet  was held in Salida, Colo. Nobody fell
                                          piles on a bridge that he was building
   off the mountain. Following is the list
          Class of 1889                   across the Rock River at Prophetstown,
   of those present: Mic ESTBERG, Dick
  Jessie E. HUTCHISON has found the      Ill. He is making good progress
toward    LOESCH.-Owen C. ORR is general pur-
          Missori Rver egio  a mst itereting recovery.  During his college
days he   chasing agent of the Certain-teed Prod-
Missouri River region a most interesting  pulled stroke on the freshman crew
which  ucts corp., 100 E. 42nd st-., New York
Clark expedition has a series of markers  beat Yale.                    
           City. He lives with his wife and son at
at Fort Atkinson and Calhoun, Nebr., and                                
           11 Sunny Brae place, Bronxville.-Aug-
Onawa, Iowa. Sioux City, Iowa, has a               Class of 1902        
           ust C. KREY taught in the 1935 summer
fine shaft erected on a bluff over the grave                            
           session of the University of Pittsburgh
of Charles Floyd, the first member of the   Robert K. COE, editor and publisher
    and participated in a conference on the
expedition to die. At Mandan, N. Dak      of the Whitewater Register, is
a member   teaching of social studies at Greeley, Colo.
the expedition wintered and met the fa-   of the Children's Board for Walworth
mous Indian birdwoman, Sacagawea, who     county.                       
                    Class of 1908
acted as interpreter and guide to the Pacific
coast. The Ornithological Society in 1934                  ofEdgar B. COLLADAY
is Lt. Col. in the
honored the famous explorer, Maxmillian            Class o     10       
           Coast Artillery and senior instructor in
Prince of Wied, who reported the birds of   Henry  J. SAUNDERS and     Florence
   Coast Artillery at the U. S. Military
this region. At Omaha, Nebr., has been    MOFFATT Bennett, '04, are Wisconsin
      Academy, West Point, N. Y.
erected a fine bronze tablet.  Bellevue,  representatives on the Big Ten
Nebr., has a monument commemorating       planning the dinner and dance to
be held           Class of 1909
the members of the Astor fur traders. St.  in Washington, D. C., just before
Joseph, Mo., honors the Pony Express      giving.-Elmer W. HAMILTON is editor
        A note from Louis P. LOCHNER, writ-
and preserves the old building where the  of Farm Power, a magazine recently
es-    ten from London in September, said: "I
first rider set forth for Sacramento, Calif.  tablished covering the subject
of power  am on my way to America for a brief
Independence, Mo. is full of historic     on the farm.                  
           leave of absence after five years of un-
markers for the Santa Fe trail and post                                 
           interrupted service as chief of the Berlin
to outfit various fur traders. From this                                
           Bureau of the Associated Press. My last
town Jason Lee made his first overland             Class of 1904        
           visit to my native country was in 1930."
trek to Oregon and began his famous         Solon J. BUCK has been appointed
by     -Guy A. BENSON of Racine was elected
work as a missionary and statesman in the  President Roosevelt and confirmed
by the  Grand Chancellor of the State of Wiscon-
early days of 1834.                       Senate as director of the Division
of Pub-sin for the Knights of Pythias at the con-
                                          lications in the new U. S. Archives
ad-   vention held in Milwaukee in August. He
          Class of 1891                   ministration. Dr. Buck has resigned
as    will serve for one year.
                                          secretary of the Western Pennsylvania
   Edward S. MAIN is president of the     Historical society and professor
of history         Class of 1910
Wisconsin society of Chicago.             at the University of Pittsburgh.-Zed
                                          MERRILL is with the Mountain States
        Ethel Rose TAYLOR of 900 Santa
          Class of 1892                   Power co. His residence is Albany,
Ore.   Barbara Road, Berkeley, Calif., returned
                                          -James G. ZIMMERMAN       of Madison
     recently from  a year s trip around the
   Prof. Louis A. KAHLENBERG      pre-    presented a paper before the electro-chem-
 world.-Paul G. MILLER, who is with
sented a paper before the members of the  ists of the U. S. at the meeting
of the   Rand McNally 8d co., publishers in New
Electro-Chemical society at a meeting held  Electro-Chemical society held
in Washing-  York, spent his vacation with his son,
in Washington, D. C., early in October.   ton early in October.         
           Captain Virgil R. Miller, at Fort War-

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