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Thoma, Harry (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 37, Number II (Nov. 1935)

This and that about the faculty,   pp. 50-51

Page 51

November, 1935                                                          
represented, persons coming from as far as China,     The National Association
of Educational Broad-
South  Africa, Asia, and   Mexico, Miss Mar-        casters is the organization
of broadcasting stations
latt reports.                                    owned by educational institutions
and institutions
   One week was spent in discussion of the reports   broadcasting over other
stations programs of a cul-
 on town planning, housing finance and management    tural nature.
 .n Europe. The week following was given to tours
 through the important centers in England where gov-   WILLIAM A. SUMNER,
of the agricultural staff of
 ernment, municipal, church, and private groups have  the University, has
just been made a member of the
 been replacing slums by new housing suburbs, satel-  executive committee
of the American Association of
 ite towns, and huge apartment buildings. Leeds,     Agricultural College
Editors. This organization in-
 Bolton, Manchester, Liverpool, Port Sunlight, Birm-  cludes in its membership,
editors of agricultural col-
 ingham, Melwyn and Litchworth presented their in'   leges in all of the
 dividual problems and solutions.
   Miss Marlatt spent the remainder of her time vis-   DR. CHAUNCEY S. BOUCHER,
formerly on the
 iting homes in London, studying the housing man-    University of Wisconsin
faculty, was elected presi-
 agement work of church groups, city borough coun-   dent of West Virginia
university and took office
 cils, and private housing estates.                                Oct. 1.
He has been dean of the
 Most of the work in England,                                      college
of arts, literature, and
 she reports, could not be used                                    science
at the University of Chi-
 successfully in the United States             Dart          me 1925.
 due to different climatic condi-                                  cg   ic
 tions, living standards, and mass                                   DR.
S. B. FRACKER, who is
 psychology. The lesson on fi-                                     charged
by the U. S. D. A. with
 nancing methods, she points out                                   enlarging
the national white pine
 as important.  Intensive build- Capsblister rust control program with
 ing, she says, developed after the                                a fund
of $6,378,735 in 28
 government went out of the                                        states,
is a former University of
 housing field.                                                    Wisconsin
instructor and was
                                                   ~~~~ ~~state entomologist
from 1 9 15 to
  AFTER a very severe siege of ill-197
  ness, Prof. W. G. BLEYER, '9 6,
  is back at his duties directing the                                 WILLIAM
  School of  Journalism. Prof.                                      professor
of law on leave of ab-
  Bleyer was unable to teach his                                    sence,
is. the representative of the
classes for most of last semester.                                United
States Department of La-
                                                               ~. bor in
Geneva, Switzerland. He
   FIVE members of the Univer-                                     was recently
named by President
sity staff have been charged with     Prof. Robert L. Reynolds    Roosevelt
the American repine-
the all-important duty of direct-     Directs Campus WPA Projects    sentatives
 on  the  Governing
ing the Works Progress Adminis-                                   Board 
of  t h e International
tration on the University Campus. Prof. ROBERT      Labor Organization.
L. REYNOLDS of the History department, Prof.
LOYAL DURAND, of the Geography department,         PITTMAN B. POTTER, until
1932 professor of po-
CHARLES DOLLARD, assistant director of the Memo-   litical science in the
University, is now professor of
rial Union, Dean IRA L. BALDWIN, assistant dean of  international organization
at the Graduate School of
the College of Agriculture, and Prof. L. E. NOLAND,  International Studies
at Geneva. He recently served
of the Zoology department are supervising the prep-
aration and execution of the various projects allotted  as a member of the
Commission to investigate the
              Because ~ ~ ~ ~ ~    ~  ~  ~   ~~a of theecppontents mucno
the acItagams.  fAnyylumusnasa copyonti trogra
to the University. To date about $35,000 in works   Wa   Was inien   in the
 tao   yssina   cont
has been allotted and more than $100,000 in addi-   versy, representing Abyssinia.
 He is now in the
tional projects have been submitted for approval.   United States on a vacation
  AT the annual convention in Iowa City on Sep-         H   v    o     hsPorm
tember 9-10 the National Association of Educational
Broadcasters elected two Wisconsin men to important  THE Department of Athletic
Publicity has asked
offices in the organization. H. B. MCCARTY, WHA        us to appeal to our
readers for a copy of the Pur-
program director, was chosen president for the com-  due game program for
the year 1929. The depart-
ing year. The office carries with it membership on  ment's files are complete
except for this program and
            the Ntionl Comitte onEductionby Rdio,  they are quite anxious
to obtain a copy in order to
HAROLD A. ENGEL, promotion manager of WHA,       have a complete record of
the Wisconsin football
was elected executive secretary of the Association.
  Because of these appointments much of the activ-gms    fayaunshsacp   
        fti p rga
ity of the N. A. E. B. will center in Wisconsin. It is  in his or her possession
would they please be kind
expected that the 1936 national convention will be  enough to send it to
the Association office and we
held in Madison. An invitation to meet in Radio Hall  will take it to the
proper authorities. Our thanks
was extended and, while formal action was not taken,  and those of the Athletic
Department for any assist-
an unofficial survey indicated the desire to accept.  ance you can give in
this matter.

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