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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

Alumni briefs,   pp. 52-53

Page 52

                                       1923  Eva Randall Smith, Waupun, to
         woc. Mr. Cashman is district at-
Enoaoements                                   Don  Carlos NEWCOMB, Wau- 
            torney of Manitowoc county.
1 930  Barbara Newman, Minneapolis, to        pun, on October 5. At home
in     1930   Coral  Clemons, Janesville, to
      Dr. FrederickGeorge JENSEN,            Waupun.                    
           Edgar PRISK, Mineral Point, on
      Menasha. The wedding will take     1 926  Marian Margaret Banks to
Dean            September 7 at Janesville.  At
                place durig the Chritmas holi-B. EKSTROM     on August 31
at        home in that city.
       dlays. rn  teCrsta       oi            Solon Springs.            
     1930   Irene WOLLAEGER, Milwaukee,
   191 dannah TkaMlueto                1928  Alice M. Redlin, Milwaukee,
to         to Dr. Frank Drew on Septem-
           1931 annahTolkn, Miwauke, toMilton A. PRAHL, Milwaukee,      
           her 7 at Pine Lake. At home in
       garaduatENof Milw  olaukeeSat          on August 17. Mrs. Prahl. is
a         Whitefish Bay, Milwaukee. Dr.
       Teachaer cofge MlakeStegraduate of Milwaukee-Downer.             
            Drew is a member of the staff
   Txe'31hertrdSRcoleRMiwuke         19 29  Ann Lee ORR, Madison, to Henry
        of the Milwaukee Children's hos-
ex '331 Getoraudel KISELO, Rilacine. , 1930   George JONGEWAARD    on Sep-
19'31  t Hel uen Johson , Chicagnoe il       tember 12 in Chicago. At home
   1930   Doris SAECKER, Lake Mills, to
           1931  elenJohnon, Cicag, toWil-at 207 W. State st., Jefferson,
        1930   Edwin M. SCHOENFELD on De-
       liam Mansfield PEARCE.   The           Iowa.  Mr. Jongewaard is an
           cember 15, 1934.  At home at
       wedding is planned for December.       X-ray technician and physiothera-
     4616 N. Madison ave., Chicago.
       Mr. Pearce recently returned from      pust at the Jongewaard hospital
       Mr. Schoenfeld is a   research
       a 1 5 months' business trip whichinJfes.chmtfo                   
       took him around the world.inJfero.ceitfrth                       
          1 932  Ruh PrehnWausau, o Arthur ex '29 Mildred PIKE, Portage,
to My-.         Cheese corp.
          1 92  Rth  reh, Wusa, t Arhur  193 2  ron C. BRANDT, Madison, on
       ex '30 Ruth Abbie Leemon, Waupun,
       H.dVinT, Uionp   Grove. frThe          September 14  at Portage. At
          to Walter KLINNER on Septem-
       weddingmis polanyed  frtehome at 2817                 Oakridge ave.,
         her 21 at Waupun. At home in
    Ch33 Mristma holidays.TWHFn            Madison. Mr. Brandt is connect-
       that city, where Mr. Klinner is
1 933  d Marion Elzaethg TWOHiG, FOUNd,      ed with the University purchas-
       cost accountant with the Shaler
       Milwaukee. No date has been set 1927    gerrdepaOttensteinMlake  
     191    CO.
       f or the wedding. Mr. Young is  197Grrd        OtesinMlwue,      
      93    Dorothy M. KRUEGER, Cudahy,
       continuing his law  work at the        to Jack D. LEVIN on June 3
0.      1930  to Lt. G. Stanley WATSON on
       University.                            Mr. Levin is employed by the
          September 7 at Cudahy. At home
                 Harr E RGAN,Madson, togovernment in building post of-  
               in Argyle, where Lt. Watson is
ex '35 Hriet    EAMaiot                      fices in various parts of the
coun-     in charge of the newly'established
ex '30 Robert C. CALLSEN, Madison.            ty                        
             C   ap
    0.3 FehBRC, vnskethiao.  , Mr. Hensk  1929   Elvina C. Malek, Cresco,
Iowa, to  1931  Ellen  Douglas  WRIGHT,    Oak
       is anstuent Ciatgorthestrn Ueni-       Arthur A. BLIED, Madison, on
          Park, to Willard La Vein Ar-
       iesia tydn Meial scrhool. n ni         September 16 at Cresco. At
home        nold on September 21 at Oak
                 versity Medcal school.inp Madison.         Mr. Blied is
a           Park.  At home in that city at
ex '34 Vivian  FRIDELL, Chicago, to           member of the legal staff of
the  M. A. Florence Damisch, Hamilton, Ill.,
       Gerrit J. De Gelleke, Jr.Mr.stttacomsin                          
       31   oCrolCHUNR,             ha-
       Gelleke is an architect in Mil-stttacomsin'31                    
            oCrolCHUNR,             hi-
               waukee. Miss Fridell isex '29 Dorothy Anne MURPHY, Apple-
            paign, on September 14 at Ham-
            wauee   Mis ridllisappearing  1 93 7  ton, to Charles Ebersol
NIEMAN,        ilton.  At home in Champaign,
       on a number of radio programs          Aurora, Ill., on September
7 at        where Mr. Chouinard is editor of
       over the Mutual Broadcasting           Appleton. At home at 207 N.
           the Natural History survey.
       system in Chicago.                     Randall  ave., Madison.  Mr.
   1931   Ruth  Erla Bubse, Wausau, to
                                              Nieman is continuing 'his work
in      Roy F. NUERNBERG on Septem-
M~arria~es                                   the University Law school. 
           ber 12 at Wausau. At home in
                                        1930  Ruth Caroline Knaak, Princeton,
       Chicago, where Mr. Nuernberg is
FACULTY                                       to Philip LEHNER, JR., on Octo-
       associated with Arthur Anderson
       Dorothy L. Anderson, Paw Paw,          ber 1 2. Mrs. Lehner was for-
       Mich., to Richard W. HUSBAND           merly registrar of the state
teach-  1931  Isahelle Liebner, Milwaukee, to
       on September 1 5 at Paw   Paw.         ers college at Stevens Point.
Since       Sylvester DRIESSEL on Septem-
       At home at 225 Clifford court,         1930 Mr. Lehner has been prac-
        her 5 at Milwaukee. At home in
       Madison.  Mr. Husband   is a           ticing law with the firm of
Leh-       that city at 5109 Greenfield ave.
       member of the psychology de-           ner Z4 Lehner at Princeton.
For        Mr. Driessel is a solicitor-distrib-
       partment faculty at the Univer-        the past two years he has been
        utor for the Milwaukee Journal.
       sity. Mrs. Husband received her        city attorney.            
     193 1  Mary A. LIEBENBERG, Madison,
       degree from  the University of    ex '30 Dorothy DUNN, Gardner, Mass.,
    ex '35 to LeRoy C. MERRITT, Milwau-
       Michigan.                        Grad to Clement Davis GORDON, Glen
          kee, on September 14.At home
 ex '17 Irene E. Beyer, Madison, to Dr.     '36   Gardner, N. J., on September
7           at 1 1 N. Spooner st., Madison.
       Arthur F. CAREY, Milwaukee, on         at Gardner. At home in Madi-
          Mr. Merritt is connected with the
       September 30 at Milwaukee. At          son. Mr. Gordon is a research
         Resettlement administration.
       home in that city at the Oak           assistant in the University
gene-  193 1  Lois Hauger, Black River Falls,
       Lodge apts., 261 8 N. Oakland          tics department.          
            to Richard E. WOLFF, Milwau-
       ave. Dr. Carey is practicing den-  1 93 0  Grace Boyack, Clear Lake,
to            kee, in October.  At home in
       tistry in Milwaukee.                   William F. KRAUSE, JR., Wau-
          Black River Falls.
 1921  Anne Cyra to Francis J. CIRVES         sau, on September 2 1. At home
    1931   Winifred  Bourke, Madison, to
        on June 15 in Madison.   Mr.           in Wausau.               
             Donald Henry EVERMAN, Janes-
        Cirves is a consulting paper chem-  1 93 0  Dorothea SCHMITT, Milwaukee,
          ville, on September 2. At home
        ist.                            1931   to Frederick L. TIEGS on Sep-
         in Janesville.
 ex '21 Frieda FRANDSEN, Lake Mills, to        tember 7 at Milwaukee. At
home     193 1  Kathleen NEEDHAM, Milwaukee,
        Ewald  H. Velbagen, Alamnosa,          in that city at 2615 N. Cramer
        to Robert Horton, West Bend, in
        Colo., on September 28 at Del          St.                      
             Oak Park.   At home in West
        Norte, Colo. At home in Ala-    193 0  Helen Cier, Wauwatosa, to
John         Bend.
        mosa, where Mr. Velbagen is in         R. CASHMAN on September 28
at     193 2  Marion Irene ANDERSON, Madi-
        the jewelry business.                  Wausau.  At home in Manito-
    1 93 2 son, to Charles L. RAUSCHEN-

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